Watch This Before You See The New Mutants

  • Published on: 20 February 2020
  • The New Mutants has gone down a bumpy road. Fans weren't sure what to make of the X-Men superhero/horror hybrid when the first trailer dropped in October 2017. To comics fans, it didn't look like the stories they remembered. The unfortunate flop Dark Phoenix brought a lot of doubt into fans' minds, and rumors about what Disney's acquisition of Fox would mean for the fledgling spin-off franchise began swirling. Many questioned whether the movie would ever see the light of day. Well, it's been over two years since the first trailer was released. There have been lots of delays, but The New Mutants is finally almost here.

    The film's characters are based on the X-Men's junior team, first introduced in 1982's original graphic novel The New Mutants. The team later enjoyed its own ongoing series, which was revived in late 2019, and most of the characters have remained mainstays in the Marvel Comics universe ever since as members of other mutant teams and in some cases, even as Avengers.

    With The New Mutants fast approaching and with its production woes proving to be more public than maybe the filmmakers and studio would like we thought it would be good to separate what we know from rumor. Here's what we can tell you about the New Mutants release date, the cast, the plot, and a few others things we're guessing you're curious about.

    Considering the uncertainty that's surrounded the production of The New Mutants, we're assuming it's a bit of unintentional irony that the movie will finally hit theaters two days after April Fool's Day Friday, April 3, 2020.

    The first New Mutants trailer emerged in October 2017, announcing a release date of April 13, 2018, which would have put it on theater screens two weeks before Avengers: Infinity War. Yet, the latter film and its sequel 2019's Avengers: Endgame would prove to be insanely successful pop culture landmarks without a hint of New Mutants anywhere in sight.

    The New Mutants' first delay pushed it back to February 2019, but in March 2018 a month before its original release date it was announced the film had been pushed back again to August 2019.

    Finally, in May 2019, Disney announced The New Mutants would bring the X-Men's junior team to the big screen on April 3, 2020... and that they really, really meant it this time.

    Much speculation has surrounded The New Mutants' massive delay, spending two years on the shelf in a market that has been more than kind to superhero movies. No one can blame you for wondering exactly why it's taken so long to get Marvel's younger mutants to the big screen. Make sure you watch this before you see The New Mutants.


    Third time's the charm | 1:12
    Why the delay? | 2:18
    The cast | 3:49
    A new character? | 5:14
    What's the story? | 6:34
    Searching for clues | 7:40
    An MCU connection? | 9:19
    The X-factor | 10:39
    Straying from the source | 11:40

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  • Looper
    Looper   1 years ago

    What are your expectations for The New Mutants?

  • Infinitygaming1002
    Infinitygaming1002   4 weeks ago

    Wish there was a movie taking place after Logan and having his daughter in it as the main character

  • chvnel ♡︎
    chvnel ♡︎   8 months ago


  • Skr
    Skr   8 months ago

    Firestick came in clutch

  • hernal5
    hernal5   9 months ago

    6:35 and 7:32 I can't SEE anything!! You want us to watch a blanked out movie about a great story written well by the originators AND you're telling it wrong too? Get outta here with that.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith   9 months ago

    It makes sense for it to be a horror film. Magik is definitely a scary character and the Demon Bear would be a perfect villain for a superhero horror film.

  • AAHQ/Bronze Factory Productions

    On second thoughts, just don't watch this movie. EVER.I will never get the time I wasted watching this big pile of dog turd back.That's the best film review you will ever read. 😂😂😂😂

  • CrapDoodle Studios
    CrapDoodle Studios   10 months ago

    I really hope they get enough money to make a second one, :( I love these characters so so so much

  • Vk Mksm
    Vk Mksm   11 months ago

    Arya stark turned into wolf lmao

  • Gso Gso
    Gso Gso   11 months ago

    Wow.....fantastic explanations in depth....thought I am watching after after i saw the movie

  • LieftheReaper
    LieftheReaper   11 months ago

    Disney really needs a darker line of heroes, hell I say give them their own universe and have occasional crossovers with the MCU because it's always great to see how darker character like Wolverine clash with Spiderman or Captain America.I've gotten kinda tired of the MCU's style of humor tbh...and one of the main things people criticize it for is it's lack of taking itself seriously ofc one of the things that does make it great is exactly that since these are characters from comics books lmao, but it's appreciated when they do take themselves seriously because when they do we get storylines like The Killing Joke. Don't let DC get a 1up on you and end up stealing your audience because they got tired of all the jokes inserted in the middle of serious scenes because I feel like they eventually will, it might work for GOTG but please don't do it with X-Men

  • Nadeshka Holmes
    Nadeshka Holmes   11 months ago

    I'll be honest here, I'd watch any movie Anya is in.

  • Jess Xox
    Jess Xox   12 months ago

    Has anyone watched it? If so can you answer me if it’s scary please

  • TachirosLament
    TachirosLament   1 years ago

    there goes my hopes of maisie williams being cast as jubilee some day

  • Chef Lambo
    Chef Lambo   1 years ago

    Seriously why did Disney purchase Marvel?!?! All they do is ruin stuff and don't get me started on Avengers, if they stuck with the comics it would have been even better.

  • The Endustree
    The Endustree   1 years ago

    young x-men meets nightmare on elm street dream warriors

  • 1truShadow Clw
    1truShadow Clw   1 years ago

    I feel like it's just a shame they just don't know what to do with a comic book movie they just get lost in the stories that they think people want to see sad to say no one cares about teen angst and let the record show even teams don't care about Teen Angst unfortunately movie falls apart Plies completely off the rails

  • Envy Clan
    Envy Clan   1 years ago

    honestly i just wanna watch it because of rahne + dani

    HEIZMEISTER   1 years ago

    Hope they make a sequel which would include Magma, Warlock & Cypher.Then another sequel which would feature Rusty, Skid, BoomBoom, Siryn, Warpath & RictorAfter the New Mutants TRILOGY, another trilogy for XFORCE

  • JollyYolo -
    JollyYolo -   1 years ago

    Well guess what. I watched the movie already before this. WHAT YOU GONNA DO HM? ERASE MY MEMORY??? I'll tell you one thing it was worth to watch.

  • 9some
    9some   1 years ago

    so is it actually very bad? uhm

  • Charcoal Child
    Charcoal Child   1 years ago

    Whoops it’s not meant to be coming out till September 4th now 😬

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay   1 years ago

    update august 31 2020 . It still hasn't come out yet

  • KaylaNicole
    KaylaNicole   1 years ago


  • kayla defino
    kayla defino   1 years ago

    I saw it yesterday and it was really good if you like supernatural stuff if not then y might wanna pass

  • Mies En Place
    Mies En Place   1 years ago

    "The unfortunate flop of 'Dark Phoenix.'" Screw all you's all who didn't think that flick was brilliant. And for the record, Thanos was right, "Less is more." He was just Marie Kondo'ing the universe.How many folks you know actually "Spark joy?"

  • Reeham
    Reeham   1 years ago

    comic fans don't get mad but can i watch the movie & understand it if i haven't seen any x-men movie before?i mean is it related to the stories of previous movies or is it a fresh start/ different story?* btw i haven't watched the whole video *