• Published on: 11 April 2021
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    If you see this who would you want to meet in person if you could? Love you guys :)
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    JEHADHUSEIN01   38 minuts ago

    If it was me and I was doing it me and my cousin both love Melanie Martinez so I’ll get my cousin over there and then bring Melody Martinez she is my idol that’s what I call someone that’s famous and we both like it Melanie Martinez is a great singer no offense to all the other singers out there also really good

  • Tik Tok Party Girl πŸŽ‰

    Lol did she forget to take off her eyebrows she left the makeup on them she looked like a man at the end πŸ˜†

  • Milica Eric
    Milica Eric   1 days ago

    No one:Lirterly no one:Lexi as ariana: jErEmyyyyyy

  • Taibah
    Taibah   1 days ago

    Lexi looked a lil like priyanka chopra when she dressed up like kylie

  • Shental Orland
    Shental Orland   1 days ago


  • Annie
    Annie   1 days ago

    Ben: Tell travis scout u should get back together Lexi: Uhh NoOOo

  • Jocie Alina ツ
    Jocie Alina ツ   1 days ago

    LEXI I SHIP YOU AND JEREMYπŸ˜³πŸ‘‘It’s trueHe’s such a gentleman He passed the gentleman test on the tik tok vid you did when you tested if they were gentleman

  • Lorenzo Gomez
    Lorenzo Gomez   2 days ago

    Wait Gomez?! Thats my last name like Paulina Gomez Patishtan

  • Bean Jennifer
    Bean Jennifer   3 days ago


  • s S
    s S   3 days ago


  • Ayush Nema
    Ayush Nema   3 days ago

    1:46 , someone is poking you from behind.

  • William Sargent
    William Sargent   3 days ago

    ''i want the real Justin Bieber not the Walmart one''