Can I Eat $14,000 of A5 Wagyu in 5 Minutes?? (ft. Guga Foods)

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • Check out Guga Food's Video!! -

    One of the MOST EPIC Challenges I've ever done!!! I teamed up with the one and only Guga Foods to attempt to set 3 Wagyu Beef records. He did the preparing, I did the eating!

    Full disclosure, I couldn't find a 100% reliable source on the calorie count, but they say it's 677 per 4oz, so thats crazy!!


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  • Runtime : 11:3
  • Matt Stonie Megatoad Competitive Eating Food Challenge Speed Eating Eating Challenge


  • Guga Foods
    Guga Foods   2 days ago

    Matt that was EPIC! You are a Beast my friend! Can't wait to do it again soon.

  • Raphael Vioxstein
    Raphael Vioxstein   12 minuts ago

    Eat it slowly you need to chew and feel the flavour and feeling highh

  • Aaron Cunneen
    Aaron Cunneen   13 minuts ago

    Oh my god,. Guga and stonie what a combination made in heaven

  • Dwi Rivaldi
    Dwi Rivaldi   28 minuts ago


  • Shrek
    Shrek   32 minuts ago

    why why w-w-w-w-why why would you eat this beautiful expensive steak as fast as you can....

  • Guilhon
    Guilhon   33 minuts ago

    caraiooo olha o guga. Brazil dominando tudo

  • L Gamin
    L Gamin   51 minuts ago

    See MEGATOAD live in this Ive put my life on this

  • Damone Stephens
    Damone Stephens   52 minuts ago

    So wait your better off buying the steak from where it aurally comes from then retail. Why In the world is it 10000 more from the Resturant.

  • Radha Ganesh
    Radha Ganesh   59 minuts ago

    If you see it in 2 x it will be like he is eating in flash speed

  • Radha Ganesh
    Radha Ganesh   1 hours ago

    Dude this guy is rich he has such a big mansion

  • Antonio Miguel
    Antonio Miguel   1 hours ago

    If the whole people died except matt stonie he probably eat all foods in 1 year.

  • Nathan Beaulieu
    Nathan Beaulieu   1 hours ago

    I’m not a hater but man what a waste of food… A looot of people can’t afford 1 of these steak and he eats 8 without enjoying it

  • Hyrum Andelin
    Hyrum Andelin   1 hours ago

    Me with one small piece of steak:Somehow chokes Matt: 😳

  • Lukson
    Lukson   1 hours ago

    waste of a good steak + money

  • msta100
    msta100   1 hours ago

    1 steak for a 1000 dollars? ill pass.

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall   1 hours ago

    How many pizza rolls do you think you could eat? Non-timed, just go til you cant

  • Hayden Colvin
    Hayden Colvin   1 hours ago

    wait is his name matt stonie because hes always stoned when he does these challenges

    FROTZ   1 hours ago

    Ur stomach is gonna have to be put in over time to breakdown all that meat

  • Play_YT
    Play_YT   1 hours ago

    Can i ask ? Can you die by eating wagyu

  • Blade Master 92
    Blade Master 92   1 hours ago

    I love you bro but this is not how good steak is meant to be eaten

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   1 hours ago


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   1 hours ago


  • pathe02
    pathe02   1 hours ago

    Who the F finances this kind of idea

  • Ritesh Gurung
    Ritesh Gurung   1 hours ago

    That's 14,000$= 1,650,740 rupees in my country 🇳🇵Nepal😵😵😵😵

  • Alen
    Alen   1 hours ago

    Me: Can't afford A5 Wagyu, would probably take my time enjoying itMatt: Scarfs 8 large ones in 5 minutes

  • SiaoSoong Wong
    SiaoSoong Wong   1 hours ago

    Dude you can just see all the grease from the steaks