SEC Shorts - How Tennessee recruits quarterbacks

  • Published on: 27 April 2021
  • Time to add another one to the Volunteer QB room. Learn how Tennessee is able to attract top notch talent with their recruiting strategy.
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  • RamblinRick
    RamblinRick   7 hours ago

    I've seen SEC Shorts go after Tennessee before, but this is a whole new level of brutal.

  • Roger Angel
    Roger Angel   5 days ago

    After the mustard and golf ball game this past weekend, I bet Brett wishes he'd stayed.

  • Ed Lawn
    Ed Lawn   6 days ago

    Now they look for the quarterback to just run out of bounds instead of throwing it.

  • Mike3883
    Mike3883   1 weeks ago

    Whose here after Joe Milton ran out of bounds with no time in the ole miss mustard/golf ball throw game?

  • Kevin Kerr
    Kevin Kerr   1 weeks ago

    This played out very well.. especially after that ole miss game

  • Levi
    Levi   1 weeks ago

    @SEC shorts how do you like us now?

  • Preston Pack
    Preston Pack   1 weeks ago

    fun one to revisit now that our QB has the best passer rating in the SEC

  • Will p
    Will p   1 weeks ago

    Fast fwd to Sept 2021 add 100 mph to that pass and take some them tree tops off with ball ..joe Milton baby

  • Devin Bright
    Devin Bright   1 weeks ago

    Hendon Hooker has your crow ready - hot and fresh!

  • K Col
    K Col   1 weeks ago

    That's Nathans favorite QB at UT!

  • Zylok
    Zylok   2 weeks ago

    SEC short with prophecy about Milton

  • Gary B
    Gary B   2 weeks ago

    Wow! This is low! TN coaches should be insulted

  • Tateornator
    Tateornator   2 weeks ago


  • Eskimo Mosul
    Eskimo Mosul   2 weeks ago

    Coaches Wyatt, Dickey, Battle ,Majors ,Fulmer , Players Johnny Majors , Jackie Walker , Bobby Majors, Hacksaw Reynolds ,Willie Gault , Peyton , Manning , Bobby Scott, Condredge Holloway , Bruce Wilkerson. Some , but not all of the amazing athletes we have enjoyed watching play ball in Neyland Stadium thru the years ....To quote the irreplaceable John Ward , " It's football time in Tennessee ". Refuse to lose ...............GO BIG ORANGE !!!!

  • Will Cruikshank
    Will Cruikshank   2 weeks ago

    Heres to hoping Hendon Hooker keeps his performance up!

  • Johnny Cole
    Johnny Cole   2 weeks ago

    I'm watching this 5 games into the season and it's looking like the way things are and I bleed Tennessee Orange

  • Tunak Tunak Tun
    Tunak Tunak Tun   2 weeks ago

    its always weird watching teams like Tennesse, Arkansas, Nebraska, etc. since ik that they actually used to be good and in legit contention to win it all, but now theyre just...... there

  • Josh McCracken
    Josh McCracken   2 weeks ago

    I don't know, Salter might end up winning the battle to be Liberty's QB when Willis heads off to the NFL. However, I admit I'm biased in hoping JB moves from back-up to starter next season cause I know him personally. But yes, Salter (who I hear was once UT's dream QB?) transferred to a "G5" school to be a third-string QB this year

  • D M
    D M   3 weeks ago

    Lol ut is a dumpster fire with the worst fan base full of the biggest idiots. They definitely deserve their struggles.

  • Datboi blockk
    Datboi blockk   3 weeks ago

    Lmfao nooo! They wrong ass hell for this. But this is very accurate I must say.

  • Mike Mikesell
    Mike Mikesell   3 weeks ago

    As a Memphis fan, I approve this message.不不不

  • Cub Jr
    Cub Jr   3 weeks ago

    Where is Uncle Rico when you gotta have a go To Guy at QB?

  • Tennessee Outdoors
    Tennessee Outdoors   3 weeks ago

    Looks like Bo nix at auburn. We havent had a decent QB since nick marshall in 2013-14

  • Aveeeeeee
    Aveeeeeee   3 weeks ago

    Lmfao the TN scout started walking away when he hit the target

  • sparkieT88
    sparkieT88   3 weeks ago

    I dont feel bad for Tennessee, I feel bad for peyton manning

  • logandnl
    logandnl   3 weeks ago

    Funny thing is our QB room is decent for once this year

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C   3 weeks ago

    haha this is so true tn qb's been overthrowing every pass past few games.

  • josh scritchfield
    josh scritchfield   3 weeks ago

    Yall make fun of the teams in your conference I dont get it Im glad my team isnt in the sec!

  • Bill Phung
    Bill Phung   3 weeks ago

    The cool farmer neuropathologically instruct because raincoat reassembly juggle beyond a capable deodorant. tightfisted, high-pitched bit

  • Chikita Amos
    Chikita Amos   4 weeks ago

    So this is how Tennessee got Joe Milton out the portal.