SOUTHBOUND (2015) Explained

  • Published on: 23 June 2021
  • #southbound #endingexplained

    In the horror anthology Southbound, intersecting tales of highway terror revolve around malevolent spirits at a truck stop, a mysterious traveller, a car accident and a home invasion. Through each segment we start to piece together a bigger story that explains just what the small town really is along with its locals, as well as how the stories are thematically connected.

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  • Runtime : 24:56
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  • Rusty gazes
    Rusty gazes   5 days ago

    The ending never really said how the husband killed that girl and what he told his wife. 😡

  • CypressGod Luke
    CypressGod Luke   5 days ago

    ok hol up'd she free herself from the bear trap

  • Koby Minajj
    Koby Minajj   1 weeks ago

    I knew I recognized the gas station it’s in amboy ca been there a bunch

  • Freddy Turner
    Freddy Turner   1 months ago

    Well there’s always been legends of demons existing near CrossRoads…soooo making a film similar to that theme makes sense

  • Chet Beej
    Chet Beej   1 months ago

    Movie gets a F.. we shouldn’t have to go to youtube for an explanation

  • hiddengnome
    hiddengnome   1 months ago

    6255, hmmm? divide the 2, and add to the 5's and you get 666, which is just a number.

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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  • ivy cohen
    ivy cohen   1 months ago

    If that place is a purgatory then does the war the couple refer to mean the holy war between god and satin?????

  • MrSoggyjocks
    MrSoggyjocks   1 months ago

    A scene by scene recap of a movie is not an explanation

  • nointro
    nointro   1 months ago

    Would love your thoughts on "Sam Was Here" that movie is nutty! Thanks for the content sir!

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   1 months ago

    Theory:Alex called Sadie to pick her up from the club but Sadie was “busy “ and Alex had to get herself home and as she was intoxicated, she didn’t drive home and elected to walk home when Sadie didn’t show up and she was hit by a car and killed and everyone blaming Sadie is just sadie’s inner guilt eating her up

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   1 months ago

    I rewatched vhs three recently and yeah that thing was unsatisfying

  • HeavilyArmedGoy
    HeavilyArmedGoy   2 months ago

    This movie is awesome i love it. The circling story reminds of the 2009 movie Triangle.

  • Call me Sir Bossman
    Call me Sir Bossman   2 months ago

    The Trap is an actual bar located in Lancaster CA. I've been there! It's a hole in the wall joint with cheap beer and friendly locals. Not as bad as you would think, but I thought it was cool to see it in this movie.

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan   2 months ago

    Those 443 dislikes gotta have some bored life lol anyways what a good explanation on this movies I have watched more horror movies because of this man.

  • Yuno MaplePancakes
    Yuno MaplePancakes   2 months ago

    I think in Lucas' case, he must've been in a hit-and-run accident because he seems to be hesitanting more than once when he hit Sadie, but having been reminded of the guilt having experienced the situation decided to do all his best to help her and confront his guilt all those years ago. Thus, he's able to move beyond purgatory to either heaven or just carry on with his life. Although I'm confused about Danny's case, I don't see the reason of his tragedy, but reminds me of Orpheus and his attempt to rescue the soul of his wife from the underworld.

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   2 months ago

    Speaking of horror antologies. I wonder what Chris thinks about the abcs of death movies

  • swift xrt
    swift xrt   2 months ago

    this guy has the most annoying voice ive ever heard

  • Gimme Apen
    Gimme Apen   2 months ago

    sequel better have a doomguy going in on purpose just to cleanse the town.

  • vazak11
    vazak11   2 months ago

    Huh, American Silent Hill

  • Ethon
    Ethon   2 months ago

    This movie brings a whole new meaning to "Highway to Hell"

  • Battyman
    Battyman   2 months ago

    Every demon in this town gangsta until Doom music starts playing in the distance

  • RandomKitty
    RandomKitty   2 months ago

    Movies where it loops from the beginning is somewhat confusing if done wrong but this one was okay.

  • Nseven 111
    Nseven 111   2 months ago

    this is all clearly the work of an enemy stand

  • Blank41
    Blank41   2 months ago

    Some people have multiple ADs and sponsors, but this channel has one qt the end, that's some dedication to the fan base of this channel. Cheers! We do love you for it

    GRAVE   2 months ago

    This movie is so fucking awesome.

  • MAMA67
    MAMA67   2 months ago

    This movie is the closest thing we will ever get to a decent “Silent hill” movie.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson   3 months ago

    This was interesting, but really I just enjoy watching #FoundFlix critiquing movies. ☺️

  • The Willustrater
    The Willustrater   3 months ago

    My dad smoked a fuck ton of weed before watching this and had a fucking panic attack when he saw the first kill

  • TheIntern
    TheIntern   3 months ago

    This is my kind of evil domain story, one that goes by the rules of redemption and perdition. Some stories set in similar locales choose to ignore or break the rules, just to try and force a bleak downer ending on you and give a ho-hum story a bitter punchline. But Southbound does it right, showing that there is a course for redemption, but that redemption itself is a shaky bridge you must walk carefully, or you'll fall. Ultimately it's your own choices that decide whether you find what you're hoping for.