Underwater Ending EXPLAINED By Director William Eubank

  • Published on: 17 January 2020
  • Underwater Ending EXPLAINED By Director William Eubank

    FULL INTERVIEW - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK0sk6JXYyI

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  • Runtime : 13:36
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  • Mr H Reviews
    Mr H Reviews   1 years ago

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  • Anxious Samurai
    Anxious Samurai   2 months ago

    I REALLY want more content from this director and would love to see more movies set within the Cthulhu universe he set up with this movie.

  • Feel The Walrus
    Feel The Walrus   3 months ago

    Either the director follows the fandom and confirmed this after the post-viewing reactions of the film or he created the worst representation of Cthulhu ever done on any media.

  • Amy B
    Amy B   5 months ago

    I really liked this movie. It grabbed me instantly, and I couldn’t look away. Now I have Metallica stuck in my head, lol. Hunter of the shadows is rising, immortal. In madness you dwell.

  • Thatcher Wasson
    Thatcher Wasson   7 months ago

    I don’t like this movie but now I like him great I hope well for him . Thanks mr h fucking fuuuck

  • Brian Fowler
    Brian Fowler   7 months ago

    "You can't kill Cthulu." Forgive me for being argumentative, but Lovecraft wrote his story at least a decade before the atomic bomb was invented. Also, I just read the short story last night at it mentioned the Norweigian sailor got away from squidboy by ramming the Alert into his head at full speed. If a collision with a boat can knock Cthulu back into dreaming, then a bloody nuclear explosion can at least mess him up.

  • Lone W
    Lone W   8 months ago

    A space movie done underwater.

  • S
    S   8 months ago

    BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE STUFF IN THE CAPTAINS LOCKER?!?! You can obviously see they picked the roebuck drilling site for a reason because all the smaller posters pointed toward the center point of the roebuck drilling site. Its very hard to make out the other small drawings in his locker but one of them does look like the face of the monsters that attacked them.

  • Geoff Richardson
    Geoff Richardson   9 months ago

    We need more deep sea movies like this there's so much we don't know about the ocean and what's lurking in it's dark deep depths.

  • Tarantula Dee
    Tarantula Dee   9 months ago

    This movie was dope and it caught me off guard how good it was!

  • S Shields
    S Shields   9 months ago

    I want a sequel to this movie.

  • Cornell Glenn
    Cornell Glenn   10 months ago

    They probably didn't release this because the alien covenant thing was goin on

  • Cornell Glenn
    Cornell Glenn   10 months ago

    Just saw,..I regret nothing ...it was better than alien covenant...being under the ocean is way frightened than space

  • Pizzangels
    Pizzangels   10 months ago

    Okay love the movie but why did u get rid of jeromne so quick😭 did he want to die or did he really not kno he pick up a faulty helmet, really wanted to see a different side of him in this action/thriller. He did great in black box

  • MsAnna47
    MsAnna47   10 months ago

    I heard from a reliable source that this movie is actually based on something that really happened. There's a lot of stuff folks on the earth do not know/realize/understand is not fake Hollywood at all, but is indeed reality, has happened, is happening, and many, many sick off-world abuses of mankind and deaths and much "trafficking" continues to this very day.

  • Fishfins
    Fishfins   10 months ago

    Movie setting "Well underneath the ocean where it is literally pitch black in water that blocks light to obscure the implied deep sea monsters to heighten the anxiety" Viewer complaints " I CAN'T SEE THINGS CLEARLY"

  • GuardianOwl
    GuardianOwl   10 months ago

    I suppose another way you could interpret the ending shot of Norah standing in content as the water rushes in well after she detonated the core is that Cthulhu has tricked her. It goes back to her monologue at the start of the film about not being able to distinguish dream from reality. Just before Norah begins her monologue at the end of the film, she stares at Cthulhu and it sees into her mind and perceives her plan. It locks her in a dream-like trance and she only imagines executing her plan to detonate the core. This buys enough time for the integrity of the Roebuck to fail and she awakens from her trance as the water rushes in to kill her.

  • Gloria Lerma
    Gloria Lerma   10 months ago

    I know people had some pretty harsh criticism for this movie and of course many ppl aren't big on Kristen Stewart these days but I really like this movie loved the fact that it was Cthulu at the end, epic. And in my opinion to be honest Kristen Stewart actually did a pretty good job and looked kinda hot the bikini scenes lol. I give 👍💯

  • Fulgrim, The Phoenician
    Fulgrim, The Phoenician   11 months ago

    I think it's Cthulhu inspired but now they are calling it Cthulhu just so people are gonna watch the movie...

  • Drew Dahlen
    Drew Dahlen   1 years ago

    i just wish they did more with the lore.the captain was clearly studying the deep one and Cthulhu in order to do some dark bring back the dead type stuff..they missed a really big opportunity to do some serious Lovecraftian stuff with this but I still liked the movie.after the explanation it sound like this would be a better book than movie.

  • Kyle Baltzer
    Kyle Baltzer   1 years ago

    The smaller creatures remind me of a ningen

  • FoxHound78
    FoxHound78   1 years ago

    Straight from the horse's mouth. Can't dispute that!!!

  • Alakay Thalion
    Alakay Thalion   1 years ago

    I was disappointed to see Cthulhu disintegrate at the end, he can’t be killed, watch the end scene frame by frame and you can see him die very clearly

  • Schools
    Schools   1 years ago

    Loved it this movie kicked ass! I loved seeing the Deep Ones and Cthulhu in a movie finally and what a perfect way to do it, I loved that shocking surprise! Fantastic movie I highly recommend it to anyone who loves these kinds of films. Great interview I got answers I was looking for especially with the Shepherd station knowing They bored into something before and weird things taking place. I was especially curious about the captain knowing what was going on or having a good idea.

  • Drop
    Drop   1 years ago

    I'm so confused how people still debate if it's Cthulhu or not when there's literally a picture of Cthulhu hanging in Lucien's locker (1hour 5mins) along with other eldritch notes.

  • Jaded Husk
    Jaded Husk   1 years ago

    Just finally managed to watch this movie and it was fantastic. Almost feels like a throwback to 80s or 90s horror. Nice intro, the design (especially the diving suits) is amazing and all the characters are likeable.Judging by his filmography, William Eubanks has a lot of love for the sci-fi genre so I'm definitely going to follow what he does next.

  • padmelotus
    padmelotus   1 years ago

    The Behemoth was a land-based mythical creature. The enormous sea-dwelling creature of the same Judeo-Christian lore, was Leviathan.

  • albiQ
    albiQ   1 years ago

    11:05 what if the company was actually mining to find cthulhu?

  • Erik Hellekson
    Erik Hellekson   1 years ago

    "I summon thee old muddy one." H.P Lovecraft visited the area I now live in when he was researching for his writing.

  • Emrys93
    Emrys93   1 years ago

    I wish this movie didnt suck.

  • John Doe
    John Doe   1 years ago

    I fucking love this movie, thought it was absolutely brilliant. I hope they make a sequel. Oh and I lost my shit at the end when Cthulhu popped up. 👌🏻💯