Rob Parker - Biggest Issue Facing Women's Leagues Is WOMEN Not Supporting Them

  • Published on: 10 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Draymond Green and Megan Rapinoe's back in forth regarding the discrepancy of pay in men's sports vs. women's sports. Chris and Rob hammer down how it comes down to revenue no matter what. Rob also makes the point that there's an argument to be made about women not doing enough to support women's leagues.

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  • Runtime : 15:38
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  • jasyn zangari
    jasyn zangari   5 days ago

    its simple...the product isnt that a good. women wanna b equal to men, cool, but then u cant cry when u perform at a lower level when ppl compare the 2. reason y the NFL is bigger then the CFL, y the NBA is bigger then the D-League, y MLB is bigger then Triple A, they provide a better product and make more money becuz of it. y should women's sports be held to a different standard as they cry about being equal? they think they should get more when they cant deliver what male sports do, they dont want equality, they want special treatment

  • musicotensai
    musicotensai   1 weeks ago

    Soccer woman make more money than the men when playing for the national team.

  • izzyshootsiphone
    izzyshootsiphone   1 weeks ago

    The problem is that women soccer only gains attention every 4 years during World Cup time.

  • Daniel Huynh
    Daniel Huynh   2 weeks ago

    Just give it to them. They are an unnecessary nuisance. It's not hard.

  • slykenya
    slykenya   3 weeks ago

    Nothing like two dudes talking down to women on some “this is what women should do” bs. Here’s an idea: invite a WOMAN expert on your show to discuss this!

  • dnice pimpin
    dnice pimpin   3 weeks ago

    Woman want to see other women doing feminine things, which is why love and hip hop/Real housewives/bad girls club/etc have tons of viewership.They don’t to watch women who walk/talk/model themselves after dudes BUT aren’t athletic/can’t dunk like the men’sIf simple BUISNESS. Now the soccer team may have a point, maybe, if revenue in TOTAL, including sponsorship is more than the men’s league. But the damn WNBA, come one be real. There’s only a handful of women’s sports where the women retain feminist, and soccer is one of them. WNBA/Boxing/MMA are all dominated by manly looking woman

  • Big E
    Big E   3 weeks ago

    Women's sports has a huge marketing problem!

  • Tim The Trucker
    Tim The Trucker   3 weeks ago

    Thank u guys for not pandering like everyone on ESPN. 🔥

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell   4 weeks ago

    I would love to sit down with WNBA personnel and I could fix the WNBA Economic problems. There are ways the WNBA can make a profit.

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell   4 weeks ago

    The two females who should get Equal pay and that's tennis player Serena Williams and female boxers Claressa Shields two times Olympic boxing gold medalist and 5x division title holder.

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell   4 weeks ago

    High schools and Middle schools gyms are sold out more than WNBA games.

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell   4 weeks ago

    Rob's is 100 percent correct and WNBA do not get the support of 45 % of casual women fans support and college and pro football and basketball are winning because of women support and gambling. If the WNBA players were in the NBA working in the NBA in any capacity then they should get what men are making. WNBA has to carry their weight, because the NUMBERS aren't economically making sense. This is basic economics and the math doesn't dictates for you to make that kind. Also women do not want to see women acting like men and that's a serious image problem.

  • Moe Boutari
    Moe Boutari   4 weeks ago

    These 2 are scared of being cancelled and it shows. Especially rob parker, he has to preface everything he says with im not trying to bash womens sports" or "im not saying women dont deserve more" also known as " please dont cancel me fox, im an untalented commentator that wont make it anywhere else.

  • tclass99
    tclass99   4 weeks ago

    LOWER. THE. RIM. Get some dunks in the game and let the women show off their athleticism. Once you have some viral clips of Candace Parker throwing down on some other women you’ll get the attention of fans... and sponsors.

  • T Lawrow
    T Lawrow   1 months ago

    Rob was actually right. I've always said, there is a bigger female audience to be had, because there are more available women. More men in jail, dead in the streets, over seas in the military, and men die younger. WOMEN DONT WATCH WOMEN'S SPORTS. Market better to women and entice your base. Then you'll have the revenue stream

  • King Ous
    King Ous   1 months ago

    Chris & Rob do ur due diligence, the women actually got paid more over a 2yrs span. You guys are scared to tell the truth, they not good enough nor entertaining.

  • DM1986
    DM1986   1 months ago

    Women's sports don't generate viewership so they don't generate money.

  • JERE’
    JERE’   1 months ago

    I’ve asked a couple of girls if they would like to go to a mercury game haha they didn’t want to go or looked confused. Like come on. It’s the Mercury team lady! Diana Taurasi, Britney Grinder, now skyler diggins?! Just me ig

  • Desi Alvarado
    Desi Alvarado   1 months ago

    Just a correction Tupac had two number 1s in the same year before X

  • Dooly Sand
    Dooly Sand   1 months ago

    Men and women are wired differently. Most of the women in my family don’t care about sports and its not bc they were discouraged to🤷🏾‍♂️ Im from south Georgia

  • ZappakeR
    ZappakeR   1 months ago

    Dray needs to take one for the team and give rapinoe the nigga D she so desparately needs.

  • chad chua
    chad chua   1 months ago

    Just accept the facts that Basketball is a Man’s Sport not Women. Women can excel is different sports like Tennis but not Basketball, That’s the reality.

  • obadboy
    obadboy   1 months ago

    My comment is only for women's basketball, if you can change the size of the ball for the girls, then lower the rim so the girls can dunk. That's what got the ABA popping, seeing cats dunking....your welcome

  • Michael Spencer
    Michael Spencer   1 months ago

    Why should female professional athletes be paid equal to men? They do not bring in the same revenue and the level of competition is equal to that of an above average high school boys’ level.

  • Peggy Hill
    Peggy Hill   1 months ago

    I love basketball. Why don't I get paid the same as LeBron James? Is it because I'm not as talented or entertaining? I vote patriarchy

  • Korey Johnson
    Korey Johnson   1 months ago

    Women like to be mad at men for nothing...this is just a common fact

  • G G
    G G   1 months ago

    Draymond is 1000% right people need to learn to grow up and accept the truth isn’t always what they want to hear.

  • Beau Walker
    Beau Walker   1 months ago

    Me, my homegirl, and 3 of my friends could win the WNBA championship and hold down part time jobs.

  • Derek L.
    Derek L.   1 months ago

    I'm sorry, but Draymond was right. What is being done by the leaders of the WNBA to grow their audience? In today's world, with social media and independent media outlets, why don't we see more from the star players of the WNBA? Who controls their marketing? Who is really in charge in the WNBA? It's not the job of the NBA players to promote the WNBA.

  • CuePee89
    CuePee89   1 months ago

    Soooo. Let me get this right. They start the segment by saying Draymond was outta pocket for saying what he said how he said it, then go on to say everything he said and elaborate on it? His comments weren't any more or less condescending (their word not mines) than theirs

  • Assane Keita
    Assane Keita   1 months ago

    Based on revenue the women’s soccer team get paid more than the man and not to say US soccer pay their club wages.

  • Schiltzenberger
    Schiltzenberger   1 months ago

    They rejected the same deal as the men. The men's deal was incentive based, the women negotiated guaranteed salaries and a huge list of fringe benefits....which lowered their incentive payments.Now they want their guaranteed salaries plus the same incentives as the men. The whole story is ridiculous, that's why the judge laughed them out of court.

  • $amSon
    $amSon   1 months ago

    What REALLY DUMB, is that it took someone this long to make the only point there is to make: 🥱

  • Ivaylo Iontchev
    Ivaylo Iontchev   1 months ago

    This equal pay rant is BS. If you dig into the details and know soccer, then you will find out the truth behind it. Actually USWMNT players are trying to extort USSF. In general, most women's sports are not as watchable like the men's sports. Even women prefer to watch men's sports.

  • DeShawn Madison
    DeShawn Madison   1 months ago

    Have y’all seen the WNBA top 10 plays, it’s a list of basic layups that most guys can do. C’mon man they have to do something to make the league worth watching. I’m more entertained by Varsity boys basketball in high school than I am by the WNBA.