Carnage Skin Full Set Gameplay - Dark Symbiote Glider, Carnage Cleaver Pickaxe Gameplay - Fortnite

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • A short video about the new Fortnite Carnage Skin
  • Runtime : 2:30


  • Shawn Maurer
    Shawn Maurer   1 months ago

    I have been leveling up all the time just to get carnage BTW I am already level44 by not getting levels i am so exited

  • Wolfz
    Wolfz   1 months ago

    I'm upset there is no built in emote for him

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man   1 months ago

    Music playing should be an actual thing in-game

  • Momen al-hasan
    Momen al-hasan   1 months ago

    Can you do some gameplay with the Maximum carnage style? Its a style you can obtain in bonus rewards

  • Salvage Mario
    Salvage Mario   1 months ago

    Eddie… all I ever wanted in this world is CARNAGE

  • American Asian
    American Asian   1 months ago

    I wish Batman's glider was in the shape of this

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke   1 months ago

    God the Carnage skin looks so ugly, Epic did a way better job with Venom.

  • Devin
    Devin   1 months ago

    So I bought this battle pass and I’m soooooo excited to get the Carnage

  • Lauan
    Lauan   1 months ago

    Venom vs Carnage

  • CC298
    CC298   1 months ago

    Is this exclusive to carnage or can 'we' use it on Venom?

  • Alive
    Alive   1 months ago

    Kid:dad dad can you buy me venom please??Dad:ok but I won't buy you season 8 battle pass.Kid:I don't care I love venom skin he is so cool.The next day Kid sees carnage skin in the battle pass.Kid:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    I plan to get this skin and the venom skin before let there be carnage is released

  • Joe Magana
    Joe Magana   1 months ago

    Hopefully they add an emote for it, like Venom does.

  • Zay :}
    Zay :}   1 months ago

    best in the battle pass

  • Ignos
    Ignos   1 months ago

    @CHARLIE BURTON no one CARES!!!!

  • Morgame33
    Morgame33   1 months ago

    This is the only reason I’m buying battle pass

  • bruhlicious
    bruhlicious   1 months ago

    i wasnt planning on buying the battle pass, but i might just for this skin, the maxium carnage style looks so badass, but the glider looks weird so im gonna use the meteor glider

    CRAZY   1 months ago

    the skin is so badass for no reason

  • Yaladdin
    Yaladdin   1 months ago

    I wish venom had the parachute thing that carnage has

  • 你操
    你操   1 months ago

    How much did it cost you to get the whole batte pass and carnage? Trynna to see if I have enough to just buy it all for him

  • Fisix
    Fisix   1 months ago

    Like and Sub