"My Mother Told Me" x "Heimdallr" Mash-up ("Vikings" music video)

  • Published on: 22 January 2021
    I made this remix and also a music video. I hope You will like it. ;)

    Video: TV show "Vikings" by History channel
    1. "My Mother Told Me" cover by Perły i Łotry
    2. "Heimdallr" by Munknörr

    I do NOT own any of this footage.
    I only edited this video.
    Hope You, guys, enjoy my edit!


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  • Runtime : 3:26


  • WiciuSJ
    WiciuSJ   5 months ago

    THANK YOU, brothers and sisters for 1 million views! Just WOW! I wasn't expected it at all. It's so amazing to see many people like me, who love such nordic and pagan vibes. Let the old ways and true people, who lived their lives like no one else, not be forgotten. Skål & Slava from Poland! :)

  • mariusz pelson
    mariusz pelson   11 hours ago

    hai bro im from Polend but i boliw in vikin gods iuar the best end sory for mai lengwicz

  • Alfredo Medina
    Alfredo Medina   1 days ago

    ... admiro profundamente este trabajo musical.... me conecta con un espacio primitivo. de mi actual existir... maravilloso!!!

  • 10MAN
    10MAN   2 days ago

    I love the feeling this song & his voice provokes, to me its like hearing a soul speak, Angelic like!… >I can’t get enough!

  • Анатолий
    Анатолий   3 days ago

    Флоки просто красава и в кино контики просто бомба

  • Cali Blood
    Cali Blood   6 days ago

    Just watching this makes me want to rewatch the entire show again

  • M Z
    M Z   1 weeks ago

    what a voice

  • Mrtini
    Mrtini   1 weeks ago

    I loved this show, a little bit to much I guess. All these scenes still hit home so much. I wish the show never ended

  • Shahed Khan
    Shahed Khan   2 weeks ago

    I am ready now i prepaid my self i am now stand in battle field again .i promise to my mother i live all but now my mother is no more now one's again i searching to my enemies they seeing chance i give them chance let's begin before they reach me i stand front of them alone 1 and they are 175 person no problem but they hidden some were there are ladies children's they are cowards .i open my doors for then why they running from me they have majority but i stand alone .i put stone for my grave near of my mother feets

  • Алёна /
    Алёна /   2 weeks ago

    очень красиво..история налицо, конечно все это нарезка из сериала..но все же

  • Влад Смелый

    Викинги вам не помогут. Мы Славяне с тюркскими корнями. Мы будим бится до конца.Vikings won't help you. We are Slavs with Turkic roots. We wake up fighting to the end

  • Adrian Altamirano
    Adrian Altamirano   2 weeks ago

    Disculpen este es el video original o es de una peli alguien me puede decir por favor.

  • Andx
    Andx   2 weeks ago

    Þat mælti mín móðir,At mér skyldi kaupa,Fara á brott með víkingum,Fley ok fagrar árar,Fara á brott með víkingum,Fara á brott með víkingum,Stýra dýrum knerri,Standa upp í stafni,Stýra dýrum knerri,Halda svá til hafnar,Stýra dýrum knerri,Halda svá til hafnar,Hǫggva mann ok annan,Hǫggva mann ok annan.My mother told meSomeday I would buy,Galleys with good oars,Sails to distant shores,Stand up on the prowNoble barque I steer,Steady course to the havenHew many foe-menHew many foe-men

  • Else Berit Nome
    Else Berit Nome   2 weeks ago

    I am norwegian, and I am glad this series enlighten the world of our Viking history.

  • Jim C
    Jim C   3 weeks ago

    As long as you do acknowledge the RUS Vikings as part of your own

  • Liz Deal
    Liz Deal   3 weeks ago


  • Пранка NET
    Пранка NET   4 weeks ago

    Матриархат в видео, по факту викинги придерживались главенствию роли отца в семье и в чертоге , мать была на втором плане.

  • Nur Rochim
    Nur Rochim   1 months ago

    May I know what is the name of this movie?

  • Markus W.-F.
    Markus W.-F.   1 months ago

    an meinem Geburtstag ist dieses wundervolle Musikvideo veröffentlicht worden. Ich liebe es und kann es immerwieder hören! Danke Dafür!!!

  • Kishore Dhar
    Kishore Dhar   1 months ago

    Is it just me, or is the background voice actually saying,"Hentai....Hentai??"

  • demondice
    demondice   1 months ago

    am i the only one who can hear a faint bite sound effect at around 1:33 to 1:35 ?

  • Mohammed Nabawey
    Mohammed Nabawey   1 months ago

    سيظل دائما أفضل مسلسل بالنسبة لي على الاطلاق

  • D R
    D R   1 months ago

    everything is Super from mashup to video editings ❤️❤️ love from India 🇮🇳

  • Bridgette Havens
    Bridgette Havens   1 months ago

    This song is incredible...my last name is Havens..safe places...you are always welcome here

  • Jack McCarty
    Jack McCarty   1 months ago

    Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text you copy will be savedg here.

  • Brandon Wheless
    Brandon Wheless   1 months ago

    SPOILERZZ!!! I never got why Lagertha was so looked up to. Yea. She could fight. But she never really accomplished anything on her own the hard way. She got her first Earlship by murdering her second husband, she took her Earlship back by murdering Kalf when he was unarmed, literally least expected it, and on thier wedding day. She murdered Aslaug by shooting her in the back with an arrow after she tells her she can leave and after Aslaug had renounced everything. In Frankia her team was all but slaughtered by Rollo and his men and in the brothers war she wound up losing in a straight up fight between two sides, same as in Frankia, and she was all but dead from her battle with the raiders when Hvitsek stabbed her thanking she was Ivar, she came off very badly in that one on one matchup, and the guy she fought was neither famous nor ever held up as some great warrior. Yea. He was a lot bigger and stronger, but great warriors make up for and over come that without being beaten and cut half to death by their opponent. Lagertha's fame and renown is sort of a myth to me. I think young unproven Ivar would have killed her in single combat if she had accepted his challenge when he made it. On top of ALL that, the great war was really her fault. She murdered Aslaug KNOWING that at the very least Ivar would never stop till he killed her. She didn't care. The "kingdom" was ALL that mattered to her. In her mind she was owed it and it belonged to her, damn the consequences. Not a good person and definitely not a great name or life.

  • Alex Darmes
    Alex Darmes   1 months ago

    Хороший саунтрек ...

  • Alex Darmes
    Alex Darmes   1 months ago

    Музыка с шаманскими ...