Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Steph Curry Says 'I Gotta Be' MVP

  • Published on: 22 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Steph Curry boldly proclaiming he should be MVP. It gets tougher to argue as he continues to go on these large scoring runs however, Chris and Rob still don't think he's fit to wear the crown. However, Chris and Rob split when it comes to Curry daring to say he should be MVP...

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  • Runtime : 20:45
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  • Tawdry Beast
    Tawdry Beast   1 months ago

    The ultimate hater and the ultimate fanboy. That’s great entertainment.

  • lilbmac7
    lilbmac7   1 months ago

    I guess the fact that the Warriors were a lottery team that only won 12 games last year without Steph but are 36-33 and the 8th seed with Steph and going to the playoffs with three guys that was in the G-League last year don't count?😳🤷🏽‍♂️

  • justdl
    justdl   1 months ago

    17:30 you guys talk about soft questions, but when it comes to question your own you guys are soft AF also. When dan interviewed schefter he basically gave him soft ass question after schefter admitted he made everything up. And now all major sports station are just pretending it never happened and including you guys.

  • David Chandler
    David Chandler   1 months ago

    bs warriors have good players, problem is system and chemistry..susysem is made for surry to accell not the talented guys on the team.. if hrain durant or others were on the team they might even be better

  • 1 9
    1 9   1 months ago

    He’s out there with a g league team?????? He literally has a dpoy point forward in draymond, Wiggins who can average 20ppg. And several other young talented players. Give Lebron James Draymond Green and see what happens...

  • chad chua
    chad chua   1 months ago

    Harden been doing it for few years now but Harden didn’t win, Why would they all of sudden they will give it to Curry. Jokic is MVP period!.

  • Pot Head Media
    Pot Head Media   1 months ago

    Steph Curry owns the head-to-head matchup with the nuggets this year

  • dadillonful
    dadillonful   1 months ago

    Rob parker should be the last person to call anyone soft.

  • Lee Kautz
    Lee Kautz   1 months ago

    Curry MVP. Jokic is great but his game is dull. No excitement.

  • Texas Texas
    Texas Texas   1 months ago

    I think fox sports trying to the pull wool over our eyes. You can't tell me Rob Parker ain't nothing but Skip Bayless wit a Halloween mask on. I tend to agree with his view on LeBron James but he starting to sound more & more like a glorified fanatic.

  • Jessica Simancek
    Jessica Simancek   1 months ago

    I wonder what makes rob have the right too judge people’s game but rob you look like you’ve never suited up a day in your life you have no idea how hard pro sports are you sit at home behind a mic making judgements trash, Chris man drop the weight bro you need your own show join first things first full time Chris rob weighing you down I literally only watch anymore for Chris rob just doesn’t even make since half the time anymore,

  • Ali Jordan X
    Ali Jordan X   1 months ago

    Blowing a 3-1 lead is blowing a 3-1 lead joining the team that u had down 3-1 then lost to them is even worse...

  • Fredrick Meredith
    Fredrick Meredith   1 months ago

    Jordan may very well be the most popular player ever for various reasons but he's not the best Basketball player in the history of the NBA. Lebron is and has been better, Kareem Abdul Jabar was better without question. Jordan was arguably the best player of his era along with Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, Karl Malone etc, but to say that he's unquestionably the best to ever play the game is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • saurav karki
    saurav karki   1 months ago

    Rob Parker is biased.. if your team main defender got suspended for game 5 and you are saying that is fair.. GSW lost but not in normal circumstances.. Draymond got suspended for game 5 in final.. really.. grow up rob Parker N be honest...

  • douglas johnson
    douglas johnson   1 months ago

    I swear had Bron said this they’ll be killing him

  • josiah5555
    josiah5555   2 months ago

    What did Steph do to Rob? He be hating hard.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson   2 months ago

    He gotta mention Lebron. Can't help it

  • Boris Savovic
    Boris Savovic   2 months ago

    I don't like Rob antics but he is right about Jokic 🤣🤣🤣

  • King Kemet 25
    King Kemet 25   2 months ago

    Rob is funny he not going to let up on Steph

  • Tee Ervin
    Tee Ervin   2 months ago

    Rob Parker just talks to hear himself talk.

  • Jeffrey WORLD
    Jeffrey WORLD   2 months ago

    Lmfao Lebron got injured nd they were the 4 th seed! Not the 9th seed! His not an mvp candidate

  • ai papi
    ai papi   2 months ago

    Rob Parker went to Journalism School but learned absolutely nothing...first rule in journalism is always saying the truth and being impartial.

  • super x
    super x   2 months ago

    Curry really gave y'all the bait and y'all took it stupid

  • super x
    super x   2 months ago

    Parker so sour, like curry took something from him. He's definitely a curry hater.

  • Silas Hart
    Silas Hart   2 months ago

    Chis is jock strap sniffer, Rob Parker is the best

  • OHiWONder Gaming
    OHiWONder Gaming   2 months ago

    The Media was so determined to give LeBron the MVP that they REFUSED to give it to Steph in 2015. The only games they lost that series were games 2 & 3 which Steph played poorly.

  • threefoe
    threefoe   2 months ago

    Rob Parker is my least favorite journalist if all time. He's trash

    REALFACTS TV   2 months ago

    Chris Bronssard is delusional Iggy shut bro ass down . Chris acting like warriors 3rd place

    REALFACTS TV   2 months ago

    Chris Bronssard is delusional Iggy shut bro ass down . Chris acting like warriors 3rd place

  • May Mcdonald
    May Mcdonald   2 months ago

    OMG one of the bitter man will speak Shannon Sharp spoke some truth today about how how people lash out at the people that are insecurity and jealous of others you know Steph is doing because everyone is talking about him even if they don't like him☺

  • FASKII45 Odogwu
    FASKII45 Odogwu   2 months ago

    Steph has Draymond, Oubre, Wiggins Lebron had London, Ingram and em please Chris!!!