“They Did Everything Right” - Rich Eisen on Baylor’s Utter Demolition of Gonzaga | 4/6/21

  • Published on: 06 April 2021
  • Rich Eisen recaps Baylor’s absolute beat down of previously unbeaten Gonzaga in the NCAA Tournament’s National Championship game.

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  • Runtime : 8:16
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  • CirculateWealth
    CirculateWealth   2 months ago

    Yep factz Fraudzaga got exposed should have won by 30

  • Don Wandling
    Don Wandling   2 months ago

    Aww...you mean poor Zags were tired? Lame excuse. You play seven games between these two teams, space them every third day just to give GU some much needed rest, and BU wins 7 of 7, not even close

  • cavaleer
    cavaleer   2 months ago

    Bullshyt excuses for Gonzaga. Baylor dominated from the tip. NO CAP.

  • iHateFlatbunz
    iHateFlatbunz   2 months ago

    im not happy with the they were tired playing 5 more mins the last game they got rocked

  • John Thomsen
    John Thomsen   2 months ago

    Never knew what the term, "Boat Raced" meant. Interesting what I found: "To be beaten very badly at something, especially in such a fashion that you were behind from the start and never had a chance. Comes from the Boat Race, an annual rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge, in which the first side to get ahead can move to the middle of the river (where the current is fastest) and is almost never overtaken thereafter."

  • Scott Fritz
    Scott Fritz   2 months ago

    the media darlings were not so pretty

  • Thizlam
    Thizlam   2 months ago

    Gonzaga turned the ball over way too much, couldn’t hit a 3 or get a rebound to save their life.I think Baylor could have beaten the Huston rockets that night though, they were ballin out

  • Eric Theroux
    Eric Theroux   2 months ago

    Great job to the Baylor Bears and the University of Baylor. Fantastic Season