Baylor vs. Arkansas - Elite Eight NCAA tournament extended highlights

  • Published on: 30 March 2021
  • Baylor controlled the lead since the opening tip, but Arkansas' pesky play gave the Bears havoc late in the second half. Ultimately, Baylor would hold on to take the win 81-72, advancing to the Final Four for the first time since 1950! MaCio Teague led the Bears with 22 points and 5 boards. Watch the extended highlights here.

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  • Runtime : 10:46
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  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul   4 weeks ago

    Baylor just trashed on Gonzaga, I’m proud of my hogs. only team keeping it within single digits

  • D Gibbs
    D Gibbs   4 weeks ago

    Now that we see how Baylor embarrassed Gonzaga, Hogs looked dang good in this game!

  • Douglas DeNunzio
    Douglas DeNunzio   1 months ago

    The eyes of Texas upto both Baylor and Houston come next week when there are options there.

  • zane433
    zane433   1 months ago

    Baylor in the final for the first time in 71 yearsThis is why I had them losing early in my bracket...oh well.

  • Chin Chukwu
    Chin Chukwu   1 months ago

    i love watching baylor play defense. they're really well coached. they remind me of ucla in that respect.

  • Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding

    Baylor does not play well with a big lead BUT when they are focused and engaged they look like an NBA offense, need to see more energy at both ends for EVERY minute, which i believe theyll have next two games- my money is on Baylor for both.

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    walterlv01   1 months ago

    Seemed like the margin hovered between 6 and 12 points the entire second half - Arkansas hung in but could never make that run at them.

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