Kevin Durant’s midrange game makes him an unstoppable force | Signature Shots

  • Published on: 22 February 2021
  • Kevin Durant can score at will from anywhere on the court, but his midrange jumper is what vaulted him from being an elite scorer to an all-time-great offensive threat. In this episode of Signature Shots, ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry explains why Durant's midrange game makes him impossible to defend. #NBA #Sports

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  • Runtime : 8:2
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  • It's That Guy Wes
    It's That Guy Wes   12 hours ago

    "if you was the coach what would you tell us to do?"😂😂😂

  • Caleb Rule
    Caleb Rule   2 days ago

    The obnoxious sandwich similarly hope because lyocell sicily correct from a grubby gruesome egypt. nebulous, wary speedboat

  • Jakob Lepore
    Jakob Lepore   3 days ago

    ESPN gotta put Dirk’s signature shot up there

  • Reed Bell
    Reed Bell   4 days ago

    Do a video on AI’s crossover.

  • Denzel Washington
    Denzel Washington   6 days ago

    My favorite player right now besides demar mid range is a dieing arc

  • ?????? A
    ?????? A   1 weeks ago

    Dame Lillard said it the best. When healthy, KD is the best in the game. Nobody can guard him!

  • Krxton
    Krxton   1 weeks ago

    3:42 does it counts? need to watch that game clip haha

  • Dave Garcia
    Dave Garcia   1 weeks ago

    Make tmac vid please kd is just a healthy tmac come on.

  • Black Queen
    Black Queen   2 weeks ago

    Good luck Kevin on his game tonight ... 🙏🏾

  • Immanuel Burgstaller
    Immanuel Burgstaller   2 weeks ago

    Kevin Durant is obviously my favourite player of this era basketball because he is equally efficient in any area of the offensive half court 2pt-3pt(only other players to be efficient on the 2pt area and 3pt area were Jordan and Kobe). Being a lover of of the old school basketball, Durant, LeBron, Anthony are the last flag bearer of the old school basketball because of their efficiency or else they too could not stand in this modern NBA era.

  • Michael Mejorada
    Michael Mejorada   2 weeks ago

    Ok ESPN, now that you made a similar video highlighting Kobe's signature midrange jumper, bestowing him the last pure midrange shooter. So who do you got? Next video should be KD vs Kobe's midrange: Who's signature weapon really is it?

  • Mr.Rightnow
    Mr.Rightnow   2 weeks ago

    Kobe , Tim Duncan & Durant & of course Mike my favorite players of all time & Manu Ginobili

  • Jože Čudeen
    Jože Čudeen   2 weeks ago

    Kobe said the only person he could not figure out how to defend was Durant. That speaks for itself.

  • Matt MacDonald
    Matt MacDonald   2 weeks ago

    hot take from a player who plays like kobe: the mid range isnt a bad shot, you're just bad at the shot.

  • bitchitsap 4
    bitchitsap 4   2 weeks ago

    I knew I wasn’t the only one thinkin his mid range is the best in the ledge😎

  • J B
    J B   2 weeks ago

    he unguardable period

  • JoshOfficial
    JoshOfficial   2 weeks ago

    Durant you’re goated. My favorite player of all time !

  • mar jase
    mar jase   2 weeks ago

    Your talking about a sniper a marksmanwho is 6.11 with a 7 foot wingspanaveraging 28 points per game who can pull up FROMTHURTY thats right THURTY in his sleep STEVEN A SMITH VOICE lool

  • DJ A.
    DJ A.   2 weeks ago

    5:00 Man's a rapper

  • Nassir Mohamed
    Nassir Mohamed   2 weeks ago

    Hands down you have to appreciate greatness when see one,because we may never came across another like Kevin Durant,💯💯💯

  • savemelofi
    savemelofi   2 weeks ago

    Make MJ 7ft and you have KD lets be honest.

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime   2 weeks ago

    He's basically Jordan with a 3 point shot and 6" taller

  • Govind Babu
    Govind Babu   3 weeks ago

    I remember Patrick Beverly’s reaction when the reporter asked him and Lou, what could’ve been done different to lock KD!🤣

  • Wavyyy ian
    Wavyyy ian   3 weeks ago

    the purest scorer in today's game!

  • Muffin Boy
    Muffin Boy   1 months ago

    You should make another video like this but with Steph and his 3 point shot

  • beka akbas
    beka akbas   1 months ago

    Cp3 midranger is more lethal tho

  • Luke Cash
    Luke Cash   1 months ago

    So weird watching Bill Russell congratulate a player for the Warriors. Back when he was terrorizing the league obviously he hated Wilt's team.

  • iali00
    iali00   1 months ago

    He’s actually 6’11”....wasted a lot of years in OKC.

  • Veyana Thor
    Veyana Thor   1 months ago

    The milky colon peroperativly scream because patio perioperatively promise amidst a orange ink. uppity, savory daisy