Who We Are | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

  • Published on: 01 September 2021
  • Every Marvel Hero has an origin story. 📖💥 Be the first to experience Marvel Studio’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” only in theaters tomorrow! Get tickets now: Fandango.com/ShangChi

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  • Runtime : 31
  • marvel comics


  • Chad Gaming
    Chad Gaming   4 weeks ago

    Man, can’t wait for this! I wonder what Wong’s involvement would be.

  • Kou Thao
    Kou Thao   1 months ago

    Shangchi was like the dragon ball movie we should’ve got lol

  • EN89
    EN89   1 months ago

    Reviewer: Best Superhero movie of 2021Spider-Man No Way Home: Hold my multiverse

    MAD KILLA   1 months ago

    It would be good if afganistan comes in your 'saving the world' plan

  • Mahdesh Shetty
    Mahdesh Shetty   1 months ago

    Watched in my kannada language ❤️ it's a good movie...

  • p s
    p s   1 months ago

    Another Chinese sponsered film.

    BH KING   1 months ago

    We need iron man 😪😪

  • Spring_ Roblox
    Spring_ Roblox   1 months ago

    This is my fav movie now I watched it 2 days ago still my fav

  • CheeseCat21
    CheeseCat21   1 months ago

    shang-chi: best super hero movieno way home: im about to end this mans whole career

  • Chap pat ti
    Chap pat ti   1 months ago

    Legends know the real ten rings guy was in kungfu hustle before shang chi 😂😂😂

  • Đạt Falcon
    Đạt Falcon   1 months ago

    2 tuần trước anh là 1 nhân viên trông đỗ xe và giờ anh đi cứu thế giới ? Ừ

  • ReIeased
    ReIeased   1 months ago

    So many Americans hate this movie simply because there's asians. SURPRISE America isn't the only country and ENGLISH isn't the only language.

  • Sham Deshmukh
    Sham Deshmukh   1 months ago

    Read carefully it's differentLet's pray for children who are unable to watch shang-chi in theatresBy the way I am one of those children 😭😭

  • C B
    C B   1 months ago

    Hotel California 20 year old memories. Sony CD Walkman days

  • Tín Bùi
    Tín Bùi   1 months ago

    Wait? Shang-Chi used Naruto's Ball (Rasengan) with Fire style?

  • The Grand Turk
    The Grand Turk   1 months ago

    To Do List: Make a superhero movie without the line: "Saving the world"

  • Casi
    Casi   1 months ago

    Top tier movie thank you

  • Nand Kumar
    Nand Kumar   1 months ago

    marvel literally showed a second of the post credits scene lol

  • Ri Mi
    Ri Mi   1 months ago

    Same Chinese movie

  • albonius sitanggang
    albonius sitanggang   1 months ago

    Producer : "Are we looking for a lead actor like K-Pop idol?" Director : "No, we are looking for a fatherly Asian man"

  • Ainan RH
    Ainan RH   1 months ago

    This released on my birthday yaaa

  • Lucky
    Lucky   1 months ago

    We need Shang chi in next spider man movie And a bonus meme ' The marvel needs Shang chi ''World needs marvel'

  • John Blake
    John Blake   1 months ago

    Why not on disney plus??its not playing in my theaters cuz of covid 😡