Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg "Still D.R.E." Remix [One Take Video]

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
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    shot by: Logan Meis

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    I'm sorry to say that once again the lyrics do not fit in the description lolol. It limits you to 5000 characters... i apologize, going to try to figure out the CC so y'all can follow along.


    if you made it this deep you a REAL ONE. This is how we STARTING 2022. Can't believe we are already on year 5 on this journey. Love writing these bottom of description messages for y'all. Still D.R.E. is one of the most legendary beats and songs of all time and I'm honored to be able to remix it. Shoutout to everyone who like, comments, and shares, YOU ARE REAL ONES. I appreciate each and every single one of you more than you know and will continue to seek you out and thank you. WE ARE THE LABEL. Let's go crazy SO I CAN DROP MORE.

    Dax - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg "Still D.R.E." Remix [One Take Video]
  • Runtime : 4:41
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  • Dax
    Dax   1 weeks ago

    [LYRICS BELOW] LIKE, Comment, and SHARE for more… 🔥😳I’m BACK AGAIN it nice we hit 1 milli 😎😅🤯SoundCloud and AUDIOMACK only:https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/3hEWfPCxaxZNrtLS6Lyrics:mental GYMNASTICS i’m making these words FLIPyour VERT-a-BRAEk when I OPEN and SLIP THE DISKCHIROPRACTICALLY not made to withstand force of my hitsso when they BREAKING DOWN the bars they think I ain’t saying shitthis is MATHEMATICSyou can ADD ME not SUBTRACT MEi’m DIVISIBLE by TWO if a label wanna half me (have me)the first half is lyrical infused with insanity the second is the vocals and I do that uncannyunsigned hypeclimbing up a [MOUNTAIN-i’m-DEW] for some [BARQ-if-these-niggas-trynna-BITE]COKEd up thinking that I needa TAKE LINESyou gotta DEOIN ( D on) the TEST cuz you way past PRIME (deoin sanders)that’s a FAIL practically aN-F and shoutout to that man i'm a fan of successrelatability is me and something I respect so in that caseNF will still PASS the TESTits Daxf*ck you people trynna play me like i’m not in stylemy greatest hits a double every album you compilei’m RUNNING GAME SMOKING TRACK like a BLACK n' MILEand PICKING UP this generation calling from a POCKET DIALthey say that rap changedwanna DELETE me but I CAP SPACEthen ENTER to a whole new DATA PAGEmy [BARCELONA (bars alone a) SPAN-SPAIN]and bring rap back to the classicsand the lyricism golden agethey know it’s realrefuse to respect iti’m underrated but was chosen due to natural selectioncompetition isn’t something that i see i direct it then go to war with the person that i see in reflectionsstill breaking every BRACKETmy [[CHEDDAR BOB]s weaves TAXES like I’m[B RABBIT][POPPing DOC[s writing WORD CLASSICSmy PUNCHLINES [8 MILES]if they do notunderstand it it's LONGER than they comprehension]]not to mentionmy INDEPENDENCY has been ignoredif SOLD OUT gets applied to my nameit’s cuz dax the BRAND ain’t available inside the STORESand MARKED UP due to an external mediary forceyou wanna hear some morei got these demons in my head tryna PULL ME so I’m always playing TUG OF WARon the edge falling till I grab a bottletake it head and I pass out and I wake up on the f*cking flooryou don’t know the struggleshot after shot thought after thoughtschizophrenic tendencies while grabbing on a mop overnight cleaning scrubbing on the same damn spotpraying for a miracle while looking up to godthen remembering yo broke ass still the clockand that 7.25 that you paid aint for a lawyer for the bitch who just called the copsthat type of a strugglethat type of grind that type of hustleyou couldn"t do it I can see it your eyesyou wouldn’t last a f*cking day in my shoes and no way you would last a second in my mindbut I digresssee you get bitter in this world when it shows you no respecta COG IN A WHEEL with a message that’s the algorithm sees but is constantly trying tosuppressnow lets it backto historical rap when KNOWLEDGE.REIGNED.SUPREME (KRS) and the BACK was PACKed[KRS-was-on-the-ONES] and the twos was stacked with lyrical BOMB THREATS that would BOOM and BAPGrandmaster flash and the Furious FiveKool Herc and the Crew that way 2 LIVESUGAR HILL and the GANG with a PIECE of the PIE ya toothache (too fake) if u aint heard of a RAPPERS DELIGHTu gotta move back can't any erase the classicsthis game is a RACE i’m PARKed in the FIELD with DINOSAURS JURASSICtheir FOSSILs FUEL my GASsingi'm GEOLOGICALLY DRIPPED in this HISTORICAL FASHIONit’s in my BONES and STRUCTUrally BUILT into my rappingso when you hear me snappingjust know it would of never happen without pioneers like Kurtis Blow. Ice T, Rakeem Run DMC, Jay, Nas, EPMD, Ice Cube, LL and Eazy-ETupac, Snoop Dogg and B.I.G, Dre, Eminem50 and M M MANY MENthe AFTERMATH is thisTHE CHRONIC destruction of beats from an African who Ramadan (Rams it down) your throat to ya abdomenyou SQUARES only PLANT SEEDS when in MADISON (madison square garden)my ANGLICAN (angle kid) belongs in the VATICAN i ROME beats and iTALY (i tally) more bodies than a priest in the 15th century to CROSS M E you gon CHRISTIANITY[i’m no SAINT-but-im-MELO-like-ANTHONY-and-BALL] (saint anthony, carmelo anthony, lamelo ball)in a space where my sanitytip toes up a hill called CALVARY where the people PREACH and BLAS-PHE-MY so I’ve MASTERED PEACE (Master P, No Limit)cuz there's NO LIMIT to their disrespecti’d be LION if I said I wasn’t in the DENthat last verse is BIBLICAL if that don’t make sense my names DANIEL my critical friendthe story told is just beginning as I build suspense and craft my pen into a sword to cut through all this nonsense I pray you can discern between real fake and motherf*cking hater throwing backhand complimentsstill killing instrumentalsi’m INSTRUMENTAL this PERIODS defined and cycling through MENSTRUALS, BLEEDING on tracks with the HALF SHARPENED PENCIL so I BRIDGE THE GAP and emBRACE it like DENTALcut track at SPEEDS so fast that the TEMPOimpacts at FREQUENCIES that CRESCENDOblow minds then fix and reassembleand penetrate straight through ya mentalits Dax

  • Ronda Bruno
    Ronda Bruno   2 minuts ago

    Keep killing it so happy for you ❤❤

  • MRWYM Why
    MRWYM Why   3 minuts ago

    Dax Is your big fan snow aww man I really love this song for real I miss real good hip-hop music and you doing great job with it but anyway when new album is coming out maybe summer time I have your album playing over and over is classic

  • HeaZyay
    HeaZyay   9 minuts ago

    I peeped the Tupac dance style

  • Cassie Marie
    Cassie Marie   10 minuts ago

    Just noticed the little gold goat this song is crazy 🔥🔥🔥

  • andre
    andre   13 minuts ago

    this was actually tough

  • grayeyes1317
    grayeyes1317   18 minuts ago

    Seems pitty to me that Dax tries becoming popular by rapping on popular beats. Do your own beats. Let’s see how much will people listen to you then.

  • Majesty Udochukwu
    Majesty Udochukwu   19 minuts ago

    Awesome bars man Keep on grindingthe fans are right behind u all the way

  • Kaden McCullough
    Kaden McCullough   25 minuts ago

    Now we're 28 trending 7 1/2 days in. Everyone share these bars

  • Josue Arita
    Josue Arita   37 minuts ago


  • Vinny J
    Vinny J   43 minuts ago

    Remember when KSI tried to diss dax lol

  • Ana Sreyah
    Ana Sreyah   45 minuts ago

    Yessss 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  • saishi85
    saishi85   54 minuts ago

    Put it on spotify !!! You dirty genius rapper !!!

  • jacob shultz
    jacob shultz   57 minuts ago

    Stop butchering my favorite rappers songs

  • Andrej S.
    Andrej S.   1 hours ago

    Чел-ты крут, очень крут, йоу!

    NIgHTMArE   1 hours ago

    Yo Dax do you do autographed merch ?

  • 刘志威
    刘志威   1 hours ago

    Hardcore more than hardcore 🔥

  • Jason Roscoe
    Jason Roscoe   1 hours ago

    New name FAX I'm glad he stayed independent he gave up money for change.Or Daniel my critical friend?

  • Morgan Walls
    Morgan Walls   1 hours ago

    This, was fucking, FIRE... Wow. Where can I buy some of your work Dax?