Road Trip - NSP

  • Published on: 22 April 2015
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    Written, performed, and musically composed by Ninja Sex Party

    The Cast:
    Steel Panther - Steel Panther
    Girl #1 - Katie Scott
    Arin - Arin
    Barry - Barry
    Weatherman - Brian Wecht
    The Manticore - ???
    Bikini Girls - Lauren Francesca ( ) and Kristen Ige
    The Previous Owner - Barry again
    Palace Guard - yup, still Barry
    Russian - Lauren Francesca
    Alien - Lauren Francesca

    The Crew:
    Directors - Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson & Aaron Umetani
    Editing & Visual Effects - Garret Fallin
    Assistant Director - Austin Herring
    Associate Producer - Jason Serrato
    Choreographer - Maxine Hupy


    I met a girl a few weeks ago
    She's so smart and beautiful
    When she's around I feel my heart beat
    Down in the very depths of my soul

    So c-c-c-c-c'mon Ninja Brian pack your bags
    We're going on a cross-country trip
    ‘Cause if this girl and I go on one more date
    We'll start a meaningful relationship

    Let’s hit the road
    I was so close to personal growth
    So California here I come

    I wanna bone across the nation
    Let's bust a load of summer fun!

    I porked most of New York
    I banged 'em silly in Philly
    I had ‘em screaming for Balti-more

    I slapped my groin on Des Moines
    And dropped my phallus in Dallas
    We’re only halfway through Day Four

    I g-g-g-g-gave some C to DC
    Bust coconuts on Miami
    I shot puree on Santa Fe

    I gave some penix to Phoenix
    And my nuts rattled Seattle
    So hard they felt it in LA

    Now here we are
    In California
    These girls are hot
    And Brian bought us a new yacht
    (He killed the previous owner)

    Let’s raise the sail
    For a gonadventure
    This boner quest has just begun!

    I left ‘em smitten in Britain
    And had sex so hard with Lima it landed in Argentina
    Then things got beejy in Fiji
    I had a four-way in Norway and started breedin’ with Sweden
    New Zealand got a blast of my semen
    I did some butt stuff with Russians
    Until they got a concussion

    I Banged-ladesh!
    Now there's only one way to keep things fresh, ‘cause...

    I've conquered Earth
    It is time to move on!
    Let's take a rocket
    Find some hot alien sluts
    (Set phasers to thrust)

    No time for spacesuits
    I am way too horny!
    Let's show this galaxy what's HAUKKKKKKKKK
  • Runtime : 4:8
  • game grumps Comedy Rock (Musical Genre) Comedy (Film Genre) Video Game (Industry) nsp


  • Nyaanachi
    Nyaanachi   22 hours ago

    Took me 6 years to realize they left for a road trip to California from California 🧐

  • Music2.0h
    Music2.0h   22 hours ago

    2:31 the only reason this song was written (probably)

  • Atomicflounder42
    Atomicflounder42   2 days ago

    No one ever talks about what a good line "set phasers to thrust" is

  • General Knight
    General Knight   4 days ago

    This is by far my most watched NSP video, and I am so excited to hear the leveled up version as soon as it comes out!

  • Molandria
    Molandria   4 days ago

    That was really funny at the end. xD

  • mOss boy
    mOss boy   1 months ago

    six years later and i still lose my shit at "i banged ladesh"

  • 35Spidey
    35Spidey   1 months ago

    Genius writing like "gonad-venture" and "I banged-ladesh" is why NSP is the greatest comedy band ever. (Not to mention the catchy tunes and Danny's awesome voice)

  • successful failure
    successful failure   1 months ago

    okay so i wanna be just as hunkalicious as dan, and I am, but the real question is can you be quite like dan.... with a 5 inch dick? I'm genuinely curious because I'm way too awesome at sex but that's like my handicap

  • Jake Land
    Jake Land   1 months ago

    You know for a fact this entire song stemmed from “I banged-ledesh”😂

  • Tronnus
    Tronnus   2 months ago

    To this day this is one of the best music videos ever made!

  • Mrbuttcheeks
    Mrbuttcheeks   2 months ago

    1:44 This is the closest I’ve ever been to becoming gay. Not bi, full on gay.

  • chill and game
    chill and game   2 months ago

    arin in that midlife crisis single mom workout uniform is close enough to a candy bikini

  • David Dalziel
    David Dalziel   2 months ago

    As soon as I get my second vaccination dose, I swear...And some other things, like a car, money, confidence...

  • Queen of cats
    Queen of cats   2 months ago

    wow that took 2 years to make, great job guys

  • rtyuik7
    rtyuik7   3 months ago

    i like the "lore" ive developed for NSP here-- Danny learned his lesson after this song, which is why he says "ive got my Space Suit (and 90lbs of Space Lube)" in 6969...

  • Turtle Guy
    Turtle Guy   4 months ago

    I was just looking for dream's song.....

  • Matthew-E Purnell
    Matthew-E Purnell   4 months ago

    2:30 is FUCKING HILARIOUS! (Also, it's wonderful to see Lauren Francesca in this video & I wish she was in all the NSP videos from now moving forward.)

  • Saifuu Suri
    Saifuu Suri   4 months ago

    Why do I feel like this whole song was written as an excuse to make that Bangladesh joke?

  • Questionable Toast
    Questionable Toast   5 months ago

    I've heard this song a billion times or so, never looked up Steel Panther. Holy Fucking Shit. Fucking awesome.

  • N Wagg
    N Wagg   6 months ago

    This video has a whole new meaning

    PDAP DP   7 months ago

    "I banged ladash" is probably the best pun ever

  • Bill P
    Bill P   7 months ago

    Imagine hearing this at a live show, hooking up backstage and thinking "noo...what we had was different"

  • Pizza steve Fan 2004
    Pizza steve Fan 2004   7 months ago

    I’m 99.99% certain that this song was made just so he could say “I banged la desh”

  • XtreemeGamer1
    XtreemeGamer1   7 months ago

    The most recent comment before this is 1 week old

  • scott
    scott   8 months ago

    Yooo I didn't know steel panther was in one of these vids

  • magiczero4
    magiczero4   8 months ago

    This song is one of nsps best in my opinion.

  • HumanoidSharks
    HumanoidSharks   8 months ago

    I Banged La Desh might be the most clever line in any song ever made

  • Sunbro
    Sunbro   8 months ago

    When are we getting an 'I banged Ladesh' bumper sticker?