Why Do We Keep Getting "Terminator" Films? - SJU

  • Published on: 01 August 2018
  • Our SJU panel talks new Terminator films, and more from the world on screen - it's SJ Universe!

    Hosted by Roth Cornet, Dan Murrell, and Joe Starr
    Featuring Ed Greer

    Produced by BIlly Patterson
    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Content Manager: Ryan O'Toole
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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  • Runtime : 33:12
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   3 years ago

    Are you excited for more Terminator? What stands out to you about the Mission: Impossible franchise? Should Roth be the next Dave Matthews? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching!

    DRAGOTH BELMONT   3 years ago

    they will never make another supreme master piece such the original TERMINATORa great mix of true horror sci-fibut in another hand i still love and defend the underrated T-4 SALVATIONit was the only one after 2 that felt right and it added something

  • Mega ducK
    Mega ducK   3 years ago

    I really hope that Letto gets more Joker work , just so it keeps him away from music ..

  • Anna J
    Anna J   3 years ago

    Another Terminator? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh boy! I mean if Linda Hamilton is reprising her role as Sarah Connor... that might be enough for me to eventually check it out. But come on. No one needs another Terminator.

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas   3 years ago

    Why? The last one Bombed out! Only the first 2 were good they haven't made anything worth while to watch since then, now all of a sudden we have A very old terminator probably using A walker or cane, looking for a can of oil!

  • killbot_factory
    killbot_factory   3 years ago

    the next Terminator movie should have Skynet sending a Terminator back in time to kill James Cameron and prevent him from ever allowing sequels to be made.

  • X
    X   3 years ago

    Just "terminate" the Terminator franchise.

    DEEPS   3 years ago

    the Cuckery in this video is wayyyyy too high

  • Astonishing_ Admiration

    Can we talk director choices with Terminator, they have been seriously downgraded, no offense to Mostow ( love U-571). Alan Taylor has some great GOTs episodes. But NOT great choices for these projects. Nothing on their collective resumes screams James Cameron successor. Oh, I totally agree with Roth about The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Dope show.

  • Lock ness
    Lock ness   3 years ago

    Why do people keep considering Terminator Salvation to be a bad film? I thought it was incredibly refreshing. It would have been better if the trailer didn't spoil Marcus as being a terminator. It was clear the way the film was edited, you weren't supposed to know he was. You were supposed to discover it the same time he did.Other than that it was nice to have a terminator set in the actual future during John Conner's leadership time. Anton Yelchin did a great job as Kyle Reese and Marcus was the most interesting take on a terminator since 2. I mean compare it to the others. It really wasn't as bad as the others.

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood   3 years ago

    I think what the Terminator sequels lost is just how F'd up the situation made the characters. Reese was played severely PTSD. He was jittery and paranoid. He'd probably never had a decent night's sleep or meal in his entire life. To him, a dog barking was a warning that death was approaching. It's why the Jai Courtney casting was so stark. He looked an acted like an action hero, not a guy who grew up AFTER the robot apocalypse.By T2, Sarah had become so obsessed with protecting John's life that she was arguably abusing him mentally. She was on a short fuse and was willing to kill Dyson in front of his family.Being hunted took a toll on the protagonists

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood   3 years ago

    In other words, it would have been more like the actual Mission Impossible TV series the films are supposed to be based on.

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood   3 years ago

    THE JOKER HAS HAD AN ORIGIN SINCE 1951!!! THAT's 67 YEARS!! He was a criminal called The Red Hood who fell into a vat of chemicals while being pursued by Batman.It's The Red Hood that has no defined origin, not The Joker. Even The Killing Joke, which introduced the multiple choice past concept, stuck with The Red Hood origin. We don't know who he was prior to becoming The Red Hood.

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll   3 years ago

    Much support for the love of the Terminator TV show.I was excited by Genisys at one point because Josh Friedman was attached, but that fell through somehow. Maybe he can make magic again.

  • Ruslan Batukayev
    Ruslan Batukayev   3 years ago

    I really hope Skynet wins in this film so we don't have to watch these stupid sequels! SKYNET please exterminate ALL the humans , PLEASE !!

  • ScarlettMi
    ScarlettMi   3 years ago

    I loved Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles so much.

  • Nirvezz
    Nirvezz   3 years ago

    11:45 clones of ripely, “kill me....!” Lol fucked me up from laughing. I’m recovering from chest pains

  • Shawn N
    Shawn N   3 years ago

    The only Terminator I want to see is one picking up where the TV show left off. This looks like a horrible idea. Just another sci-fi franchise spitting in the face of its main fan-base. Good luck with that.

  • james pranger
    james pranger   3 years ago

    DC is sooo messed up. honestly they should take a year or two off and get their shit together

  • Movie and Game reviews

    People are in denial about the Terminator franchise as a whole. Like, if you think that they aren't the same in terms of quality across the board, then you're just being cynical. There is not a single point anyone could make against the sequels that I can't counter with something from T1+T2. The only reason they're disliked is because of how much time had passed between T2 and the newer films.

  • Will S
    Will S   3 years ago

    Joe Chill !!! For the winnn!!!! Thank you Ed Greer and especially Dan Murrell. (: "joe, chill" XD That made my morning, thank you all.

  • Resvrgam
    Resvrgam   3 years ago

    That image murdered any remaining interest I had in a Terminator film. The counterfeit dude in the middle is supposed to be the main hero? No thanks. Good to see Linda still acting (her role in SyFy’s awful “Defiance” was a huge disservice to her as an actress).The Sarah Connor Chronicles rocked and it’s a same the Summer Glau curse killed that series too.

  • Adrian
    Adrian   3 years ago

    Not excited by the new Terminator photo. Looks like a crappy PG-13 action popcorn flick on the SyFy channel. Can we please get a darker themed rated R movie with horror themes?

  • Eric Tenaya
    Eric Tenaya   3 years ago

    Her stance on tariffs is smoke grenades. Hahaha

  • no pe
    no pe   3 years ago

    Mackenzie Davis looks like dylann roof in the photo they posted. Also, I've never really got into Terminator enough to care either way about new ones.

  • Gene Lariv
    Gene Lariv   3 years ago

    I only see Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor from the new picture.

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan   3 years ago

    Could you guys throw in time codes for skipping spoilers if we haven't seen movies

  • Lex
    Lex   3 years ago

    Because: money

  • Luxury Buzz
    Luxury Buzz   3 years ago

    The Terminator franchise needs to be ... terminated

  • majestic519
    majestic519   3 years ago

    The photo didn’t do much for me. From what I’ve heard , this new movie is supposed to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2. Yes, Sarah Connor is a great character , but Terminator is about preserving her son who is destined to save humanity. If this photo is an indication of them dropping John and transitioning to a female lead without telling his story then I’ll give this movie a past. I don’t believe that the only way to have a strong female lead is at the expense of men. T2 proved that by allowing everyone to have there moment. For those who may say Johns story has been told in Terminator 3, Salvation, or Genysis, this new movie negates all those films.

    SINGHDASLAYA   3 years ago

    So is there going to be a Schwarzenegger and John Connor in this one or is it going to be a feminized ego stroke and a pointless political statement to randomly shove as many female leads as possible in a movie?

  • EternalDensity
    EternalDensity   3 years ago

    One of my favourite television shows of all time too.RIP TSCC :(