NBA Players React to Paul Pierce IG Live - Room Full of Strippers

  • Published on: 03 April 2021
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  • Runtime : 1:1
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  • John Collins
    John Collins   2 weeks ago

    I honestly dont get the oProblem every player in the league is doing this on off days smh

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil   2 weeks ago

    LeBron James joined the chat...!

  • Willie Dixon
    Willie Dixon   3 weeks ago

    If was room full of transgenders he would have praised by ESPN

  • Lostinthepast82
    Lostinthepast82   3 weeks ago

    Like others don’t do and want the same smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • reese dboy
    reese dboy   4 weeks ago

    Why is people acting like this man committed a murder or sum shit it's his life, and it's more important shit to worry about but this is what people put their energy

  • Solomon Burke
    Solomon Burke   1 months ago

    Well one thing for sure he aint no sissyboy .

  • True Colors
    True Colors   1 months ago

    Are there no Marriage Quality Girls left on earth that you need to resort to Strippers ?

  • AUGmatt13
    AUGmatt13   1 months ago

    Why do NBA players stick their nose in any drama that happens? Like stfu and mind your own damn business.

  • Lil Dave
    Lil Dave   1 months ago

    Paul Pierce the only man on this 🌍 who can have drink, women, dro & still look like a damn fool. Pierce u embarrassing yourself bro, this isn’t you. Your a family man stick to that, lol stay in your lane let the playas handle this 😂 😂

  • InnnerG Money
    InnnerG Money   1 months ago

    Man!! It's some cold-blooded folks out there. Talk about kickin a man while he's down...

  • Van Damme
    Van Damme   1 months ago

    Espn is bullshit. Favorite guests are snoop Nelly and dmx. Well known for weed, hoes. But with the truth they make double standards. Let that man enjoy himself. F*** em

  • A Bro
    A Bro   1 months ago

    Kuz wit the simp shame comment. It surprised

  • Marck shocker
    Marck shocker   1 months ago

    Why y’all act like y’all never seen a man having fun before? Like it’s breaking news from a mass murder.

  • BAMF
    BAMF   1 months ago

    I didnt even find this lillard tweet, might be fake.

    PANACHE   1 months ago

    Kyle Kuzma bum ass got some nerve

  • BAMF
    BAMF   1 months ago

    What did damian mean with the turkeys?

  • King David
    King David   1 months ago

    They tripping on paul but what they really doing behind closed doors?this the shit gets me..we so quick to turn on somebody 🤔

  • James Woods77
    James Woods77   1 months ago

    Sick world, if he had men in bikinis he would be getting awards praises and the media happy for him and back to interviews movies and new sneakers deals...s.m.h...

  • ѦИṬ
    ѦИṬ   1 months ago

    Kuzma got no room to talk. Bec he’s the sick one for being a bum

  • wolf reals
    wolf reals   1 months ago

    who the hecks monica thooo 😂😂😂

    UNDERACHIEVAZ   1 months ago

    Money or not that was some dumb nig...shit he probably was getting a easy mill out the deal

  • Jaem1985
    Jaem1985   1 months ago

    Kuzma want the d instead

  • Houston Asterisks
    Houston Asterisks   1 months ago

    Lol I figured Kuzma was a funny type of guy after that hair dye .. his comment proves it

  • TheproGOAT
    TheproGOAT   1 months ago

    Bro I feel bad for him. He just wanted to have a fun night. He was so high I bet he did not even realize the magnitude of hat he was doing.

  • Phillip Lawson
    Phillip Lawson   1 months ago

    Sometimes people post too much of there lives, he didn't need to post that and now broadcasting is over

  • Yuri Tarded
    Yuri Tarded   1 months ago

    Ok but real talk who care bout what Kyle kuzma has to say💀

  • F R
    F R   1 months ago

    Lol this is way better than Jamal Murray’s accidental sloppy toppy IG live, wtf was he thinking??

  • Cameron Basdeo
    Cameron Basdeo   1 months ago

    Of course he's high he's the truth mr headband why else would he be high haha 🤣

  • nelly nel
    nelly nel   1 months ago

    This is why they call Paul Pierce, the "truth"

  • Vanta Stroganoff
    Vanta Stroganoff   1 months ago

    The rich stimulates more than Economy..if mommy a banquet server,she could be hereDoes she makes? Oh yes,thats impossible for bottle services only Lancealot sis is dalliance eve