Fortnite Items Last Seen Over 1,000+ Days Ago! (Very Rare)

  • Published on: 15 September 2021
  • Fortnite skins, emotes & gliders which haven't been out for more than 1,000+ days! These cosmetics are very rare, which ones do you have?

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  • Runtime : 8:39
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  • Ashtvn
    Ashtvn   1 months ago


  • NinjaLavaBoy
    NinjaLavaBoy   18 hours ago

    Also I don’t know if you knew this but the Tidy emote hasn’t been seen in over 1,000 days as well

  • The Potato Knight 97

    8:21 wait- I didn't know it was 1000 days ago! I use that emote a lot! I also use a lot of things from chapter one season six- I have no idea why-

  • deanflan32
    deanflan32   2 days ago

    I have disk spiner and renegade purple skull I'm stacked

  • Jayden F
    Jayden F   2 days ago

    Finally someone talks about hot marat

  • ash catchem
    ash catchem   6 days ago

    I don't want any of those rare things thank goodness πŸ™‚

  • Flix
    Flix   1 weeks ago

    u forgot the black widow dance from chapter 1 season 8

  • Julian Reyez
    Julian Reyez   1 weeks ago

    Hot Marat is rare the people who got it when it came out probably don’t play fort anymore meaning less people will have the emote since new people are just starting to play fort

  • Alexander Zetino
    Alexander Zetino   1 weeks ago

    I bought the Special Forces skins just to make it match w the black knight shield but honestly even with no shield I really love it, and until today I’m realizing that is kinda rare

    NIPSU   2 weeks ago

    I got turbine pic

  • Jar
    Jar   2 weeks ago

    i have special forces

  • richie landeroz
    richie landeroz   2 weeks ago

    I have the turbine pickaxe also rambunctious and renegade raider pickaxe

  • t7 Jeremy
    t7 Jeremy   2 weeks ago

    Today I have seen in Bios Zone wars trio mode one player had the drumbeat pickaxr

    I_-AM_AQNICK   2 weeks ago

    My friend collects items and he has almost everything and he has all of these things but, he doesn't risk his account for a review rip

    UNKONWN   2 weeks ago

    I have everything on this list except for hachivat also if your doing it on again someday i would say zephyr should be on 11 days of the 1000

  • Ract3l
    Ract3l   2 weeks ago

    J have someone added with hacivat

  • midas_my_beloved
    midas_my_beloved   3 weeks ago

    my friend has "fresh" emote and i has "rambunctious" emote. so they are rare, but not very :D

  • Skqittles
    Skqittles   3 weeks ago

    I thought the mako glider was the rarest?

  • Weeping Koopa
    Weeping Koopa   3 weeks ago

    I've only seen a Hacivat once in Party Royal.

  • TheAudical
    TheAudical   3 weeks ago

    I bought the fighter kite glider because I was collecting all the 500 vbuck gilders.

  • MrTaeDaniel
    MrTaeDaniel   4 weeks ago

    Special Forces please return πŸ˜”

  • Anthony LaRosa
    Anthony LaRosa   1 months ago

    I got hacivat and the glider so glad I got them both

  • 𝔸𝕑𝕖𝕩

    Hey, I have one of the rarest skins in fortnite, it’s called the blue team leader and you could only get it in season 2 with a PlayStation Plus Pack 😁

  • zinc
    zinc   1 months ago

    Mako glider is the rarest bc it hasn't been seen in 1357 days

  • Joan C99LX
    Joan C99LX   1 months ago

    Can't believe i have the drumbeat pickaxe if it wasn't for my friend that had brought it for me i wouldn't have had it it's the best been using it in game recently

  • Fx fxst
    Fx fxst   1 months ago

    i bought backbone and the throttle when it first came out