Is The Last Jedi the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Ever? (SPOILERS) - SJU

  • Published on: 18 December 2017
  • PANEL:

    Dan Murrell
    Roth Cornet
    Hal Rudnick
    Spencer Gilbert
    Joe Starr

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  • Runtime : 39:36
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  • Robert Jeffers
    Robert Jeffers   8 months ago

    Hard to believe its been more than 3 years since this released. But you know what, the core themes of this movie grow more timely. There are some big problems structurally, but it's still maybe the most important Star Wars film since the original trilogy.

  • Peter B. Nites
    Peter B. Nites   11 months ago

    I still stand with Dan. Especially after Rise of Skywalker

  • R RR
    R RR   11 months ago

    I dont subscribe to shills .

  • Az
    Az   1 years ago

    I'm with u Dan. But Idk if they totally got or cared what you said

  • Fernando Almanza
    Fernando Almanza   1 years ago

    If they are gonna kill snoke it should have been after having an epic lightsaber duel between rey and kylo vs snoke or luke skywalker vs snoke rather than kill him in a ridiculous way who is a ripoff of palpatine death in return of the jedi

  • Atlas isaliar
    Atlas isaliar   1 years ago

    Dan's kind of an idiot. He says he understands both viewpoints but he clearly hates the film. He more than insinuates that all hardcore fans hate the movie, which is a load. Plenty of hardcore fans love it.

  • Benjie
    Benjie   1 years ago

    I don't know why they even set it in an era where the big 3 were still alive, they could have just had cameos and talk about things they had done if they wanted fan service.

  • Chris Charles
    Chris Charles   2 years ago

    "They are just movies." Yet you have an entire company dedicated to them. Also, thumbs up for Dan.

  • Graham Has passed away

    If you wanted something different that doesn't mean you're okay with anything different. I mean, they could have had Rey drop the whole force thing and go enrol in Clown School. It would have been new and different and would have subverted our expectations, and it would have sucked.

  • CoolNameGuy
    CoolNameGuy   2 years ago

    (I know it's late) I didn't see it as a casual gag. I laughed, but in a delighted "ooh this is not going to go the way you think" way because paying to watch a movie you already own or fanfiction you can read for free would be disappointing. Oh they're actually going to do something creative. They're going deeper. The previous roadmap has been allowed to stop for gas and maybe even take a detour. Yes! laughs

  • PhoenixKnightFlame
    PhoenixKnightFlame   2 years ago

    Late to the party but the middle gentleman with the coffee cup at 31:00, mentioning that the Force Awakens didn't do a good job at creating Rey or Snoke, and answering those questions, THAT WAS THE POINT!!!! The Force Awakens was the first in a PLANNED TRILOGY!!!! The next two films are supposed to fill in the other details of their story, and that is why The Last Jedi failed so miserably. It just went scorched earth on everything that The Force Awakens had set up and reduced it to ash, rather than continuing to build things up to the final climax in Episode IX.

  • Mattchu M
    Mattchu M   2 years ago

    I cannot believe they are even discussing this to be honest. The problem with the movie was the intended disrespect for the franchise and the fan base by the director and he doesn't even hide it. All yiu need to do to understand this is watch Mark Hamills interviews. You don't need to cater to anyone, just honor and respect the universe that has been in our lives since the 70s

  • durrutti
    durrutti   2 years ago

    False comparison . Darth Vader turning out to be Luke’s father is a GOOD plot twist. Leia being able to fly in space without air and dead, IS NOT.

  • blaiddyn01
    blaiddyn01   2 years ago

    The movie is just STUPID in so many way. At 14:50 this argument just kills me, every story has a hero or protagonist, "someone who saves the universe", someone or someones, the story picks to rise above. Blowing that up isn't brave, it's moronic.

  • David E
    David E   2 years ago

    The Last Jedi was so bad it killed the franchise. I just don’t understand the line of thinking of people who can defend the move.

  • Elmar live
    Elmar live   2 years ago

    Now one year later I can say the backlash now is only about people who don't understand the backlash as they downplay the problems and attack the fans. Naivety mingled with arrogance is a very unpopular and provoking mixture. And it seems it's getting even worse in 2019.

  • sonicsnake44
    sonicsnake44   3 years ago

    Dan's the man of the people unlike the rest of these shills.

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee   3 years ago

    All three guys on the left are awful. Just awful. Dan is the sane man in the room. We now know for a FACT there was no grand plan. JJ Abrams wrote broad outlines for episode 8 and 9, but Rian Johnson threw them out.

  • Albert Olsen
    Albert Olsen   3 years ago

    Dan is the only reason to watch this channel.

  • Cory Palansky
    Cory Palansky   3 years ago

    Luke was 'hogging' the force because he thought it caused more harm than good. Then Rey convinces him to help. By giving away his body, all the force he had built up was released back into the galaxy. That's why the kid at the end used force move to grab the broom.

  • Mehul Desai
    Mehul Desai   3 years ago

    Dan was the only guy who got it right (in my opinion)

  • MarStoryTime
    MarStoryTime   3 years ago

    They’re so reticent to say anything negative. It’s very strange.

  • romafromeka
    romafromeka   3 years ago

    The whole idea that when a person gets old, she or he also automatically becomes a failure just demonstrates the values of our society towards the older generation. Old people used to symbolise wisdom, now they symbolise failure. That is sad...

  • Chester Fumblenutts
    Chester Fumblenutts   3 years ago

    Quite simply, the movie is poorly written and an insult to anyone with any kind of good taste or a fully functional brain. Star wars fans aside.

  • Chester Fumblenutts
    Chester Fumblenutts   3 years ago

    It's the most poorly written movie in recent history with the highest number of people who wanted to at least like it, so, yeah.

  • BiffTummyTum
    BiffTummyTum   3 years ago

    Interesting how Dan's views on this are backed up by the Rotten Tomatoes audience score, six months later.

  • SurfnTurf
    SurfnTurf   3 years ago

    The Knights of Ren were great in this film.

  • FreakSpeely28
    FreakSpeely28   3 years ago

    wow, pick a side. this film SUCKED. tore down everything but please, get off the fence.

  • qiming zhang
    qiming zhang   3 years ago

    No, Dan was right, it didn't matter. This trashcan fire showed us Luke didn't matter, Leia didn't matter, Snoke didn't matter, the Jedi didn't matter, the Force is a magic, nothing matters.

  • L.A. Pamorca
    L.A. Pamorca   3 years ago

    The movie that brought balance to the fandom. Those who loved it and those who hated it clash as equals.

  • Michael 0788
    Michael 0788   3 years ago

    TLJ is a turd of a movie. And the only one on this panel that gets any negativity of this movie is Dan because the rest are in denial. I'm fine with no copying the previous movies cause that's all TFA was but no one sees the issues with making kylo look like the big bad after portraying him as a juvenile weakening against an untrained Jedi? And it's fine if our heroes fail but of course people have a problem with seeing their heroes not given a chance to make it better. Solo failed as a father then died. Luke was a failed mentor then died and Leia is a failed general and unfortunately after Fischer's passing her character is done. Obviously that would upset the Fandom.

  • beccadotelpy
    beccadotelpy   3 years ago

    Getting to this video late (in Internet time 5 months equals 25 years, right?), but I have to say I agreed with pretty much every point Dan made. I tried writing a longer comment explaining more but I think that sentence is enough. I'm not a hardcore fan of SW...or at least I never considered myself to be one b/c I have no merch and spend no time theorizing. But I value a good story. This felt like they were cutting off the story at the knees just for the heck of it. It spent so much time taking apart TFA (or wasting time with the Finn/Rose subplot) that I'm not sure what it has left to build on. And while that seems to excite Joe, Spencer and Hal...I'm with Dan: I'm very nervous for Episode 9...not just b/c I'm wondering if they'll split it in two as has become the custom.

  • Eddie
    Eddie   3 years ago

    I don't buy the "you either make the movie like the old ones or do something completely different". There're a lot of different ways to make a Star Wars movie, it's not binary. Also you only talk about how fans are mad about it being different than the OT. You should address the problems people have with the writing of the characters and how weak some of the story arcs are. These are legitimate criticisms that are worth addressing.