Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  • Runtime : 4:9
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  • MTV
    MTV   3 days ago

    Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:

  • Marley Unknxn
    Marley Unknxn   3 minuts ago


  • mariaj985
    mariaj985   24 minuts ago

    The fact that she's actually singing wow

  • Marcos César
    Marcos César   35 minuts ago

    Rainha faz assim, deu o nomeeeee caralh0.Não precisa comparar com ninguém, pq ela fará seu próprio legado.

  • Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]

    i wasnt into her music before this but she has proven me wrong, that performance was killer 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Amy A.
    Amy A.   46 minuts ago

    Uh..........I love her and her sisters voices. Ive always loved their "Talent" because its natural. But when i see her now i just see Beyonce. And thats already been done!🤔🤨

  • Frankly Johnny
    Frankly Johnny   55 minuts ago

    Beyonce this is all your fault you helped create a confident monster 👻

  • Kyoukichi
    Kyoukichi   56 minuts ago

    She already has better voice than Beyonce

  • Evvv No Name
    Evvv No Name   1 hours ago

    I like her but this song and everything ain’t it. But I guess she’s just following what she sees trending. Lol

  • Myown
    Myown   1 hours ago

    She's acting like a demon in the most beautiful way. I would be happy to be possed by her look at this woman aaaaaap

  • Myown
    Myown   1 hours ago

    Her vocals while moving like that- She's really blessed and worked hard to get better. Her charisma is out of this world too. Her and Normani we're the best ones for me

  • Dee
    Dee   1 hours ago

    Naruto’s mentor was Jiraiya, Sasuke’s mentor was itachi. How similar are they to them? Exactly. Same fighting style, but with personal power and new experience, you cannot diss her for owning her knowledge, I mean BEY is her mentor, what do you expect? I know it can’t be less than this 😌

  • Telejah Dean
    Telejah Dean   1 hours ago

    It's the fact that the mic is ON! Give her some time to get even more refined performance-wise & this girl is going to be unstoppable. I feel like I'm watching the birth of a superstar. 🌟

  • Younès B
    Younès B   1 hours ago

    I have the feeling to see Beyonce on every inch of that performance. It’s a mini her. And Beyonce shaped her from Head to toe! That’s kinda frustrating to see a replica. Ultimately she should find her own way to perform as she is genuinely talented. It’s great and obvs natural to learn from your idol but it’s better to make it your own way.

  • lystelle
    lystelle   1 hours ago

    can't stop replaying 1:57, that remix with the band and the harmonies 🤤🤤🤤 lordddd

  • Uptown Philly
    Uptown Philly   1 hours ago

    Can we aw say the next Beyoncé You go girl 💃🏾💯

  • devena king
    devena king   2 hours ago

    She giving Beyoncé vibes 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • The Whites
    The Whites   2 hours ago

    Beyonce and megan infused😍😍😍

  • MsGreer01
    MsGreer01   2 hours ago

    Bit unoriginal 😒 Singing isn’t great either

  • Sam Kingsford
    Sam Kingsford   2 hours ago

    An angelic performance ♥️♥️😍 Beyonce taught u well 👌, I can't wait to get along with thrice of you Queen Bey n Chloe x Halle

    BOETIE THUSI   2 hours ago

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  • Tiesha G
    Tiesha G   2 hours ago

    Her lip singing/syncing IF she went in and out of such (I think she did with all her movements that would warrant such aid) was not obvious. I heard the laugh at the end while she was not on the mic before she licked it so I give her props! She knows how to perform so that no one cares or can notice any lip singing. I want to see all the best performers get to this level

  • ItsBeauty2U _
    ItsBeauty2U _   2 hours ago

    Bey a proud mama bear, I know!! She bodied this!! Don't come for me, ain saying she's the next Bey, cause she's there first Chloe!! I'm just saying, I can see the mannerisms!! It def ain't a bad thing...Im here for it!! It just means she ain't come to play!!

  • Mateja Savic
    Mateja Savic   2 hours ago

    She was literally lip syncing to pre-recorded vocals, you really have zero common sense if you think this was live. There's a total misalignment between her movements and the tone of her voice, it's clear she sat down to pre-record those vocals and they've been processed and filtered and then she just danced and lip synced to it, but I don't blame ya'll for not knowing how the entertainment industry works, that's why it still works, I guess.