The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Official Reveal Trailer

  • Published on: 10 June 2021
  • Make friends with animals, live off the land, and enjoy village life with The Sims™ 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack*, launching July 22 at 10 a.m. PT. Preorder or buy by September 2 and get the Gnome on the Go Digital Content!** (This content will become available when the pack launches.)

    Preorder or buy by September 2 and get the Gnome on the Go Digital Content**! This content will become available when the pack launches. Cook with the family using the freshest ingredients, explore the forest, or head to town to meet the locals. Whether Sims are hugging a cow, making friends (or enemies) with their chickens, or growing the biggest vegetables around, the countryside is abundant with new experiences and ways to connect with the world around them.

    Available ­­­July 22 at 10 a.m.PT on Origin PC/Mac, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5.

    Learn more about this Expansion Pack:


  • Runtime : 2:22
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  • The Sims
    The Sims   1 weeks ago

    Came back because we can't stop "moo-ving" to the Simlish bop “Be Sweet” by Japanese Breakfast 💃🎶🐮

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy   1 hours ago

    Kinda disappointed that there aint any horses. Kinda hoping for an equestrian pack some time in the future

  • rexistyping
    rexistyping   2 hours ago

    gonna get this and farmland and dual wield themyou cannot stop mer u n

  • Lice
    Lice   3 hours ago

    Waiting for the day that I'll see some sims 5 first look trailer. Sims 4 has it's charm but am I the only one with agony of playing already? Missing something fresh 🍃

  • Wendy
    Wendy   4 hours ago

    Listen EA, we need a 3rd person pov as in sims 2 and the game would be perfect.. Please.

  • Lovely
    Lovely   4 hours ago

    This would go so well with seasons

  • JayBlu
    JayBlu   5 hours ago

    I think of Snow White when I see this

  • Emma Josephine
    Emma Josephine   5 hours ago

    As there are no horses in this one I’m hoping for a western pack in the future😭

  • OneTwoMark
    OneTwoMark   7 hours ago

    None english speakers probably think this trailer is sang in English.

  • YouTube Is a joke
    YouTube Is a joke   8 hours ago

    Why do you have to pay for stuff that should be already in the game

  • Brailee Manly
    Brailee Manly   8 hours ago

    Tell me why I thought it was coming June 22 this hole time… uhg

  • loveatfirstbiite
    loveatfirstbiite   9 hours ago

    It's still showing as pre-order for me. When will we be able to download?

  • RandomRob
    RandomRob   11 hours ago

    I think Country Living is a better title

  • Lac
    Lac   12 hours ago

    The song is so cool

  • Cronike159
    Cronike159   12 hours ago

    This is one of the remaining good modern ea games

  • bethan
    bethan   14 hours ago

    Me: I hate how EA literally steal your money by overcharging for new editions to the gameAlso me: Omg cottage living take my money!!!

  • Crimsin_Fury
    Crimsin_Fury   15 hours ago

    Can you please play test the heck out of this before it's released so we can avoid disappointing bugs and glitches.

  • Kelsey Plays Games!!
    Kelsey Plays Games!!   18 hours ago

    Where are the pigs 🐷??? AND 🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽🧚🏽‍♂️

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi   19 hours ago

    And thank you so much for not using a narrator with a cringey voice again. Music is perfect.

  • dorshi
    dorshi   20 hours ago

    and we still don't have horses 🙄🙄🙄

  • Gim Curang
    Gim Curang   20 hours ago

    They really took the effort to make the game because the competitor is coming (Paralives)

  • Amo Dio
    Amo Dio   22 hours ago

    Non vedo l'ora che questa espansione arrivi la comprerò subito the sims 4 the best il miglior gioco di sempre

  • awo machine
    awo machine   22 hours ago

    first pack of sims 4 i ever pre-ordered

  • Screaming Dummy
    Screaming Dummy   1 days ago

    This one actually looks amazing. Can't wait for llamas to be in the game!

  • Nava Reeves
    Nava Reeves   1 days ago

    unrelated but we really need to be able to have non-binary sims. also im really exited for this pack!

  • Lynn
    Lynn   1 days ago

    Honestly they've given us farming bunk beds, Lifestyles, likes and dislikes, Better toddlers, Seasons, and pets. All I personally want now is better babies but this pack looks absolutely amazing! literally the first pack I've pre-ordered

  • Nick
    Nick   1 days ago

    This is the first time that I countdown for TS4 pack lol and the reason is Mrs.crumplebottom!!

  • Bunnies will rule the world

    Hmmm.... This comes out three days after my birthday. Should I wait for a sale or give myself a birthday present?