Epic BUFFED the Pulse Rifle (OP)

  • Published on: 15 August 2021
  • Epic will release hidden weapon buffs that go unnoticed for weeks, Let's see what the latest buff can do with the pulse rifle!

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  • Runtime : 10:51
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  • Clayton Hunter
    Clayton Hunter   3 months ago

    "How many people are around me?!?" Answer: Yes.

  • Rylee Stein
    Rylee Stein   3 months ago

    did the video glitch for anyone else in the beginning

  • Ls1 1980cutty
    Ls1 1980cutty   3 months ago

    I have barely played this season but I've won a few games already. But lemme tell you, season 6 seemed alot more fun to me than this one

  • Graytriotz
    Graytriotz   3 months ago

    the alpha pulse rifle is actually the exotic not the mythic lol

  • Henry Zhou
    Henry Zhou   3 months ago

    I wonder how many people remember moosetits

  • Il Tr1x lI
    Il Tr1x lI   3 months ago

    I don’t like fortnite, but it’s been so long, and this dude still hasn’t hit 10 mil. Can we please get him there, I used to watch him every day, and he is tryin so hard to consistently upload daily. Let’s get this boi to 10 mil guys.

  • Sara Renee
    Sara Renee   3 months ago

    Does anyone else remember this OG music from when Muselk used to play Overwatch? Those were the days😭

  • James McConnell
    James McConnell   3 months ago

    when you said that's a lot of damage why didn't you use the flex tape meme!!!

  • Ozpoz Mysterious
    Ozpoz Mysterious   3 months ago

    Why don’t you try the exotic suppressed pulse rifle found at the crash sight near coral castle you bye it of the alien

  • Chicken Gamer
    Chicken Gamer   3 months ago

    Hey mr elliot if u like mechas please play super Mecha champions on steam

  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam   3 months ago

    I've been using the pulse rifle non-stop since the beginning of the season because I love infantry rifles, but now they are literally my favorite weapon!

  • Bushranger
    Bushranger   3 months ago

    I almost forgot to subscribe 😱

  • Solo
    Solo   3 months ago

    he thinks it op now wait till he finds out they can right hand peak through walls like so he sees this and looks it up

  • Gumball chewy
    Gumball chewy   3 months ago

    It’s like muselk is punishing people for living!

  • angusbeef 808
    angusbeef 808   3 months ago

    Hits a guy 57 damage + 38 damage = 95 damage but says "OH MY GOD, WE JUST HIT A 100 FROM THAT RANGE"Hits a 57 body shot and says "OH MY GOD, HITTING 60 ON A BODY SHOT"Love you bro, keep up the content 😎👍✌

  • XxHaydukexX
    XxHaydukexX   3 months ago

    I always loved this weapon, ever since this gun came out it was always my favorite and since they buffed it even more I love it. Most people say that it might be good for the spray option, but nahh I ADS people only with this weapon and it's insane

  • Snowy L
    Snowy L   3 months ago

    Epic also buffed the grey heavy ar, it does 36 damage now lol to the body too

  • Jake Scheffer
    Jake Scheffer   3 months ago

    I used to take a green AR over a mythicic pulse rifle but now I take the pulse rifle over a purple scar now

  • #BDS
    #BDS   3 months ago

    I use a pulse rifle almost every game but its the blue version and it is still very good

  • Kellen Suva
    Kellen Suva   3 months ago

    I bet Epic is going to nerf the pulse rifle

  • Harrison
    Harrison   3 months ago

    7:36 Muselk had max materials8:29 Almost completely out 🤯

  • Patrick Lynch
    Patrick Lynch   3 months ago

    "No one lads here" 23 hours uploaded this video (whole lobby lands there just to try the gun) ffs

  • Andrew111
    Andrew111   3 months ago

    He lost 20k subs this month