UArizona Coach Adia Barnes Women's Basketball Documentary

  • Published on: 04 March 2021
  • A short documentary about Adia Barnes, head coach of the University of Arizona Women's Basketball Program. In just four seasons, Barnes turned the struggling team into a top-15 basketball program.

    Directed & edited by Zoe Rose Lambert
    Images & archival footage courtesy of Arizona Athletics
  • Runtime : 8:42
  • Adia barbes Adia Barnes Aari McDonald Womens basketball NCAA women’s basketball Arizona women’s basketball Wildcat women’s basketball


  • Paul Singer
    Paul Singer   3 weeks ago

    flips the bird to Geno and tells her players to take out "Paige Beuckers " class act ....

  • Rashea White
    Rashea White   1 months ago

    I hope all is well, dear one. Thank you for checking in!🤗💕

  • January Agnew-Parks
    January Agnew-Parks   2 months ago

    This was an excellent video about a phenomenal woman & basketball coach!!

  • John Peter
    John Peter   2 months ago

    A deep respect for Adia as does Geno.I will defiantly be following her coaching next year as she is up & coming.Do note how she speaks of her husband. Their story of how they met and married is interesting.

  • Jack Salisbury
    Jack Salisbury   2 months ago

    The run to the championship was amazing. Getting recruits may be easier now. I certainly hope so. Her legacy will depend on her ability to recruit top talent for the next few years.

  • Andy M
    Andy M   2 months ago

    She gave Paige Bueckers the middle finger and said fuck her to her team, it's on tape.

  • William
    William   2 months ago

    I did not know Aida was white.

  • Howard Mraz
    Howard Mraz   2 months ago

    No way did I think Arizona was going to do much in the tournament. No way did I think they could beat UConn. No way did I think they could come down to the last shot deciding the game verse Stanford. I thought Aari McDonald was actually better her soph and junior year than this past year. Obviously she hit her stride when it was most important

  • Armando C.
    Armando C.   2 months ago

    Best years of this program are yet to come! Continued luck!

  • Enyinnaya Nwaneri
    Enyinnaya Nwaneri   2 months ago

    Rooting for them tomorrow! I hope they win! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Nica
    Nica   3 months ago

    Incredible ❤️