Gigi Hadid on Being a Farm Mom & Celebrating America | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • Gigi Hadid talks with Emma Chamberlain about being a mom and celebrating American fashion at the Met Gala.

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    Gigi Hadid on Being a Farm Mom & Celebrating America | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue
  • Runtime : 2:1
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  • Sidra Siddiqui
    Sidra Siddiqui   1 hours ago

    Seeing Shawn Mendes in the background is everything

  • 에리카
    에리카   1 hours ago

    So what do they actually do there?? Just show their clothes? 😅

  • lisa
    lisa   1 hours ago

    The whole jam longitudinally disarm because comfort uniquely shade given a parsimonious poland. painstaking, zealous stinger

  • chris Ez
    chris Ez   1 hours ago

    Real messed up how keke was rushed to do short interviews didn’t even get to interview as many people as Emma when she actually has the credentials to be there (hosted two live talk shows and is loved as an interviewer and entertainer in general) others will ignore it but I know a diversity hire when I see it smh Vogue doing what it does best

  • Sabrina Murphy
    Sabrina Murphy   2 hours ago

    “We’re”You can’t create or a do a job gigi…Unless it’s received through nepotism..

  • Marli Markovitz
    Marli Markovitz   4 hours ago

    I have chills watching these interviews. So proud of Emma.

  • vee lee
    vee lee   4 hours ago

    might be my fav look

  • wonkytwist
    wonkytwist   5 hours ago

    please her child will be so proud of her in few years

  • Kelly Kim
    Kelly Kim   6 hours ago

    She’s so kind and humble mom raised her right hopefully she will get married with Zayne

  • Priscilla Joseph
    Priscilla Joseph   6 hours ago

    Gigi is so beautiful and so well-spoken I love her so much

  • Lashika Bhartiya
    Lashika Bhartiya   6 hours ago

    is it only me or anybody else as well whose main focus was on SHAWN MENDES haha .

  • boba
    boba   6 hours ago

    gigi : talkingme : staring at shawn in the back

  • Jewlzz Xo
    Jewlzz Xo   7 hours ago

    Why does emma look like she’s 50 :o

  • Polly Mellen
    Polly Mellen   8 hours ago about a DEVOLUTION..listening to high school drop out prattle on like a valley girl. This IS AMERICA!!

  • Fun as Heck!
    Fun as Heck!   8 hours ago

    Omg I love how Gigi said Emma’s name she’s so sweet also they both look stunning

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong   8 hours ago

    Ginger Gigi is the best thing that has ever happened to this world

  • swmrgirl
    swmrgirl   8 hours ago

    Gigi's voice is surprisingly deep

  • Jas
    Jas   8 hours ago

    Love her personality

  • JONE G R-1
    JONE G R-1   9 hours ago