We Try the MOST EXPENSIVE Clothes from Fashion Nova *omg*

  • Published on: 06 March 2021
  • We try the most expensive items from Fashion Nova and see if they're worth it! Next, we compare Fashion Nova and SKIMS shape wear! ►► https://youtu.be/mSDhs3Q3qHg
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    What We Wore!
    All About the Moolah Satin Pant Set - https://fave.co/3sA7lIm
    Shimmer Vibes One Piece Rhinestone Swimsuit - https://fave.co/37YrNuD
    Make An Appearance Skirt Set - https://fave.co/380TLpm
    Jade Latex Legging - https://fave.co/3kFyVRu
    Sierra Leather Blazer Dress - https://fave.co/3kC2tzH
    Violet Plunging V Neck Tulle Gown - https://fave.co/3qbazjK
    Mila Mirrored Gown - https://fave.co/3e3s4Qz

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    We try the #mostexpensive #outfits from #fashionnova!
  • Runtime : 11:56
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   9 months ago

    Do you think any of these outfits are worth the price tag??

  • dream hunter
    dream hunter   1 months ago

    I love the white skirt, it's beautiful. The black dress is cute too. Everything else is ugly. Well the mirror dress is passable.

  • Toxic Angel
    Toxic Angel   3 months ago

    At 10:54 on the video Lauren coat switched form a white coat to a money print coat am I the only one that noiced that?

  • Makeup With Smidge
    Makeup With Smidge   4 months ago

    Tbh that white skirt looks weird on Sinead because her skirt wasn’t as nicely made as Loryn’s or Drew’s

  • Nina Wolf
    Nina Wolf   4 months ago

    Drew looks great in everything like usual.

  • littlebabyblue
    littlebabyblue   5 months ago


  • Kd D
    Kd D   5 months ago

    Hilarious video thanks guys needed the laughs

  • Kd D
    Kd D   5 months ago

    😀😁😃😅😄the first ridiculous outfits and the first girls reaction is spot on😀😁😃😅😊

  • Kaeldra3
    Kaeldra3   6 months ago

    Where do I recognize the girl on the lefts voice from....Update. I realized that she sounds like Jacksfilm’s wife Erin. Bruh. I am now at peace because I located the brain reference.

  • CMH
    CMH   6 months ago

    Livin 4the Benji Jammers 😍 $oooooo into it!

  • Peter Nincompoop
    Peter Nincompoop   6 months ago

    Should've waited until after Memorial Day to do this video. They're having a sale & you could've bought all that garbage for half price.

  • Olivia Bulanda
    Olivia Bulanda   6 months ago

    Omg I am in 😍. I enjoyed this video. Thank you

  • My cup of tea
    My cup of tea   6 months ago

    Imagine wearing the money suit while robbing a bank

  • Ten
    Ten   6 months ago

    “Is that appropriate behavior in the workplace”💀

  • Jolina
    Jolina   6 months ago

    love youuur content!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Hope u can do a collab or haul from ZAIDE DONA ( cross finger )

  • Karen Lyle
    Karen Lyle   7 months ago

    You guys are so fun I liked the clothes

  • Camille Ledesma
    Camille Ledesma   7 months ago

    Is their camera smudgey or color grading cloudy to anyone else?

  • Lulu
    Lulu   7 months ago

    Omg !!! I love this girls!!! 😆

  • Khaleesi Panda
    Khaleesi Panda   7 months ago

    I LOVE Whitney and Brandi's Cinderella movie!!! Throw back memory

  • Kalyn Murray
    Kalyn Murray   7 months ago

    The latex reminds me of Ace Ventura coming out of the rhino

  • J 777
    J 777   8 months ago

    All that shit was ugly and cheap looking. Someone please sue those scammers over at FN. Ofc the cast looked 🔥

  • Jessica Laurendeau
    Jessica Laurendeau   8 months ago

    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella (Whitney Houston as fairy god mother) is THE Cinderella movie. Watched in on repeat as a kid. Amazing

  • Ragehound
    Ragehound   8 months ago

    It's....expensive BUT you should give some love to Team Kitty Koalition. You might not like all the style buuut its built for go-go dancers of all sizes so they make the comfiest stuff I've ever tried

  • Victoria Anneka
    Victoria Anneka   8 months ago

    Im obsessed with the 100 dollar set but never would i spend that

  • Shahd Al obeid
    Shahd Al obeid   8 months ago

    They spent a whopping $2365 on this video d effort

  • Halison Escoto
    Halison Escoto   8 months ago

    I'm in love with the booties or boots she has on. Does anyone know where she go them from or what's the name brand.??

  • Dancingirl
    Dancingirl   8 months ago

    Great buy more stuff from China and encourage sweat shops to make money from youtube...

  • K S
    K S   8 months ago

    6:44 I LOVE DREW 😂

  • Alexia Savin
    Alexia Savin   8 months ago

    The berserk puffin multivariably deliver because cheque crucially disagree of a bored lilac. aback, ambiguous belt

  • opineso fine
    opineso fine   8 months ago

    The money suit reminds me of destiny’s child bills.

  • NCXG
    NCXG   8 months ago

    I literally hate everyone’s evening gown 😂 Drew’s dress was 🤢 It looked like a cheap nude dress with super mirror sewed on it lol which is literally the dress. Also the sleeves were wayyy too short. Lauren’s was the cutest but didnt cover in the crotch area lol

  • Alyssa Johnson
    Alyssa Johnson   8 months ago

    OMG Drew! Love the Whitney Houston Fairy Godmother dress!

  • Audrey odipo
    Audrey odipo   8 months ago

    Only nice item was the mirror dress, Drew looked great in it, though what does she not look great in?