Everyone's lying about dice. #dnd #dungeons #dragons #ttrpgs

  • Published on: 09 June 2021
  • Dice 101 for dungeons and dragons and all TTRPGs
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  • Runtime : 3:51
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  • Gustavo U
    Gustavo U   2 hours ago

    Ok, but how does this translate to Virtual dice like say roll20 dice or some random Dice rolling app?

  • dead bear
    dead bear   2 hours ago

    Mentions any type of dice: Buy it

  • Gabriel Kessler
    Gabriel Kessler   2 hours ago

    i have been dming for 4 years. i only have one set of dice and they are always on my side.

  • Joshua Werner
    Joshua Werner   3 hours ago

    There are no bad dice, just dice useful for different things.

  • Nick Barry
    Nick Barry   4 hours ago

    some of these sound realistic but others are clearly bs. are all of them jokes or...

  • Triskelion Chi
    Triskelion Chi   4 hours ago

    Though it may seem logically that this wouldn't hold true in reality, I have found consistently in my experience that different dice trend differently. When Im playing a game that involves skill or twitch reaction, like shooting a hoop in basket ball or playing a first person shooter, I like to get out of my head and sort of just move on instinct or intuition. When I do this I invariably do better, though the challenge is not letting success get to my head or I fuck up until I can clear my head again. I found the same is true with dice, If I use the same state of mind when I roll a dice with the intention to roll high I roll high 99% of the time above 15. While if my mind is at all cluttered it seems this chance goes down. However it also has tended to work better with some dice than others. While my main set of dice will roll constantly high when I use this method, new dice require a warm up to get there and rolling borrowed dice weirdly staying in the 5-15 range or mid range on other types of dice. This rule has applied universally and has not diverged from this trend even once. There are unique rolls however, I will get a feeling before a roll like the direction of the wind that no matter what the dice WILL be a high roll or WILL be a low roll which ALWAYS ends up being the case without fail. Each time this has happened its been during a point in the story where the result of that roll makes the most sense for my character in that moment and context. These are very rare however and have happened maybe once every maybe 50 or so rolls.

  • The Batman
    The Batman   4 hours ago

    Close up eye squint, queue conspiracy synth audio track..... oh yeah, this is gonna be good

  • Jeffrey Bogard
    Jeffrey Bogard   4 hours ago

    With my history with dice I cant tell if this is a joke

  • Wilson Tortosa
    Wilson Tortosa   5 hours ago

    I have two DMs who are like, two extreme examples when it comes to rolling dice. Both of them have a container full of assorted dice, and both of them roll their dice out in the open. One of them owns an infamous pair of d20s which we call in our group the "cheese dice" which are yellow and have killed so many players that its scary. The other one has a really good rolling technique that consistently gives him good rolls regardless of which dice he uses.

  • Grimprime01
    Grimprime01   6 hours ago

    My room mate is borrowing my super prodigy d20 set. They are simple white die with black specks. Best set of DM dice for when I want to be evil to my players. I have another set of traitors that love my players and hate me the DM… unless I’m using goblins or rolling for their loot . And my one metal set… I think their shy atm due to not being used cause of covid.

  • Justa Guy
    Justa Guy   6 hours ago

    Hmm what do you do with the dice in the tubes.... you can't roll them.

  • Patrick Brennan
    Patrick Brennan   6 hours ago

    Or be a dm that owns a bunch of dice, but only shakes them in their hand and decides whatever number is nessicary to make everything more stressful is the number you rolled

  • Kaeden Johnson
    Kaeden Johnson   6 hours ago

    My dice: So You're gonna get really high statsMe: NiceMy dice: But you won't hit s***

  • Christian Lake
    Christian Lake   6 hours ago

    But what should i do if I find THE golden snitch

  • it me
    it me   6 hours ago

    I rolled all my d20s to test them and I got nat ones on three and a six on the last one. This is why I stick to using a dice bot (I also play mostly online games)

  • Aaron Massey
    Aaron Massey   7 hours ago

    I have a religious die that will consistently roll below 12 every time unless there is holy water in the room

  • YourBoyTrue
    YourBoyTrue   7 hours ago

    This is a fun way to look at it. I'm going to try this.

  • UtoHerozV
    UtoHerozV   7 hours ago

    I have a d6 that I was gifted. I used it for my stats for one PC and my lowest was 16. To this day I still wait for the return of the king. It gets harder to wait every roll bellow a 4.

  • Charlie Bear
    Charlie Bear   7 hours ago

    What happens if my die's test rolls are both low and high?

  • August Violette
    August Violette   7 hours ago


  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia   7 hours ago

    I genuinely can't tell if this is a joke or real rant, either way I love it.

  • Christian Waggoner
    Christian Waggoner   8 hours ago

    I'm not sure if this is bullshit or not, but either way, I am impressed.

  • Mark Morales
    Mark Morales   8 hours ago

    Whoa… giving out this kind of info is pretty ballsy. Last time I openly insulted a pair of classic bones during a game of monopoly that resulted in me getting sent to jail I immediately regretted it. Even flipped coins had it out for me and that says a lot especially if you know the troubled history between dice and ancient divination currency. I knew I had to set things right and boy was it exhausting. The amount of dice I volunteered to kiss and blow on for strangers’ games I had no vested interest (financial or otherwise) was absolutely mind boggling. Vegas pit bosses would give me awkward uneasy looks for spending hours near crap tables not spending any money, acting as only as a sort of dirty dice-kissing flufferboy for midwestern middle aged couples from Milwaukee. My dues were paid finally one night after one overzealous attempt of blow-kiss comboing a gorgeous Vegas ruby pair resulted in them getting lodged in my trachea which after receiving the heimlich got launched onto a craps table landing on a combined 7 which was a number I hadn’t been able to roll in nearly 3 years at this point. Since then all has been well but I do still take extra precautions not to upset any dice in my vicinity, no matter the type/use/etc.

  • Phourc
    Phourc   9 hours ago

    Fucking dice superstitions...

  • Meep Changeling
    Meep Changeling   10 hours ago

    No but really, due to manufacturing defects that are inevitable in plastics (IE air introduced into the die), plastic dice DO roll differently and off "true". If you want fair dice, require your players use milled metal dice. Then they are 99.999% solid and fair. Plastic dice tho... take a small jar and fill it with water. Now add salt until a dice can float in the water. You may need to do this with very hot water (hot water can absorb more salt than cold water). Now take that jar with you to the store. Any time you want to buy a dice, put it in the jar and see what number faces up when it's floating. The die's center of mass is always a bit off in plastic dice, see? So the heavier side goes down. This slightly increases the probability of numbers around the top side (when floating) being rolled. In some dice, this offset can be as high as 4% more than normal.There's also different patterns to how the dice faces are numbered. Mostly you'll find spin down and standard. Spin down have the numbers all in a sequence from low to high so you can trace a path from 1 to 20 on the die's surface. Standard have a pseudorandom distribution of the numbered faces to offset the manufacturing defects of the die (not that it works much). If the dice is spin down, and it floats a high number on the top, it's more likely to roll high than low. Get it if you're a cheating asshole. If it's a standard dice, it's more likely to roll whatever numbers are on the upper surface because objects like to stop rolling with their center of mass as low to the ground as possible. Get it if you're a cheating asshole.Or, just pay 20 bucks and buy a nice set of milled metal dice. Prove you're not a cheater by virtue of the fact that your dice are without flaw, at least as close as mankind can give you. Why milled metal dice? Because molded metal dice have the same defect. Milled means it's cut from a big block of extruded steel that should be nearly flawless in terms of its internal structure. They will have sharp edges, not rounded edges. Most importantly, once you have your milled dice, bring this up with your friends you play with. Let them know you got the fairest possible dice we can make (that aren't digital at least). Now you can occasionally roll and lie about the result and will be much more likely to be believed. Make sure to also lie and intentionally fail a few results too. The less often you succeed a throw, the less you'll be questioned about that mid-fight-gone-wrong 20.Except, thing is, your DM will know what you're doing. See, we do the same thing. That's what the DM screen is for. DMs are supposed to lie and socially manipulate the party. Just, you know. For their benefit in order to make the game more fun for the party. So we know all the tricks. We just don't care if you're also lying for the same reason and letting everyone else have a turn in the spotlight.

  • Havrix
    Havrix   10 hours ago

    This is hands down the best video I have ever watched in my meaningless life! Not only is it the best video I have ever watched but my life now has meaning.... The meaning is to share this video with the most people I humanly can.

  • Temp
    Temp   16 hours ago

    Loved this game

  • EnderSplitt
    EnderSplitt   16 hours ago

    What about the last high roller: The loaded dice

  • MUETZE198
    MUETZE198   18 hours ago

    ok message of this video ....buy all the dices

  • George Cowsert
    George Cowsert   19 hours ago

    The most hilarious part is that it's technically true.Some small imperfections in the dice making process do impact that they roll, and any number of factors will impact their performance.Now, the psychological aspect might just be the universe's tendency to create patterns out of nothing, like how if you claim you're safe the universe throws you into danger to punish your hubris.