Best Blitz Squads - The Blitz Masters Showcase Optimized Blitz Teams - Marvel Strike Force - MSF

  • Published on: 03 June 2021
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  • Runtime : 37:27
  • Marvel Strike Force


  • Khalid Rogers
    Khalid Rogers   4 months ago

    Loved this. Revamped my blitz squads now. Still have to upgrade toons to get them to be effective but at least I have a target that I now am aiming for.

  • Straight Facts
    Straight Facts   5 months ago

    I honestly thought that sticking your strongest characters together to burn charges was a common practice, I've been doing this for like two years 🤣

  • Detrimony
    Detrimony   5 months ago

    i have never gotten passed 2 mil points lol

  • JusTTSama
    JusTTSama   5 months ago

    LOL, I did use charges with the highest characters since... ever

  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed   6 months ago

    My suggestion for presentation here would be that the three of you use go to meeting or some other application so that you can see each other and words can flow smoothly (even if you don't want to share cameras with the wider audience). When it's a pure conference call setting there emerge awkward gaps in the conversation where you can tell people can't tell who should speak next and they don't want to interrupt each other. But the substance of your discussion is very helpful, thank you.

  • AbbottSupreme
    AbbottSupreme   6 months ago

    At what level will I get 40 slots available?

  • Merciless214
    Merciless214   6 months ago

    Most of my x force is T15. Very unreliable on auto.

  • BelmarBeast
    BelmarBeast   6 months ago

    I actually replace x23 with scientist supreme on xforce and they are much more consistent. X23 should be a carry with toons she's bigger than because she almost can't lose 1v1

  • Christopher Cranor
    Christopher Cranor   6 months ago

    This helped me go from 8 mil per blitz to 14, thank you so much for putting these resources together.

  • Banana Rama
    Banana Rama   6 months ago

    Love these, they've helped me get back to 1% after sim kicked me out of it.Having saved squad tabs for just blitz squads would help even more lol

  • WeB
    WeB   6 months ago

    I think the video's behind the audio, we don't see the teams you're talking about until you're ready to move on o.O