Don’t Say It Challenge | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

  • Published on: 10 September 2021
  • They got this! ✅ Watch Simu Liu, Awkwafina, and Meng’er Zhang go head to head in the ultimate "Don't Say It!" challenge! Experience the #1 movie in the world, Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings,” only in theaters NOW! Get tickets:

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  • Runtime : 2:33
  • marvel comics


  • besy 2006
    besy 2006   11 hours ago

    He punches people real good Humans interacting with other humans

    ITSAHARDNUGLIFE   14 hours ago

    This movie is all kinds of special, I hope the cast and crew know just how special it is...Specially special! 😎Even got me playing DDR again after a decade out of practice

  • Elite
    Elite   1 weeks ago

    Who else thinks these guys are really pretty, like, the faces bruv.

  • ZeyLady
    ZeyLady   1 weeks ago

    Adamın ingilizcesi çok iyi bee

  • Ministreem
    Ministreem   1 weeks ago

    he looked like that Korean business man from squid game in that scene where there was slow mow when he punched someone

  • Sarvesh K
    Sarvesh K   1 weeks ago

    Whats her name?.....Aquafina??

  • FNC eely
    FNC eely   1 weeks ago

    Shang shi is so good it's is 15/15 (eternals is 14.5 so Shang shi is the best marvel movie ever)

  • Ryan
    Ryan   1 weeks ago

    Watch Shang chi because humans.....interaction..humans...

  • Glee Me
    Glee Me   1 weeks ago

    That editing scenes in between were fun !

  • Binkie
    Binkie   1 weeks ago

    It's the "she is shang chi's father's other child" for me

    JHANDURA   1 weeks ago

    They already knows what to speak in challenge already learned

  • 777 Kerokeroppii
    777 Kerokeroppii   1 weeks ago

    accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and your life will be better do it if you want too i aint forcing you tho live yall ..

  • scientist denny pusuluri


  • TEG0
    TEG0   1 weeks ago

    does anyone else think that akwafina sounds like scarlett johanson?

  • Lester
    Lester   1 weeks ago

    Meng'er I love you

  • Getsuga9000
    Getsuga9000   1 weeks ago

    Meng'er looks like the escort i went the other day

  • Sudiksha Sharma
    Sudiksha Sharma   1 weeks ago

    i just watched Shang -Chi yesterday 😁😁It was amazing🎈🎈🎀❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

  • Adel Hajar
    Adel Hajar   1 weeks ago

    seeing this movie in theatres was legit the best

  • ItsAguerooo CITY
    ItsAguerooo CITY   1 weeks ago

    2:20 I would definetly want to see the movie because "humans interacting with humans"

  • Liyana
    Liyana   1 weeks ago

    2:10 best response, legit above "She is Shang-Chi's father's.. other child"and"Ready? .. He punches people real good"

  • A C
    A C   2 weeks ago

    Why is this movie starting scene not in English, I don't know what she saying 😂😂😂😂