Where did King Ghidorah come from

  • Published on: 31 May 2019
  • After watching Godzilla king of the monsters 2019, we have so many more questions that just need answering. One of those questions, and it's an old one, is where does Ghidorah come from?
    MEGA SPOILERS for king of the monsters in this video. You were warned

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  • najma akhtar
    najma akhtar   2 days ago

    100 billion galaxies only an estimate for observable universe

  • midgetydeath
    midgetydeath   2 weeks ago

    I think it makes more sense to think of the titans as the original multi-cellular lifeforms and that the by-product of their physiology and perhaps decay of their corpses and other aspects of their nature created the evolution chains that lead to other creatures existing. And the titans' continued existence continues this process and thereby prevents any extinction events or ecological collapses from being permanent.

  • midgetydeath
    midgetydeath   2 weeks ago

    Ghidorah fires gravity beams so it makes sense he can fly using gravity manipulation. At least, I heard they were gravity beams. Even if they're electric, his power with storms clearly shows he can manipulate it far beyond mere breath and could doubtless use that to propel and guide himself. Perhaps even to detect worlds with signs of life through planet-wide bio-electric signals.

  • midgetydeath
    midgetydeath   2 weeks ago

    I still remember a documentary talking about the universe and they had set up a special camera to look at galaxies in a tiny speck of the sky. The small dots in the photos were each a galaxy. Soon, they had to end the study because the picture was just returning a pure white photo due to the sheer number of galaxies it detected.

  • Diamondsandgold
    Diamondsandgold   1 months ago

    Could there possibly be a population of ghidorahs? Like a whole planet of them?

  • Koszmarek
    Koszmarek   1 months ago

    Not all kaiju are obidiend.And void isn't really true empty. Perfect empty void not egzist in space.

  • Aziza Afrin
    Aziza Afrin   2 months ago

    I wish there was a good king ghidorah

  • ShinzoNimaOsmos
    ShinzoNimaOsmos   3 months ago

    Yep can't wait for a new Kaiju movie 🍿 but in space

  • kingkold
    kingkold   3 months ago

    I assume he came for Venus , and went straight to earth .

  • jerome walker
    jerome walker   3 months ago

    WowThat’s a lot the only question I really can’t answer because the uncrossable I know is the way he travels in space he does my use of clause on his bigger wings the borough and meteors I didn’t go to another planet until

  • Cayden Wilkins
    Cayden Wilkins   3 months ago

    I think is a Creature From Another Universe that looks like a dragon and there was three of them but with but with their own bodies and they got into a chemical thing and made and blew up and bathe them into a into a small Note 3 headed dragon

  • orca guy
    orca guy   4 months ago

    Super advance aliens:ok let's send this dumb giants to earth to do some shit

  • Sara Sunar
    Sara Sunar   4 months ago

    i think ghidorah comes from titan

  • WozzyWatkins
    WozzyWatkins   5 months ago

    You have to consider no kaiju need air the reason why I say this is because rodan (godzilla in hell) flies a d breathes fire and so does godzilla but in king of monsters he is dropped from space you can see the clouds below him before he is dropped and to add on to that falling at such a height you can't breathe air quick enough also I think king ghidorah used his gravity beams to move but when he made it to earth he evolved to have wings and that maybe he doesn't come from a planet that's still here maybe it was destroyed and I also think that the most powerful kaiju can control all the kaijus and arguably ghidorah equal in power to godzilla

  • Stefan Eremeev
    Stefan Eremeev   5 months ago

    i was cursed by having to comment on every vid i watch. btw this explains a lot

  • Lazer Studios
    Lazer Studios   5 months ago

    The sad part about these theories is that they are just too good to be true. We as the fans can't really expect these things to happen because Warner Bros. doesn't really want to make good films, they just want money. I can't really say much about the theories themselves because most if not all of them make sense if you think about it long enough. Regardless, I still enjoy watching them.

  • GabrielKish
    GabrielKish   6 months ago

    None of the flying Titans are flying in the traditional sense we know of. Their wings are way too small for their body weight unless they're buzzing like a bumblebee's wings, which, thank God they don't (think of how scary Ghidorah would be with bumblebee comparisons). What the wings are used for is directional control, speed control and/or the source of whatever electromagnetic ion/photon bullshit energy output that's really doing the lifting.Flapping the wings is the throttle used to control their motion. An atmosphere isn't a requirement for their ability to fly.Ghidorah can "fly" in space easily since he (and the rest of the flying Titans) are really more like living space ships. Think of Moya from Farscape, who is also a Titan by any meaningful comparison.

  • Adi Sassy
    Adi Sassy   6 months ago

    They should make an origin movie based on this. Even if there are no words, just a CGI visual masterpiece of the origins of King Ghidora.

  • Michał D
    Michał D   6 months ago

    okay but how he got on earth lol ?

  • gaming with gabe
    gaming with gabe   6 months ago

    Aperantly in lore gidorah has a big brother so that might be an interesting movie a stronger gidorah vs godzilla and kong.thay might be a good movi

  • TAKEN Wigley
    TAKEN Wigley   6 months ago

    Who’s here in 2021 and Godzilla vs Kong just came out😂

  • Bruce Doyle
    Bruce Doyle   6 months ago

    I really like the idea of Space Monsters, because its kinda funny to think that Space Dragons and other Creature(Space Godzilla) exist, flying through space... i just like to see how that would look like, them "flying" in through Space.

  • TristaMitchl
    TristaMitchl   6 months ago

    They are not aliens, ghidorah was formed from void Ghidorah and the kaiju were on the planet from the start

  • Evo Kitsu
    Evo Kitsu   6 months ago

    I think its ability to "control" them, its more because hes the alpha, godzilla didnt defeat him before so ghidorah is STILL the alpha, and the muto we see in the new film is muto prime, which is MUCH older than the mutos we see in the 2014 film

  • Marvel The SpaceWing
    Marvel The SpaceWing   6 months ago

    I think he propelled himself with some kind of radiation radiation, or gravity beam

    KARA MELLI   6 months ago

    Guestion what we dont have anserw did codora had tree head origany or did codora grow two new heads if yes can codora grow more?

  • Tonya marketich
    Tonya marketich   6 months ago

    King ghidorah came from a universe god has never seen. Ghidorah is the destruction of all. if mothra was not there all the universes would suffer because mothra helped godzilla live and if godzilla died, Ghidorah would look like the anime ghidorah but in real life.

  • Katrina Doyle
    Katrina Doyle   7 months ago

    The MUTO now bowed because the MUTO PRIME is dead but before they had a alpha

  • VY MEGA!
    VY MEGA!   7 months ago

    What’s even weirder is he’s also from the hollow earth at the same time. Which makes this all the more confusing

  • Mammoth Films
    Mammoth Films   7 months ago

    gidorah maybe could use his wings as solar sails

  • Qnz 718
    Qnz 718   7 months ago

    Dinosaur??? Godzilla ain't no Dinosaur he is a dragon ....in no way he looks like no Dinosaur lol

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds   7 months ago

    This is very good and interesting because I wondered the same thing and thought I knew when the first Godzilla movies came out an on tv (remember that back then we had about four channels and that was considered "cable")Another dimension is interesting, string theory and stuff like that. It would be interesting to conjecture and come up with a back story, but i don't know how the Godzilla monsterverse would want to go there because then we would be dealing with wibbly wobbly timey whiney things and we would be getting into Doctor Who. Actually, maybe the Doctor Who people would want to go in on this.