Nick Eh 30 reacts to Fortnite's Operation Sky Fire EVENT!

  • Published on: 12 September 2021
  • Fortnite Season 7 finale event! The Operation Sky Fire live event is the end of Chapter 2 Season 7.
    • We team up with Slone in the Mothership UFO, above Corny Complex, and discover a Blue Kevin Cube!
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  • Runtime : 16:1
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  • Astro
    Astro   2 hours ago

    Who ever leaded this event deserves a trophy 🏆.

  • Luc Smulders
    Luc Smulders   2 hours ago

    the event was so sick but look in the middle by 11:50 there is the cube queenand i like your videos so much

  • Breakfast
    Breakfast   15 hours ago

    if your a fan of borderlands the you know what I mean 1:57

  • Syzed
    Syzed   21 hours ago

    Nick pridicated the future

  • Star Gamer
    Star Gamer   1 days ago

    Everything is in the same place as chapter just looks different

  • WeeDefault
    WeeDefault   1 days ago

    “Oh, Peely’s dead”“Oh, he was flossing, awww, he didn’t have enough movement”

  • LisaRDZ
    LisaRDZ   1 days ago

    Nobody nick oh no peely didn’t have enough movement

  • Oscare
    Oscare   2 days ago

    toxic rick save nick eh 30 4:16

  • Alana Wilkins
    Alana Wilkins   2 days ago

    The cube called blevin looks likes the tesseract from marvel

  • Prince V
    Prince V   2 days ago

    The live event was amazing! I hope the next one will be better. I really agree with Nick saying He really liked that we weren't just watching a cut scene and we were able to control and experience the event at the same time with other people. We love your content Nick!

  • G.S.I Labs
    G.S.I Labs   2 days ago

    “Nick:Did you know slone was evil?”Slone:how did you know tho?

  • angie Gilbert
    angie Gilbert   2 days ago

    Watching this a couple days before chapter 3 is amazing because that was the last event before chapter 3

  • HeadedOfficial
    HeadedOfficial   3 days ago

    Nick during the event: wowAlso Nick: YOU CAN MOVE YOUR CAMERA GUYS!!

  • Bowman Hann
    Bowman Hann   3 days ago

    This was probably my favorite live event ever.

  • Graeme Cornette
    Graeme Cornette   3 days ago

    This video is full of predictions that came true lol 😂

  • fade Jamie
    fade Jamie   3 days ago

    Now i wach this and its funny that in the future is chapter 3

  • Rayan 74
    Rayan 74   3 days ago

    My dream is to get 1k subs so I want to persevere my dreams

  • Z Charron
    Z Charron   4 days ago

    I have a theory: when I was in the event I saw a golden cube I think the queen cube was cubed all these years and she thinks we are the aliens so she is going rouge on us and we have to fight of her attacks

  • TheoLord607
    TheoLord607   4 days ago

    I like the video can’t wait for the chapter 2 end event this is the second time I watched this video

  • Emily Hitch
    Emily Hitch   5 days ago

    Where do you live in my me and my friend. Doing a lot of Emotes

  • AFK BoxeD
    AFK BoxeD   5 days ago

    6:05Ninja: I'm not seeing enough movement

  • Waymond Berry
    Waymond Berry   5 days ago

    realize how much the mothership moved in event. it went from corny to off the edge of the island at misty and landed all the way by the shark.

  • Matthew Posey
    Matthew Posey   5 days ago

    Heres my little secret I was the burning wolf

  • Venitava
    Venitava   5 days ago

    remember simpler times when we had the agency

  • Dumb
    Dumb   6 days ago

    "He probably didn't have enough movement"- Nick 2021