Marvel's Midnight Suns | Gameplay Reveal

  • Published on: 01 September 2021
  • Deep dive into the gameplay experience of ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ - an epic tactical RPG set in the darker side of the Marvel Universe. Darkness Falls.

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  • Runtime : 2:48
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  • adam
    adam   1 days ago

    I was so hyped for midnight suns, when I saw this, I thought it was some shitty mobile game, then I saw the midnight suns logo, heartbreaking.

  • Villains
    Villains   1 days ago

    looks awful even for a mobile game

  • denis Dzemajlji
    denis Dzemajlji   2 days ago

    dieses spiel Idee hätte potenzial gehabt. man hat jedoch jegliches potenzial zerstört und es zu schrott verkommen lassen. wegen den karten system und das kampfsystem erinnert eher an Pokémon man wählt eine Fähigkeit und einen gegner mehr hat spiel leider nicht zu bieten du kannst deinen Helden wehrend des Kampfes nicht irgendwo hinbewegen es gibt weder Reichweite Deckung oder Verteidigung es ist eigentlich nur karten ziehen hinlegen also ein reines karten spiel und die figuren sind nur viedeos die ihm Hintergrund ablaufen wehrend du eine karte wählst sorry das ist eine verarsche ohne jegliche taktische tiefe oder sonst was. und zu xcom besitz keinerlei Ähnlichkeiten eher zu yugioh nur in schlecht

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones   6 days ago

    Seems like a decent marvel game is just never gonna happen.

  • Silverfire
    Silverfire   1 weeks ago

    this "gameplay reveal" trailer lacks gameplay

  • Joe Pena
    Joe Pena   1 weeks ago

    Everything was amazing, until the cards showed up. Thought it was going to be the same style as ultimate alliance

  • Nick
    Nick   2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks dope as a card game??

  • Footage Catchers
    Footage Catchers   2 weeks ago

    Bro half of this game budget went into dungeon & Dragons and the creation of this trailer this will not be satisfying to the players I mean the cutscenes would but the gameplay that's a no no sorry you should have made it too a marvel avengers platform game

  • adramelk44
    adramelk44   2 weeks ago

    is there really overlap between SRPG and Marvel fans? Final Fantasy Tactics sequel by the Xcom team when??

  • ACook94
    ACook94   2 weeks ago

    The story for this looks great just a shame about the gameplay

  • Micah Payne
    Micah Payne   3 weeks ago

    Marvel's newest animated interactive $65 movie!!! 🙄🙄

  • VitaKet
    VitaKet   3 weeks ago

    WHY cards?! I got excited hearing this would be turn-based but now it's nothing more then 'meh'...

  • Professor cbX
    Professor cbX   3 weeks ago

    Well crap. Excited for the characters and source material. Not excited for the card aspect. Probably going to be bad.

  • Justin Artis
    Justin Artis   3 weeks ago

    So a marvel final fantasy basically. Got it.

  • Mr boy
    Mr boy   3 weeks ago

    Wtf is mobile game im think chis fight game like avenger game but with ghost rider

  • lVl Arsenic lVl
    lVl Arsenic lVl   3 weeks ago

    Got hype for nothing….wish it was like Marvel Alliances…

  • Defectisy Deft
    Defectisy Deft   3 weeks ago

    All I want is a Destiney/Division style Marvel game that you pick a character and level them with great and live PvE but also good PvP option.. am I asking for too much?

  • KaEn Otsuka
    KaEn Otsuka   3 weeks ago

    What the f… card game??? Marvel revolution net marble STILL BETTER

  • Will B.
    Will B.   1 months ago

    I miss Johnny Blaze. At least he was an actual spirit of vengeance. Mfer don’t even got a bike :/

  • Carl Legaspi
    Carl Legaspi   1 months ago

    Game seems cool and I don’t mind a female main character, but as a dude I’d like to play as a dude. I wonder if that’s possible.

  • Issa
    Issa   1 months ago

    man why are marvel fans so picky?? i'm hyped for this wtf !!

  • Anthony Roletto
    Anthony Roletto   1 months ago

    I hope Moon Knight is in this because this hame has Egyptian foes and Moon knight would know a lot about this. Sense the god he fights for is Khonshu, a literal Egyptian god

  • MWolf
    MWolf   1 months ago

    Wow... the game looked so cool. Yet here we are with a card game that will probably drown in lootboxes. They learnt nothing from the Avengers disaster.

  • Kulokage Chen
    Kulokage Chen   1 months ago

    Marvel + Xcom!? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

  • Ben Mays
    Ben Mays   1 months ago

    Are these people HIGH!!!! They are complete Idiots who wants to play a Marvel game that is card based???, I mean SERIOUSLY!!!?. They majorly screwed this up!! Big time, OMG!!! :(

  • ColdGrave
    ColdGrave   1 months ago

    I’d buy it. I know I’d love the cinematic more than the game play already. 2k can dish out better graphics than this too.

    NosymOFFICIAL   1 months ago

    If this is gonna be a card game save it. We need a Marvel Nemesis 2

  • Santone G
    Santone G   1 months ago

    I wanna get this just to play as BLADE, buy I hate turn based games 🤔

  • Marlos Junior
    Marlos Junior   1 months ago


  • Jaeson Kyle Dalupang
    Jaeson Kyle Dalupang   1 months ago

    Looks cool but a card game is too lame. They should've make a game that looks like arkham knights counterpart. 😏