Heilung Norupo [Official Music Video]

  • Published on: 17 April 2020
  • Heilung is Amplified History from early medieval northern Europe and should not be mistaken for a modern political or religious statement of any kind.

    Remember, that we all are brothers
    All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind
    We all descend from the one great being
    That was always there
    Before people lived and named it
    Before the first seed sprouted



    Christopher Juul
    Kai Uwe Faust
    Maria Franz

    Les Menhirs de Monteneuf - France

    Film crew:
    Director of Photography: Roderik Patijn // instagram: @roderikpatijn
    Aerial Cinematography: Maarten Slooves // instagram: @maartenfilms
    Gaffer: Ryan Schaminee // instagram: @ryanschaminee
    Best boy: Dirk Zijlstra // instagram: @dirk_zijlstra

    Stylist, make up and set coordinator:
    Annicke Shireen // Instagram: @annickeshireen

    Catering crew:
    David Thiérrée
    Virginie Ropars
    Rachel Daucé

    Edit, Color, Audio, VFX:
    Christopher Juul

    Visual Artwork:
    Kai Uwe Faust

    Maria Franz

    Supported by:
    Season of Mist and SCPP

    Our heartfelt gratitude to the helpers on this side and the other side.
  • Runtime : 6:36
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  • Silber Maräne
    Silber Maräne   2 hours ago

    Verstehe ich nicht, dass Deutsche es nicht geregelt kriegen, gleiche Aussagen in der eigenen Sprache hinzukriegen.

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24   16 hours ago

    I love that this is a new take on music. It's tribal yet mysterious

  • carloko08
    carloko08   2 days ago

    i thought this representation and music was from the bronze age era and not of the medieval times, i think is so old and prehistoric to be of medieval times, look like real indigenous people of the all continents, super interesting music and aesthetic, congrats ;)

  • Claudio Coutinho
    Claudio Coutinho   4 days ago

    Does the megaliths really have those paintings/carvings? Or is that cg?

  • Kostya Win ;D
    Kostya Win ;D   4 days ago

    Люблю как поет Маша..ФранZ

  • Kostya Win ;D
    Kostya Win ;D   4 days ago

    с мухами все есть..все хорошо.. а у природы грязи нет такой как тут на лицо гуталин.. имхо..

  • Kostya Win ;D
    Kostya Win ;D   4 days ago

    не понятно зачем он сажей намазался..как то не естественная гряззЬЬЬЬЬЬьь

  • SunBunz
    SunBunz   4 days ago

    I played this music in front of my 2 dogs. By the end of the track, they have transformed into Dire Wolves.

  • D.R.u.i.D
    D.R.u.i.D   5 days ago

    siberian tatars picts from dall a riad

  • Black Silk Magick
    Black Silk Magick   6 days ago

    Part of my ancestry dates back to Northern Europe. This type of music gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

  • LivingDeadGirl
    LivingDeadGirl   6 days ago

    I live them but can we get some mammoth tusks and irisk elk horns in play?

  • kiba860
    kiba860   1 weeks ago

    The goat of mendes was on the rock

  • Gary Snow
    Gary Snow   1 weeks ago

    I want to dress up as this man and walk into my local Starbucks and freak out all the twat knotted little soy boys. I noticed a little ass covering in the description but I'll forgive it.

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous   1 weeks ago

    To Robert Smith, comment 1yr ago- how did it go!? What a great idea! I love their music and of course their "philosophy" and who doesn't need to play dress up as an adult sometimes! Namaste

  • Steve Catlin
    Steve Catlin   1 weeks ago

    where can i find a song with a flute like that .. its awesome

  • Yeshwant P
    Yeshwant P   1 weeks ago

    I am pretty sure that after 10000 years, the followers of Heilung become the Sardaukars.

  • INfamous09
    INfamous09   1 weeks ago

    I feel like my life is so much better since I discovered this group several years ago. Their music always tears me up always puts water to my eyes, that run down my cheeks. Something about it resonates within me and feels very familiar. Its an ominous feeling I can't explain. I get these images I dont know why or where they come from of a life I feel I used to live hundreds of years ago. Very tribal very nordic? Viking? I can't explain. Amazing group. Maria has such a beautiful voice

  • Maria G Pedemonte
    Maria G Pedemonte   1 weeks ago

    They are making the movements of each rune stadha or corporal position of each rune!

  • stikka jal
    stikka jal   1 weeks ago

    We have forgotten most of all...rise...grote mother.....rise again to freyen us

  • Climax 123
    Climax 123   1 weeks ago

    You dont need any Covid Vaccine. This music is far more effectiv!GiveGatesNoChance!

  • Comrade Penguin
    Comrade Penguin   1 weeks ago

    Definitely has that ancient European tribal vibe to it.Another reason why I like Skaldic groups like these they sound almost similar too their ancestors praise music.

  • Gabriel Walker
    Gabriel Walker   1 weeks ago

    Is this old-Norse or like proto-Germanic or something? I’m familiar with the music and band but I never know which language it’s in.

  • dipika arinda
    dipika arinda   1 weeks ago

    This is song for goddesses...like me 😋😆

  • Sem Maffit
    Sem Maffit   1 weeks ago

    Интересно, мухоморы в начале съели, или какие?

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones   1 weeks ago

    All I can picture is how incredible Hellblades soundtrack will be with Heilung on the job.

  • abhas
    abhas   2 weeks ago

    Some kind of arts like this makes me feel back to who i am, a human of earth. in this era, humans are lost by himself

  • Do Ee
    Do Ee   2 weeks ago