Skyblock: The Great Potato War

  • Published on: 13 November 2019
  • absolutely obliterating my career by going on hiatus for a month just to ruin one guy's day specifically
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    Music from
    "Anxiety" by Kevin MacLeod (
    License: CC BY (
    & outro:
    "Comin Round the Mountain" by Kevin MacLeod (
    License: CC BY (
  • Runtime : 18:25
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  • Tehyeet987
    Tehyeet987   4 hours ago

    Me whos watching all his old Videos because I miss techno

  • pop_noop
    pop_noop   4 hours ago

    I have a couple has 1732651

  • EndeFire
    EndeFire   4 hours ago

    Can someone explain why he was afk in squids place?

  • DrSolid
    DrSolid   15 hours ago

    My friends told me about this— never knew how good it was! 😃

  • Jacob Boven
    Jacob Boven   16 hours ago

    I’ve watched this 3 times this week 😂

  • Shari jh
    Shari jh   1 days ago

    Istg i've watched this so many times xD

  • goo word
    goo word   1 days ago

    Vs gream muitu indelével

  • Pizza squad
    Pizza squad   1 days ago

    Plot twist: those Jerrys were all squid kids alts

  • Dario Payet
    Dario Payet   1 days ago

    rrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a cuple hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Gam3r
    Gam3r   2 days ago

    squid kid more like squid game person who got SECOND PLACE BUT DIED IN THE MARBLE GAMEEEEEEE

  • Jeff_Rblx YT
    Jeff_Rblx YT   2 days ago

    I have a couple catalysts: double chest almost full of them

  • Codm_Python
    Codm_Python   2 days ago

    15:33 Techno: alr im going to the hub Me: ayo?🤨

  • seba alkhodery
    seba alkhodery   2 days ago

    Also I'm deeply scared of him, did you see what he said when I told him the names?"names noted"that is cereal killer talk, we ain't gonna be hearing from those two ever again- technoblade 2019 14th of november

  • Normie 6969
    Normie 6969   2 days ago

    this is prolly the best content techno has made

  • Kelsey Madison
    Kelsey Madison   2 days ago

    The better crib sequently examine because detail lily smash out a uninterested glove. minor, rampant expansion

  • Alexa
    Alexa   2 days ago

    Techno if you reading this I miss you don't let your cancer win

  • Joshua Kobayashi
    Joshua Kobayashi   2 days ago

    This series has been immortalized after he stopped making videos

  • Noobde
    Noobde   3 days ago

    i just wanna say TECHNO NEVER DIES 💪

  • Fayza M Husna
    Fayza M Husna   3 days ago

    He called himself a slave he doesn't look like a slave but dude don't be a slave

  • The Galactic Gamer
    The Galactic Gamer   3 days ago

    Techno there will be potatoes in animals crossing on November 5th you want to do this there to

  • PutridMilk
    PutridMilk   3 days ago

    I have watched the entire series 5 times and istg it gets better everytime I see it

  • DTboi DaCoolest
    DTboi DaCoolest   3 days ago

    “I’m havin fun. I dropped out of collage for this”Quote of the year from a very wise man

  • Gaming Umbreon
    Gaming Umbreon   4 days ago

    Ah yes the only reason I need math ✨potatoes✨😊