The Complete Compilation of Charles Barkley's Greatest Stories Told By NBA Players & Legends

  • Published on: 20 April 2021

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  • Runtime : 30:15
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  • Mr T
    Mr T   9 months ago

    Some of this I hadn't seen. Great job putting it all together I cracked up. And to those that never watched him, he was an absolute beast, practice or no practice lol

  • Eman Jayme
    Eman Jayme   16 hours ago

    that MJ comment of the Suns playoff is an OOF for me. I know MJ is goat but i dont think that was something that elevates barkley to the game of basketball.

  • Ferdie Nantes
    Ferdie Nantes   2 days ago

    This video compilation is nice, with some being seen for the first time.These "untold videos" only validates what Scottie Pippen said about "Sir Charles" Barkley being "fat." On his pre-Draft and early years, he had even the worse label as "lazy and fat."Well, he's still have that laziness when Moses Malone no longer a Sixer. He deserved not winning a Title for skipping practices and inconsistent leadership by example.

  • Mark Simko
    Mark Simko   2 days ago

    How many NBA titles did Charles win? End of discussion.

  • jc dova
    jc dova   1 weeks ago

    I saw Charles eat 2 XL meat lovers pizzas. And he also ate 12 wings!!

  • Scott
    Scott   1 weeks ago

    I. LOVE. Charles Barkley. It hurts my heart that he never won the championship because people throw that in his face; and act like he isn't one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But I think he is.

  • Aston Lee
    Aston Lee   1 weeks ago

    Do you know what’s ironic, when they talk about any player(including Charles Barkley) in the NBA no matter what they achieved.. if they earned a right to go to the finals and no matter who it was and they were facing Jordan on the bulls you know they all the eventually have lost

  • jingojango
    jingojango   1 weeks ago

    Great video. Please do Hakeem The Dream

  • Gentleman Joker
    Gentleman Joker   1 weeks ago

    "Some big ol' women down in San Antonio"- Charles Barkley

  • shinglesshingles
    shinglesshingles   2 weeks ago

    This man played 38 mins DRUNK in a NBA game and hit 3. F to your respect lol

  • Dwayne Jefferson
    Dwayne Jefferson   2 weeks ago

    I love how he put that together I salute the creator of this and look forward to more thank you.

  • gogahendrix
    gogahendrix   2 weeks ago

    24:29 why does magics voice with that background music sound like a sex ad

  • WilsonRydeR69
    WilsonRydeR69   2 weeks ago

    Not a big fan of the NBA but I've always been a fan of Barkley....the guy is just hilarious.

  • Russell Johnson
    Russell Johnson   2 weeks ago

    Who’s this big guy ??? He can’t play 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tony Sun
    Tony Sun   2 weeks ago

    How can be 6'5" when his mugshots is 6'7"

  • Michael T.
    Michael T.   2 weeks ago

    Nice job compiling all of this. 👌😁😎

  • Eric Sawyer
    Eric Sawyer   2 weeks ago

    Sir Charles...a world class sportsman!

  • Fred Bobberts
    Fred Bobberts   2 weeks ago

    9 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 points which does not sound impressive until you realize he made an NBA three pointer in a game while drunk- and also had two steals. His coach played him 38 minutes too, yow

  • Rache Maki
    Rache Maki   2 weeks ago

    Sixers having the likes of cb and ai, and now stuck with the wimpy ben simmons

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee   2 weeks ago

    Thank God Lakers never took him over Worthy.

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee   2 weeks ago

    He had no father. Those pros were his daddy. They taught him how to be a pro.

  • Funktaro
    Funktaro   2 weeks ago

    That 84-85 76ers team had Dr. J, Barkley, Moses Malone, AND Mo Cheeks. Wow. I know it was a tough era, and it was before Barkley's prime and after Dr. J's, but with that collection of names you'd expect more playoff success.

  • john os
    john os   3 weeks ago

    I loved seeing Charles Barkley play at Auburn, he was so much bigger than the rest yet he was fast and could jump better than most of the other players. The first big man I remember seeing in basketball. And what fun to be at an Auburn basketball game single in my 20's.

  • Al Landeros
    Al Landeros   3 weeks ago

    imagine if he had to motivation of MJ or Kobe.. damn

  • zmonkey11
    zmonkey11   3 weeks ago

    I get 6 pts on 2-7 shooting. 9 rebounds cause you can do that in your sleep. But 7 assists drunk??? That's impressive.

  • Memphis
    Memphis   3 weeks ago

    Idk, this one about Barkley is my Favorite.

  • Derick S Vempala
    Derick S Vempala   4 weeks ago

    I haven't ever seen Charles play... But just from the others opinions.... He is someone who every single person respects... Even if he talks trash and gets into fights... He is a warrior who is confident in himself... One of the best without a ring ..

  • Rod
    Rod   4 weeks ago

    Everybody always talking about lebron is a freak of nature. Chuck defies gravity!

  • Jimmy Perkins
    Jimmy Perkins   4 weeks ago

    Chuck was one feared S.O.B. but was a soft hearted man! I love you Chuck and please don’t ever change! #34 forever! That was for Hakeem! Lol J.K.

  • steffie
    steffie   4 weeks ago

    Nothing better than Michael and Charles's lifelong friendship:-) this was a really good program thank you for all of your hard work putting it together