INSIDIOUS Trilogy Explained (Chapters 1-3)

  • Published on: 02 January 2018
  • In depth look at the original INSIDIOUS Trilogy. Explaining all three films, plus the series mythology like the Further & breaking down the various main entities (Red Devil, Black Bride, The Man Who Can't Breathe)

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  • Runtime : 23:13
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  • donny Lucas
    donny Lucas   1 hours ago

    You didn't do the little victorian dancing boy out the first one! And the tip toe through the tulips song! That is disturbing! Still gives me the creeps! But great films!

  • Chris Stoic
    Chris Stoic   2 days ago

    God damn it Insidious 1 scared the living daylight out of me!

  • Victoria Schulteis
    Victoria Schulteis   3 days ago

    in the end of part 2 there was a cliff hanger. a girl in a wheelchair, the dead aliece was trying to talk to.

  • Necronomicom Megan
    Necronomicom Megan   5 days ago

    New subscriber here. Love the Insidious movies especially the first one!

  • De Shane
    De Shane   1 weeks ago

    Man this ole weird ass shit lol

  • Vanessa Bazil
    Vanessa Bazil   2 weeks ago

    This is also another theory I had when watching the movie that the demon couldn't get into doltans physical body because it changed location so I felt like that also contributed to why it took so long as well.

  • Jean Q Nguyen
    Jean Q Nguyen   2 weeks ago

    Ihere because I couldn’t sit through the scary scenes😅

  • Original Unoriginal
    Original Unoriginal   3 weeks ago

    The "old lady" in the black dress seems less scary once realising it's an old man who as a boy was abused by his mother and forced to behave like a girl!

  • Original Unoriginal
    Original Unoriginal   3 weeks ago

    2:15 Bruhhh! If ever my spiritual body decided to randomly go in an astral Projection journey and I encountered that sight... I would go into fake sleep mode in my sleep (even though technically I am already asleep)!

  • Zabackus Jabbakis
    Zabackus Jabbakis   1 months ago

    Okay, I thought that was Darth Maul and Palpatine in the thumb nail

  • KrazyKidd
    KrazyKidd   1 months ago

    I’m jst curious to kno how is Elise is Alice if chapter 3 takes place b4 chapter 1

  • slaymaster999
    slaymaster999   1 months ago

    I like the first one for the twist on the haunted house subgenre, I liked 2 because it wasn't as scary but it was creative and kind of cool. 3 was just lame. I didn't watch 4.

  • elaine mcsporran
    elaine mcsporran   1 months ago

    well done Thoth and the Egyptian Gods ! they deserve an oscar in 2045 ! 🤣😊

  • MattSlapps
    MattSlapps   1 months ago

    I watched all 4 on acid and it changed me forever

  • Kiel Guevarra
    Kiel Guevarra   1 months ago

    what if the main characters know mma and beat the shit out of the ghosts when they're in the further? holy shit that would've been hype af.

  • Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword

    Short explanation: shit sold thus : money is the only explanation. Otherwise I don't understand how this awful franchise kept getting movies.

  • Momomils 298
    Momomils 298   1 months ago

    I HATED the dubbing in Insidious 2. I think the audience would have forgiven the fact that the two actors have different voices.I found it distracting and unnecessary.

  • Snake Whitcher
    Snake Whitcher   1 months ago

    But wait! That mean that guy in the elevator was a ggggghost! That'sa no good!

  • Admiral Byrd
    Admiral Byrd   1 months ago

    So is nobody going to mention the Tiny Tim soundtrack the demon is casually listening to while sharpening his claws?

  • The Brown Man
    The Brown Man   1 months ago

    I wanna see someone go into the further and beat the shit out of demons.

  • osama
    osama   1 months ago

    fcking bride in black is the most disturbing for me, I remember how it haunted me when I was younger back then.

  • UhM- Productions.
    UhM- Productions.   1 months ago

    In the scene where her mom started whispering something in her ear to help her, I actually started crying. It was so beautiful in a way, it got me really emotional 💀

  • aly
    aly   1 months ago

    the “tiptoe through the tulips” still freaks the hell out of me.

  • Bryan Álvarez
    Bryan Álvarez   2 months ago

    Mans gotta update this video after the new insidious comes out

  • Dylan Fry
    Dylan Fry   2 months ago

    Wait a minute is that the same guy in the conjuring?

  • Matt Pike
    Matt Pike   2 months ago

    So if the big bad red demon needed that much time to possess the kid, how was the black bride able to possess the father immediately? No need to trap his spirit and weaken him first?

  • Emily Kveldulv
    Emily Kveldulv   2 months ago

    CW: I kinda went on a rant, and yeah, im quite bitter at society, and if youre uncomfortable with that, id avoid reading this comment. Im just ranting and talking about my experience as a trans person in case anyone wants more context for why i dislike poor depictions of trans, nonbinary or non-conforming people. I rant about idiots who like to call me mean names because they feel entitled to tell me who i am and objectify and classify my body, who think theyre so special they get to decide who or what OTHER people are, because theyre gross perverts who get off on hating innocent people, who always like to reply to my comments even though i never read their replies. Oh look i did it again, oopsie. Also, ill be describing abuse, discrimination, all that jazz. If youre bothered by this, or, less reasonably, if you just dont care about other human being's experiences because you think empathy is for soyboys and that eating soy is bad, stop reading here :)__Ive always really disliked the black bride's backstory. It just feels kinda... Transphobic. Like i get that its probably not and im just reading into it a bit, but... Idunno, it just feels like theyre almost saying "trans people are only trans because theyve been traumatized or abused. Also, theyre dangerous and bad, and were probably forced into it". Again, probly reading into it too much, but ugh... Ghost movies love to be shitty about us LGBT people in one way or another. Although idk maybe you could argue that its actually pretty good, because forcing a gender identity on someone is abuse and thats what theyre portraying. But idk, given the track record of the film industry being shitty to us.Also, trans people have usually been abused or traumatized BECAUSE they were trans, or because they were showing signs of trans-ness before they knew.So yeah. Here comes descriptions of physical abuse and discrimination. Of a child, btw. For example, i was abused physically, emotionally and verbally for not being enough like the gender i was assigned to, for my dad suspecting i was gay. When i was younger, he caught my siblings dressing me in their clothes, for fun and because i really liked them. He beat me, and nearly broke my ribs. CPS did nothing when they came to investigate, and i overheard the person say "Well, (?)regardless of what i think(?) you cant beat your kids, even if they are a (slur i wont repeat even censored). Its [illegal/against the law]" So yknow. Thats great.Dude literally knew i was being abused for being percieved to be non-straight, aaaand not only did nothing but lightly scold my dad for doing something illegal (not something just inherently wrong), but called me a slur whilst doing so.

    ENTRY _INCOMPLETE   2 months ago

    1st: Awesome horror movie!2nd: Good, good.3rd: Uh, decent.4th: Blergh

  • C
    C   2 months ago

    Is there an insidious part 4/5? After skeleton key..