Brooklyn Nets vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

  • Published on: 14 February 2021
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  • Runtime : 14:29
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  • MLG Highlights
    MLG Highlights   2 months ago

    Kyrie: "I just looked at Harden, I said, ‘You’re the PG, and I’m gonna play SG" -

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    Angel Ramírez   1 weeks ago

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  • Angel Ramírez
    Angel Ramírez   1 weeks ago

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  • Isaac Saad
    Isaac Saad   3 weeks ago

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  • Samyak H P
    Samyak H P   3 weeks ago

    Kevin Durant looks like a patient, he needs to gain some muscle.

  • Dalton Sweat
    Dalton Sweat   1 months ago

    What makes no sense is that Kevin is on the warriors but he went back to the nets for this game

  • `Sonny Poclis
    `Sonny Poclis   1 months ago

    Why you just show highlights in every game not the full games?

  • Marq V
    Marq V   1 months ago

    Thank you and God bless...

  • Nanoy Lopez
    Nanoy Lopez   1 months ago

    Kerr, instruct Curry to do many 3-points so your team will have a chance to win. No 2-points, all 3-points for him.

  • Mat X
    Mat X   1 months ago

    I like this game. I like brothers. Peace You

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    Shaaa Waaa   2 months ago

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  • Dylan Carruthers
    Dylan Carruthers   2 months ago

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  • Ramiro Santos
    Ramiro Santos   2 months ago

    nobody from the warriors cares about Green just letting him lay on the ground and not fouling. Lol

  • Md Hanif
    Md Hanif   2 months ago

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  • Alexia Edwards
    Alexia Edwards   2 months ago

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  • Derrick Simmons
    Derrick Simmons   2 months ago

    Yo Good Game!! Everyone is healthy and it was a good game!!

  • Kadir
    Kadir   2 months ago

    What happened to Durant? He looks so thin

  • Nanoy Lopez
    Nanoy Lopez   2 months ago

    Bkn players seem to make fun of GSW players. They are great basketeers. All of them are accurate three-pointers. It seems to be a fight between three-pointers and two-pointers. Curry seems declining.

  • Fiyah Bidan
    Fiyah Bidan   2 months ago

    Golden state wariors is so strong 💪and winer👍

  • Greg Lialios
    Greg Lialios   2 months ago

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  • Bilal James
    Bilal James   2 months ago

    Congrats Nets !! I appreciate you for this nice performance and i always wanna see you like this on the court.

  • Emeka Nkeze
    Emeka Nkeze   2 months ago

    GS didn't feel it that much in this match. Something isn't just right 🙄

  • eralism
    eralism   2 months ago

    commentator: green sub for brown

  • JS
    JS   2 months ago

    I just suddenly got an idea that it would be nice if Curry collaborate with LBJ