100 Days, But There Are Custom Dimensions...

  • Published on: 16 October 2021
  • 100 Days, But There Are Custom Bosses: https://youtu.be/OVYgdixMXyE

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    In this Minecraft video I survive 100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore World, but there are custom dimensions for me to explore. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had. This was played on a 1.16.5 Modded World.

    ►More 100 Days Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWJikipm2MTa_zCPAj5TKJ9ocpDNNpNqN


    Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! https://www.youtube.com/user/Creolesbackfire

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  • Runtime : 48:20
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  • SB737
    SB737   1 months ago


  • Berdly Gaming
    Berdly Gaming   2 days ago

    use this mod and lock yourself in the sonic dimension for 100 days with nothing

  • Rohan O'Dwyer
    Rohan O'Dwyer   2 days ago

    isnt it crazy that cookies are more rare than diamonds 😕

  • Evs rainbow world
    Evs rainbow world   5 days ago

    It looked amazing it’s a shame you couldn’t finish great video keep up the good work

  • Soccer Universe
    Soccer Universe   5 days ago

    herobrine is too powerful he corrupted your world also you survived 98 days kinda clickbait but there was nothing he could do so i think its fair by the way sb good video

  • Gacha Apex
    Gacha Apex   5 days ago

    Therapist: Dont worry herobrine doesnt really existthis herobrine mod:

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone else notice that:Positite Ore sounds like positive and it is in a good dimension (the dream)Negatite ore sounds like negative and it it in a bad dimension (the nightmare dimension that includes herobrine)

  • Damn BIG
    Damn BIG   1 weeks ago

    see ya later more like see ya never

  • Biopticplays
    Biopticplays   1 weeks ago

    the ghast boss was almost exactly like a LEGO videogame boss fight

  • Dyice
    Dyice   1 weeks ago

    Your portal room and "ur-ghast" boss gives me minecraft storymode vibes 😌

  • Keen_Toby
    Keen_Toby   1 weeks ago

    thank you for crediting Luke TheNotable! finally someone with someone with a heart

  • Biva Sarkar
    Biva Sarkar   1 weeks ago

    Dear Bro 😇 never mine lapis with iron pickaxe. Always mine with stone pickaxe. It gives you 6 and iron pickaxe gives you 5.

  • armedyskid
    armedyskid   1 weeks ago

    Wait I’ve had the same seed before

  • ANSH
    ANSH   1 weeks ago

    It is just like better minecraft

  • Fecomint
    Fecomint   1 weeks ago

    you vreached 3M subs congrats!

  • Trininja
    Trininja   1 weeks ago

    The twilight mod.. PopularMMOs…

  • Irina Blase
    Irina Blase   1 weeks ago

    What if you try to get 1000'000 subs?

  • Raph DM
    Raph DM   1 weeks ago

    "I want to find some dates" xD