X-Men Production: What Went Wrong? | SJU

  • Published on: 13 June 2019
  • Our SJU panel talks the post-opening finger pointing as the complications of X-Men: Dark Phoenix's production start to trickle out publicly, plus Doctor Sleep trailer and more! - SJ Universe
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    Dark Phoenix Production: What Went Wrong? | SJU
    Hosted by: Danielle Radford
    Featuring: Roxy Striar, Maggie Mae Fish, & Dan Murrell
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole & Joe Starr
    Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

    Editor-in-Chief: Roth Cornet
    Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionne

    #SJUlive #SJU
  • Runtime : 40:50
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   2 years ago

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  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   2 years ago

    WE WANT NEW MUTANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   2 years ago

    OMG MAGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gianinna Ferreyro
    Gianinna Ferreyro   2 years ago

    Just found out some of the SJ fans are ex-Cracked fans and I've never felt like I belong to a place in the internet like in this community

  • Stew Artisan
    Stew Artisan   2 years ago

    Saw it on Sunday and I actually like but it certainly no endgame....The train sequence saved the movie for me

  • Kay VanAntwerpen
    Kay VanAntwerpen   2 years ago


  • Sam C
    Sam C   2 years ago

    Stop defending Paltrow’s stupidity.

  • Denise Ruiz
    Denise Ruiz   2 years ago

    The music suck it did not help set up scene at all

  • Victor Huertas
    Victor Huertas   2 years ago

    JLaw did what Mr.Sinister,Onslaught,Apocalypse, totally destroy the X-men

  • Michael Berthelsen
    Michael Berthelsen   2 years ago

    Dan, when you say 'failure is an orphan', we call that 'pulling a Shaggy' i.e. 'Wasn't Me'😜

  • 3Bs POV
    3Bs POV   2 years ago

    I enjoyed Dark Phoenix much more than Age of Apocalypse. Rather good actually. Not Avengers level but certainly not a bad experience.

  • TadBigby
    TadBigby   2 years ago

    Maggie Mae! Wait.. so there wasn't a bottomless pit everyone at Cracked fell into after they shut down?!

  • MasterOnion North
    MasterOnion North   2 years ago

    Maggie looks a lot like Marrisa Roberto. People who watch Electric Playground, will know who I'm talking about.

  • williestyle35
    williestyle35   2 years ago

    Fant4stick reference from Dan Merrell ! Great show everyone. Will Roth Cornet ever be back on SJU?

  • Megan Robinson
    Megan Robinson   2 years ago

    Ohhhh Spencer wasn't here to sing the James Bond Jr theme tune

  • Painted Lotus
    Painted Lotus   2 years ago

    Dan is so precious when he's one of the girls. ❤

  • Smokebeer
    Smokebeer   2 years ago

    The X-Men just don't fit in the MCU they need their own universe still called MCU mutant cinematic universe and maybe one day they cross over to save the multiverse

  • Martin Baird
    Martin Baird   2 years ago

    Is it hot or cold in that studio? It's like they're dressed for all 4 seasons.

  • Elviolli
    Elviolli   2 years ago

    I wonder if this new Shining movie will get a big boost from the Ready Player One audience who may have just watched the Shining for the first time out of the curiosity generated.

  • metimoteo
    metimoteo   2 years ago

    Dan is on the wrong side of the table. Don't make this mistake again.

  • J Summer
    J Summer   2 years ago

    Dude Danielle and Dan are the only ones you really needed for this. The other two are just background noise. Like Danielle always knows whats up and Dan can expand on it at the drop of hat. Just let them run the show.

  • Dan Ersson
    Dan Ersson   2 years ago

    Maggie was delightful, more of her please!

  • cait cahalane
    cait cahalane   2 years ago

    Love Maggie May fish!! So excited to see here here!

  • Frir10
    Frir10   2 years ago

    That look that Toni Toretto gives Dan at 6:05. Aww! (:

  • cmSaS
    cmSaS   2 years ago

    I feel like the RoboCop animation is the go-to but seriously... there was a Starship Troopers animated series. Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

  • William Seamon
    William Seamon   2 years ago

    Sorry but I will always turn the video off when it goes to Fast & Furious talk

  • TheBrazenGirl
    TheBrazenGirl   2 years ago

    Gotta love that Maggie and Danielle are on top of the Jaclyn Hill drama :D

  • BiffTummyTum
    BiffTummyTum   2 years ago

    I think Dan is going to be disappointed if he's hoping they'll steer clear of the Overlook, he should probably read the book first......

  • Reannah Ennis
    Reannah Ennis   2 years ago

    I've probably replayed 3:24 at least 10X now cuz Dan saying "Spill the tea" is probably my favourite thing ever right now😂😂

  • Boogeypop80
    Boogeypop80   2 years ago

    Roxy looks amazing in that dress. Sorry shirt/white jeans? She is so pretty and funny.

  • Gavin Barrentine
    Gavin Barrentine   2 years ago

    Loved Maggie Mae Fish. You should have her on more often

  • Stephen Nootens
    Stephen Nootens   2 years ago

    If I recall right Doctor Sleep has little if anything to do with the Overlook. It's about Danny going by Dan now has the same problem with alcohol and anger Jack had if I remember and winds up tracking down of vampire like people who feed of people who have The Shining. The reasons for King's dislike for the movie largely has to do with how his view and Kubrick's view about the afterlife were opposite, it didn't help that the book was vary personal for King who was a drunk at the time. And of course for those that no longer remember Jack Nicholson had played crazy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest just before he got the part of Jack which made King think he was a bad pick. (Side note King's Jack is a good man trying to fight back the demons and Kubrick's Jack is noticeable crazy and just needs a push to go over the edge)