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  • Published on: 04 March 2017
  • Lasagna Cat is a YouTube channel that uploaded a series of videos in 2008 parodying the comic strip, Garfield. The first part of Lasagna Cats videos would include a live action version of a random Garfield Comic strip from the past 30 years, and then what followed was just something... weird.
    The channel Lasagna Cat was created by a small production company known as Fatal Farm.
    Lasagna Cat disappeared for nine years from YouTube until very recently has decided to upload another series of videos parodying the Garfield Comic strips.
    And as people have searched around the channel, people have found certain things that almost look like this channel could be something more.
    So this video me and my friend Jesse (From Pandawatch) decide to head into this weird world of Lasagna Cat and Garfield to see what exactly we can find and if we can make any sense of these weird videos found on this channel.

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    This video is owned by me, Inside A Mind.

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  • ecq_tiee
    ecq_tiee   1 weeks ago

    Maybe this are like the artists that got bad treatment from jim davis 👁👄👁 and like made this thing.. pretty cool tho the dedication

  • Dj Pe Pe
    Dj Pe Pe   1 weeks ago

    how tf did i get here................................................i just searched gramfel dance

  • GreenGlitch64
    GreenGlitch64   2 weeks ago

    I remember watching this not too long after it came out, glad I'm old enough to watch the original * survey without age restriction getting in my way.

  • Lily Liao
    Lily Liao   2 weeks ago

    so wheres quinton in these comments

  • Anonymouse Donor
    Anonymouse Donor   3 weeks ago

    unfortunately, the way you painstakingly deconstructed that hour-long one totally killed my curiosity about this subject.

  • Jake Hay
    Jake Hay   1 months ago

    God this is so pretentious and lame.

  • Sharkpu8
    Sharkpu8   1 months ago

    This Makes Me Think Of A Mcdonalds Table

  • Dr Scavv
    Dr Scavv   1 months ago

    dang it, I was hoping for some SCP-3166 type shit.

  • adsds asdsds
    adsds asdsds   1 months ago

    The main picture of the video "07/27/1978" the man looks like Cave Johnson from Portal 2

  • Whittar 2
    Whittar 2   1 months ago

    Hearing Polish randomly was weird

  • OJ.
    OJ.   1 months ago

    that "Where's pizza" made me laugh

  • Pedro Pezzan
    Pedro Pezzan   1 months ago

    That's very interesting, but...why?It's Just garfield....

  • Daniel Boelke
    Daniel Boelke   1 months ago

    All I got to say is, all of this is to be able to keep that one SCP away because if the Garfield property ever gets to a point of irrelevance, we will have a real life vore Garfield chasing after people in the real world.

  • *no name*
    *no name*   1 months ago

    delete this clip what this guy is saying repeats and repeats and 10000 times

  • Lominator Games
    Lominator Games   1 months ago

    I choose to believe that it's pronounced lasag-ne cat

  • sp00s
    sp00s   1 months ago

    So Jim Davis is on a high horse, people decide to go over the top to point this out, then this video praises them much like Paws Inc praises Jim Davis?There's your 3 panel strip right there.

  • 鏡神Raid
    鏡神Raid   1 months ago

    Casually eating apple in the middle of night

  • Pixely The gamer
    Pixely The gamer   1 months ago

    Fun fact, one of the videos on the lazycat619 channel made a breef cameo in the movie Spider-Man homecoming in the classroom scene.

  • Church of Platinum
    Church of Platinum   2 months ago

    that isn't just some random guy doing the pipe strip rant. It's Drew Berrymore's homeless brother

  • Jackson Wells
    Jackson Wells   2 months ago

    It's like if David Lynch really fucking hated Garfield.

  • Macross DYRL
    Macross DYRL   2 months ago

    Honestly, I don't get a "We're the second coming, and our three panel gag pieces are deep metaphors on life!" vibe from the Paws, Inc. promo statements at all. Not even from Jim Davis' statements either. They just come off as typical corporate hype pieces to impress licensing companies to work with them. A lot of the written material is more about Paws Inc.'s reliability and professionalism as a company, than them grandstanding as high art. I don't think Paws Inc. or Jim Davis have any pretentions that they do more than make gag Sunday funnies and lots of merchandise. Also, the simple observation that one's creation is very popular and well known is not equivalent to putting oneself up there with da Vinci or Socrates.

  • The TokuTickler
    The TokuTickler   2 months ago

    11:45 Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes. Amber Petes.

  • StAnleyM8
    StAnleyM8   2 months ago

    Mnie najbardziej zastanawia dlaczego ta kobieta mówi po polsku, dlaczego nie po angielsku?

  • El Piloso
    El Piloso   2 months ago

    The fact im thinking 'bout, it's how made this, and how much money and efort he spend in it, it almost looks like an Adult Swim psychological horror series.

  • Click
    Click   3 months ago

    Before the video: "Well this is kinda weird."The beginning of the video: "Oh, so lasagnacat is a parody account?"The middle of the video: "I think it is."The end of the video: very visible disgust and confusion

  • paź
    paź   3 months ago

    16:14 why polish tho

  • Kia Smith
    Kia Smith   3 months ago

    I remember this video was so much for me to take in that I removed it from my history for a long time until now.