James Harden's BEST MOMENTS From His Time With The Brooklyn Nets So Far!

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
  • Look back on James Harden's BEST MOMENTS from his time with the Brooklyn Nets so far!

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  • Runtime : 10:51
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  • Chef
    Chef   1 days ago

    Man what this team could’ve done healthy…

  • cap click
    cap click   2 days ago

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    ARSALAN49   3 days ago

    Ggs from right after game 7 semi

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker   4 days ago

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  • Manveer Ball
    Manveer Ball   5 days ago

    The beardddddddd....best step back in the game

  • Carla Loe
    Carla Loe   5 days ago

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  • shaneen harper
    shaneen harper   1 weeks ago

    10:28 damn von n durk dissing tooka rip tooka rip duck

  • Juan Ocha
    Juan Ocha   1 weeks ago

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  • Pauline Aguirre
    Pauline Aguirre   1 weeks ago

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  • Tiger Woods
    Tiger Woods   1 weeks ago

    James Harden 💪🏾💪🏾😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Arang Pongen
    Arang Pongen   1 weeks ago

    He became a passer for the Sake of the truth that he needs to reduce his time of using the ball😌😌

  • TechAndGaming
    TechAndGaming   2 weeks ago

    I started watching NBA back in 04-05 because of Steve Nash, then stopped watching and lost interest when he retired. But man seeing Harden play likes this has made me want to watch NBA games again, This guy is amazing.

  • Karl Ave
    Karl Ave   2 weeks ago

    What a genius move by Jeff Green @ 0:43 , he coulda layed it up asap but knew they would try to foul so he positioned his body for the contact and easy layup, ready for the And-1. It's significant because they get a free throw to make it a two possession game instead of a one possession, by going up 4 instead of 3 if the FT is made. Winning basketball through high IQ crunch time plays.

  • Genetta Williams
    Genetta Williams   4 weeks ago

    Brooklyn Nets Champions #ONE the best in the NBA. Smile&Shine Super Hero's!!

  • Bunny Boy
    Bunny Boy   1 months ago

    I miss him on Houston...been watching since Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming :(

  • Mob
    Mob   1 months ago

    That announcer is dumb saying uncle Jeff and mans jam

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington   1 months ago

    i'm just going to admit it, i'm trying to grow out my Harden playoff beard strong. I used to shave everyday but that's a fail these days

  • K
    K   1 months ago

    That’s the most important player on the Nets!See how they are struggling without him now.They don’t get out of the east without the beard!

  • kruz3rr
    kruz3rr   1 months ago


  • G2LIVE
    G2LIVE   1 months ago

    0:33 Brady to Gronk

  • LottoBoBotto
    LottoBoBotto   1 months ago

    The NBA is so incredibly stacked. So much talent everywhere.

  • LottoBoBotto
    LottoBoBotto   1 months ago

    Get this man a brown robe and he would be a dead ringer for Moses.

  • Consistency main
    Consistency main   1 months ago

    I can never help wondering....will he ever shave that wackness off of his strange boat race (which means face btw)

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant   2 months ago

    can’t lie when harden was in Jets were destroying everybody now kyrie just carrying

  • M X
    M X   2 months ago

    The rumors are that JH is just resting so he won't burn out in the playoffs and KD is playing to take up the slack just like JH took up the slack while KD was out why have all three when they can still win while one of them can rest it kinda makes sense but sort of a sneaky move it just so happens that JH is hurting while KD is ready to play

  • Rene Vargas
    Rene Vargas   2 months ago

    If I did these gather and finish moves to the rim I’d get called all day for travel at the park

  • Sports Co.
    Sports Co.   2 months ago

    And the award for best actor of the decade goes to.............. James Harden

  • Gaulin Didier
    Gaulin Didier   2 months ago

    I'm glad Harden left Houston, it would have been criminal for Harden to never be in a position where He Has a ring. Also I'm happy that the championship monopoly that Lebron tried to create at LA is failing and that you don't have to just join the Warriors or James to win a ring, there's now a third option, and it's not the Clippers anymore.

  • Jimmy Schocher
    Jimmy Schocher   2 months ago

    That woman announcer is so cringe ... “OH.........buckets”