Quavo Is Stunned by Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on: 10 June 2021
  • Quavo is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer you know as one-third of the rap group Migos. The latest single, "Straightenin," is out now with the group's upcoming fourth studio album Culture III set to release on June 11th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Quavo follows in the footsteps of Offset and attempts to scale the heights of Mount Scoville, discussing everything from Jeff Goldblum fits, to studio sessions with DJ Khaled, to partying with Elon Musk along the way.


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  • Runtime : 19:36
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast   1 weeks ago

    Which rappers do you still want to see take on the wings of death?

  • destroy22
    destroy22   18 minuts ago

    seems like a cool guy but GD amigos sucks in concert

  • Dizz Not Dizzy
    Dizz Not Dizzy   3 hours ago

    its always the rappers who give up before they get to the end

  • Krye YingFace
    Krye YingFace   6 hours ago

    Hottest sauce I've ever had on here was Da Bomb when I was like 13. My step father had it and we tapped some with a q tip and dabbed it on our tongues. It was not funny... inedible heat breh.

  • Tiffany Monique
    Tiffany Monique   6 hours ago

    Wait did you see that we'll teach gave him he gave the host that looked like what's really going on here..lol 😆🤣😂

  • Martell Alvin
    Martell Alvin   11 hours ago

    “Dat shit dere made me cry boy” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Its Sayvo
    Its Sayvo   15 hours ago

    Netflix are you still watching Someone’s kid 14:52

  • checkle1
    checkle1   1 days ago

    Sean has that "I'm jogging at 2am in Central Park, definitely not dumping a body" vibe going on

  • Big Nipla🐐
    Big Nipla🐐   1 days ago

    Everyone's brain"Why is this guy Soo fresh"Forreal No Cap😂😂

  • Big Nipla🐐
    Big Nipla🐐   1 days ago

    14:14 More like when you took your first Shot🥃😂😂😂No cap

  • Big Nipla🐐
    Big Nipla🐐   1 days ago

    No forreal No Cap What Quavo is doin' @ 14:14Is what we did when we took our first shot🥃 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • rdm vidz
    rdm vidz   1 days ago

    Another one bite the dust he couldn't finish

  • D Mitch
    D Mitch   1 days ago

    Offset made it further

  • Patrick Gaetz
    Patrick Gaetz   1 days ago

    Sean had to wear a rain jacket for all that drip

  • Ce Ce
    Ce Ce   1 days ago

    I am screaming. I’m dead 😆😂

  • Troy Woods
    Troy Woods   1 days ago

    Knew he was gonna wimp out before he even started, he's a punk trying to take big boy credit

  • bo matt
    bo matt   1 days ago

    Quavo is super funny. Some of the shit he says is hilarious.

  • K Webster
    K Webster   1 days ago

    Youtube wont let me reply, but bring on JID or JCole.

  • Rey
    Rey   1 days ago

    15:32 "i gotta pull off the set " xD

  • Haley
    Haley   1 days ago

    Can we get Eminem

  • Haley
    Haley   1 days ago

    Can we get j cole on the show pls

  • The mack
    The mack   1 days ago

    conan needs to be on this show

  • Oz
    Oz   2 days ago

    Quavo legit forgot how to eat a chicken wing.

  • JokeR
    JokeR   2 days ago