I Returned To The Scariest Game Ever

  • Published on: 16 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 11:57
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  • Rosie_Posie
    Rosie_Posie   4 hours ago

    Quackity:he says why are you listening to Minecraft Ad:YouTube

  • raiinboowastaken
    raiinboowastaken   4 days ago

    literally kills Buddy “Buddy this is kinda awkward..”

  • faye
    faye   1 weeks ago

    11:30 ok but i LITERALLY SCREAMED.

  • lovelyroblox
    lovelyroblox   1 weeks ago


  • lovelyroblox
    lovelyroblox   1 weeks ago

    I'm litterly not brave at all if i was with you quackity playing this game i would scream as loudest i can brooo

  • Another human
    Another human   1 weeks ago

    Che amigo tus videos son re piolasPorque son tan piolas?

  • Josy Prinz
    Josy Prinz   2 weeks ago

    Quackity in his Intro: Enjoy the video🥰Quackity 1 second later: CHAAAT🤬

  • Insanebruh
    Insanebruh   2 weeks ago

    Quackity makes this game not so scary

  • Ur moma
    Ur moma   2 weeks ago

    Im wearing headphones and u just broke my ear drums

  • kc ricafort
    kc ricafort   2 weeks ago

    i like how he oofed out the swearing :)

  • Issy T
    Issy T   3 weeks ago

    “ Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway.”-Neil Gaiman

  • alemma
    alemma   3 weeks ago

    Omg is he blind i gotta do hand signs?

  • 0Z4K1
    0Z4K1   3 weeks ago

    7:17 LMAO HE KNOWS

  • Elikai Quinn
    Elikai Quinn   3 weeks ago

    2:57 Mickey Mouse instantly comes to the game

  • gargoyle
    gargoyle   3 weeks ago


  • Marcella Acosta
    Marcella Acosta   4 weeks ago

    This is a video I shouldn’t watch at 2:01 am on a school night,.. maybe I’m I still watching yes.

  • Avocado's Life
    Avocado's Life   1 months ago

    3:57 "Bryce hall carrying a louie vuitton bucket knife" 😭

  • Oda Sundsbak
    Oda Sundsbak   1 months ago

    Pov: Bryce Hall just killed Quackity... twice

  • Soap_doodles
    Soap_doodles   1 months ago

    Dude this has to be at least the 5th time he’s played this game…..

  • Lxycq
    Lxycq   1 months ago

    Can you please play granny? :]

  • Avie
    Avie   1 months ago

    I love when you say “COCOMELON”

  • Unknown
    Unknown   1 months ago

    Your freaking hilarious and loud… thank you for making me laugh <3