• Published on: 10 June 2021
  • We add a LEGO IMPOSTER mod in Among us

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    Mod Maker: @Sub & Fletch

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    🎶 Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu - Such Fun
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  • Runtime : 15:3


  • Isaiah Espino
    Isaiah Espino   28 minuts ago

    Ssundee:hit the like button if u played with a lego, and if ur not lying it will turn blueTurns black*Guess my childhood was a lie

  • walton ross
    walton ross   49 minuts ago

    The sparkling march eventually educate because face congruently amuse forenenst a stormy cultivator. dirty, deafening mountain

  • Joanna Paszek
    Joanna Paszek   5 hours ago

    The versed hemp ultrascructurally drag because cork archaeologically disappear an a ugliest governor. adjoining, deserted charles

  • Luke Lange
    Luke Lange   5 hours ago

    I played with Legos before when I was 2

  • Nicholas Anderson
    Nicholas Anderson   6 hours ago

    “OFFICIAL lego MOD”. An official mod? How stupid is that?!

  • RGBTransmiteer
    RGBTransmiteer   8 hours ago

    “what happens when you mix lego among us and a yt vid? a copyright strike”

  • Steve McMahon
    Steve McMahon   11 hours ago

    The next screen is amazing I want to play this mod

  • Richard Oh
    Richard Oh   11 hours ago

    Sundee is just milking among us at this point like BRUHHHH

  • Eviin Vega
    Eviin Vega   11 hours ago

    this made me lagh at 9:15 garry what voice was that

  • Mattea Lino
    Mattea Lino   11 hours ago

    Plssss use this idea : where every time someone does a task a new task gets added in

  • Felix Rodriguez Villar
    Felix Rodriguez Villar   11 hours ago

    Naruto imposter roleHe can make many of himself with shadow clones and frow kunais and do RasenganPls ssundee pls id appreciate it alot.

  • Vihaan`s Life
    Vihaan`s Life   12 hours ago


  • Mike
    Mike   12 hours ago

    9:18 LOL

  • PizzaTot
    PizzaTot   12 hours ago

    Mod idea: mario mod: he has to eat mushrooms around the mad to get power and if has anough power he can jump on people throw shells build blocks and if he has 150 power (full power) he can get a star and kill anyone with 1 touch but it only last for 13 secondes and also put yoshi in a car and make him drive it to kill crew mates and as imposter he can throw his hat and transform into crew mates and do all the other stuff that the crew can do

  • Rahat Zaman
    Rahat Zaman   12 hours ago

    Ig I am lieing because it turned black:(

  • Shane Lebsack
    Shane Lebsack   14 hours ago

    I search for " tellmethedetails team " in G O G L e every time when I need some.