Fortnite Leaked Skins & Emotes: Joy with Built-In Emote (by Doja Cat song), Brainstorm, Bloom & More

  • Published on: 31 August 2021
  • Fortnite New Leaked Skins end Emotes from today's Update 17.50: Windwalker Echo, Brainstorm, Bloom, Joy, D'Ark, Trespasser Elite, Major Glory Skins; Square Up and Roller Vibes (Joy's built-in) Emotes and all new Wraps, Pickaxes, Back Blings!
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  • Runtime : 8:2
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  • Refortniter
    Refortniter   3 months ago

    What's the best thing in your opinion about this update?

  • XCryptix
    XCryptix   3 weeks ago

    The joy skin makes me wanna vomit 🤢

    THAT SALTY   2 months ago

    Who else wishes epic should add a kid Leroy stay emote

    C1SNIPES   2 months ago

    I’m in love w the first skin w vitiligo 😍😍😍😍

  • Vedgehol
    Vedgehol   2 months ago

    Fortnite should make another Xbox exclusive skin, for Series X and S. And make it a hot girl with the XBox logo as a backbling

  • Gramt
    Gramt   2 months ago

    what about the madcap???

  • Sprite Cranberry
    Sprite Cranberry   2 months ago

    Luckily all of these skins are out nowexcept for 3 but they look boringand 2 more than dont look too boring

  • Its Scar
    Its Scar   2 months ago

    Fun fact: The brain, suit skin is actually a reference from the series Umbrella Academy in season 3 you will see a Fish inside the glass wearing a suit.

  • sav :p
    sav :p   2 months ago

    anyone want to gift me the joy skin? savsghetti 😭

  • PhantomXS
    PhantomXS   2 months ago

    How do you get the skin I want it so bad

  • Apollo
    Apollo   2 months ago

    Still waiting for a Male Version of Ark. But no they were lazy

  • Gigi Marie
    Gigi Marie   2 months ago

    I wish the vitiligo skins hair was a bit better and the emote wasn’t built in, but other than that cute skin!

  • Goofy
    Goofy   2 months ago

    Isn't brainstorm from Umbrella Academy?

  • Anthony Walls
    Anthony Walls   2 months ago

    That’s such a waste of an icon emote!!!! That makes me really angry

  • Goldtv33
    Goldtv33   3 months ago

    Whats gonna be the price for the brain skin i only have 1,300 vbucks 😞

  • lazerfish 23
    lazerfish 23   3 months ago

    I'm surprised nobody is talking about the elite trespasser, which is one of the most fire skin to release this season, but it will be overshadowed by the doja skin which I don't understand what's surprising about a normal girl with a skin disease(no hate)

  • sav :p
    sav :p   3 months ago

    when are these coming out???? anyone know?

  • Rocket
    Rocket   3 months ago

    Is janky coming out anytime soon?

  • Tazmonkey309 Gaming
    Tazmonkey309 Gaming   3 months ago

    I like the joy skin before and this emote makes me want it even more!

  • OongusBoongus
    OongusBoongus   3 months ago

    That mad max lookin loading screen. Post appcolypse theme next season ?

  • zxth
    zxth   3 months ago

    first skin is ass idk why they add that

  • ItsAl3ksas
    ItsAl3ksas   3 months ago

    Finally PlayStation plus pack getting last items needed for full set 🙌

  • Lunar1314
    Lunar1314   3 months ago

    Can someone kind enough please tell me if there is a possibility for the batman skin coming back

  • Aiden Lawrence
    Aiden Lawrence   3 months ago

    where do you get you got your hack I want some skin leaker hax

  • AT brine
    AT brine   3 months ago

    Are you kidding? Show us the wings 1:30

  • Greyson Games
    Greyson Games   3 months ago

    There is so much hate and racism in this comment section, just saying.

  • Greyson Games
    Greyson Games   3 months ago

    I got all the vbucks from the box hunter pack, let’s pray that bloom is 1650 vbucks or less.Edit: forgot about fortnite crew so I now have 2650 vbucks, if it cost more than that then I don’t know what to do.I PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON AND BOUGHT VENOM.

  • Brienna82
    Brienna82   3 months ago

    Isn't there also a leaked Lars skin?