Redeeming Smosh's Worst Food Crimes

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • Today, Josh is redeeming some of the food abominations created by Smosh. MK # 098

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    In the spirit of minimizing food waste associated with the filming of this series, Mythical is donating to the Hollywood Food Coalition ( ) who provide daily, nourishing meals to underserved communities in the Los Angeles area.

    Time Codes:
    Burger Tartare - 1:30
    Ice Cream - 5:42
    Assemble - 12:55

    Step 1: Burger tartare
    * 12 oz filet mignon, cubed and semi-frozen
    * 4 strips bacon, cooked and finely chopped
    * 3 Tbsp minced shallots
    * 3 Tbsp minced chives
    * 3 Tbsp minced cornichon
    * 2 Tbsp sherry vinegar
    * 1 tsp yellow mustard
    * 1 egg yolk
    * ½ tsp salt
    * Black pepper
    * Olive oil

    1) Grind the filet mignon using the coarse dye on a meat grinder. In a separate bowl, add shallot, chives, cornichon, vinegar, oil, mustard, egg yolk, and black pepper, and whisk.
    2) Add all the stuff together.

    * Baking sheet
    * Meat grinder
    * Small mixing bowl
    * Large mixing bowl
    * Spoon

    Step 2: Thousand Island Ice Cream + Cheese Crispy
    * 8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded from the block
    * 8 ounces milk
    * 8 ounces heavy cream
    * ½ cup sugar
    * 3 egg yolks
    * 1 cup ketchup
    * 1 Tbsp red wine vin
    * 1 Tbsp worcestershire
    * ¼ cup finely chopped pickles
    * 1 tsp smoked paprika
    * 1 tsp fresh horseradish root
    * Black pepper
    * 1 tsp salt

    1) Arrange the cheddar cheese in a circle on a baking sheet lined with a silicone mat. Bake at 350 until melty and crispy.
    2) Heat milk, cream, and sugar in a pot. Whisk egg yolks in a separate bowl then temper in the hot creamy milk mixture.
    3) Add back into the pot and cook for 4 minutes, stirring constantly. Mix in ketchup and other ingredients then add to an ice cream maker.

    * Baking sheet + silicone mat
    * Medium mixing bowl
    * Medium sauce pot
    * Whisk
    * Ice cream machine

    Step 3: Assemble
    * Toasted brioche bun that’s been put in the fridge
    * Steak tartare
    * Cheddar crisp
    * Thousand island ice cream

    1) Pack steak tartare into a ring mold. Invert and put onto the bun.
    2) Add cheddar cheese frico, iceberg lettuce, and thousand island ice cream.

    * Ring mold
    * Parchment square
  • Runtime : 18:20
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  • Eli Tettelbach
    Eli Tettelbach   15 hours ago

    “Which god is most likely to forgive us” omg Josh is too powerful.

  • Chief
    Chief   19 hours ago

    This proves that Garrett is a menace

  • eladwen
    eladwen   19 hours ago

    Loki, the trickster god would be the one to most likely forgive you

  • jaden whitford
    jaden whitford   20 hours ago

    Can we put bts in the thumbnail? A picture of shayne

  • Master Necro
    Master Necro   21 hours ago

    After watching this I now greatly fear for the lives of Rhett, Link, and the Smosh Cast...

  • adam
    adam   1 days ago

    everyone mixes up whether you should with whether you can... Worked for a fish monger for nearly a decade.. everyone kept asking "can I eat this salmon raw?" and I would reply much the same "you can eat anything raw, it's whether you should or not" and then proceeded to explain there is inherent risk in eating anything raw but there are things you can do to limit that risk.. which are:1) fresh. fresher is better, and if you have a chain of logs with temps and conditions a long with sensors proving the product never reached above a certain temp, even better and in some cases freezing the product will help as well, though it will not fix food that has already been contaminated, reached certain temps or is alrdy off.2) preparation in a sanitary environment is mandatory3) eat immediately after preparing or very soon after

  • SoliderImp195
    SoliderImp195   1 days ago

    I believe you don't add it in all so you don't break the emulsion or yeah curdle eggs.

  • homie hoe
    homie hoe   1 days ago

    Josh makes stupid dish and has a nervous breakdown

  • Mya Nerd
    Mya Nerd   1 days ago

    Saying jaywalking isn’t safe is such a city thing. I’m not gonna walk ten minutes to a cross walk with maybe one car every five to walk ten minutes back. In cities yes but you also have crosswalks everywhere, we only have them because of the school where I grew up. And I think we had three. Edit three crosswalks, one school.

  • Thunder Cloud
    Thunder Cloud   1 days ago

    Yo, Was that a Heavyweights movie reference at 6:20? Nice!

  • Morris Jamison
    Morris Jamison   1 days ago

    6:11 Bro, you okay Josh? Very odd phrasing there.

  • IncorporationXII
    IncorporationXII   1 days ago

    Being a garrett who works in a kitchen any of these videos that mention garrett from smosh feels very personal for whatever reason when they say garrett

  • Gwendolyn Goodjello
    Gwendolyn Goodjello   2 days ago

    The meat to bun ratio is honestly more disgusting (to me) than the raw part.

  • Laura Botting
    Laura Botting   2 days ago

    At 12:39 he turned into bdylanhollis for a second - when he tastes the crazy food and realises it tastes good 😆

  • BlueRaspberry
    BlueRaspberry   2 days ago

    never expected a bts reference from the mythical kitchen... gains even more respect for them

  • Bumpy
    Bumpy   2 days ago

    Burger but cold? Burger King?

  • zarthered
    zarthered   2 days ago

    Vishnu, a Hindu god would not be cool with eating beef. For raw hamburger, best go with Odin.

  • Maikonix
    Maikonix   2 days ago

    I like that trait about Garret too. The man off psychological terror

  • Alex Borisov
    Alex Borisov   2 days ago

    I had ketchup ice cream for Halloween once and I still have PTSD

  • Caiden Randolph
    Caiden Randolph   2 days ago

    4:02 totally missed the opportunity to say Paris-sites

  • Joseph Catano
    Joseph Catano   2 days ago

    a chilled bao sesame bun would have been perfect for the chill theme.

  • workaholica
    workaholica   2 days ago

    If you use raw pork, it's a fancy Mettbrötchen.

  • Cody Bouska
    Cody Bouska   2 days ago

    I think Josh should be made into an archer character, it would make the show epic

  • Will Krause
    Will Krause   2 days ago

    I came to the comments to say that you can eat Beef raw* while you can't eat pork or chicken raw because of parasites, basically. Cow meat doesn't get the parasite infestation that pork meat can, and chicken meat can get salmonella very easy. The asterisk is because ground meat of any kind, unless freshly ground and then eaten, is never safe raw because it's a perfect environment for bacteria.

  • Ethan Fisher
    Ethan Fisher   2 days ago

    "Let's do it to it Lars."" I quote this probably more than I should and almost no one gets the reference. I'm not sure if it's a good thing that Josh is the one I have to go to for my quote validation, but I am happy I am not alone.

  • CinqL
    CinqL   2 days ago

    13:37 As someone raised Hindu, I dont think Vishnu would "forgive" especially since it is a beef dish :P

  • Christen Nickel
    Christen Nickel   2 days ago

    You can't just tell us about the bacon pancake ice cream and not do a video of that

  • BoredomEntertainment

    I love how i intermitten fast in order to cut my weight and return to my best like physically fit form again. But on the days i don't eat i just binge Mythical Kitchen. It's like doing NNN but strictly watching certain videos. I think i like torturing myself. That or i just can't stay away from Josh.

  • Ameria Miller
    Ameria Miller   2 days ago

    “Let’s do it to it Lars!” It’s the Heavy weights reference for me

  • marky046
    marky046   2 days ago

    Look up Filet Americain and make your own.Chuck it on a fresh baked baguette (royally).Add diced raw onions and slices of hard-boiled egg.finish with salt and pepper.enjoy <3

  • half juicy
    half juicy   2 days ago

    In Germany raw meat sandwiches are pretty normal. Look up Mettbrötchen