Can You Beat Minecraft in ADVENTURE MODE?

  • Published on: 26 December 2020
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    In this Minecraft video I play Hardcore mode, and find out if it's possible to beat Minecraft, in Adventure Mode!

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  • Runtime : 16:12
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  • Puppy Girl
    Puppy Girl   1 days ago

    Use a set seed with a fully filled in end portal, then you can skip the nether

  • oof
    oof   1 days ago


  • King Creators
    King Creators   1 days ago

    Sb737: Oh no I can't sleep because of monsters.Me: Hey look near you a crafting table. Sb737:Oh yay a crafting table now I can craft finally in peace.

  • Spider_Man9823
    Spider_Man9823   2 days ago

    The only way to make a portal is to switch your Version

  • Bright Light
    Bright Light   3 days ago

    if you go in 1.4.2 you can place water and lava and pick them up and in alpha 1.2.2 pressing f4 spawns a lit nether portal

  • Ashim Dhungel
    Ashim Dhungel   3 days ago

    I can beat the game with Adventure mode I could even go to the nether

  • Ofelia Pascual
    Ofelia Pascual   3 days ago

    bruh survival mode in hardcore mode hahaha nice try its just texture pack

  • LDG AK
    LDG AK   6 days ago

    The way u do it is you have to lure creapers and make them explode the blocks in between the water and lave and yea

  • Klement Ezra Suhartanto

    Me : use 1.12 or 1.11 i forgot , but i remember there is a version that you can get eye of ender from cleric

  • Jamie Alivio
    Jamie Alivio   6 days ago

    Maybe an ended man can place the obsidian on a ruined portal?

  • MpOver 8337
    MpOver 8337   1 weeks ago

    You can go to the nether in the 1.4 version

  • Trič
    Trič   1 weeks ago

    mybe you culd finde a ruin portal and then be lucky that enderman place a obsidian on correct place?

  • Shehry Khan
    Shehry Khan   1 weeks ago

    1 way to beat Adventure Mode is- use the seed that has all the ender eyes in the portal

  • StaljinZvZ
    StaljinZvZ   2 weeks ago

    you can switch versions to 1.4.2 and there you can pick up the liquids with bucket and make nether portal

  • Joshua Friesen
    Joshua Friesen   2 weeks ago

    You can make a nether portal in adventure you just need to get an endermen to get all the obsidian in the right spot

  • The gamer's league
    The gamer's league   2 weeks ago

    I could have swore if you had the right equipment you could mine. What I mean is if you had a pick you could destroy stone, if you had an axe you could chop wood and so on. I thought that's how it worked. I guess it's been forever since I messed with adventure so yeah.

  • Monté & Blu
    Monté & Blu   2 weeks ago

    I know how to go to the nether in adventure, go back to a version where you could place things with the right tools in adventure and put ur stuff in a chest and make a portal then go back to your Minecraft version and go to the nether

  • Aditya Goel
    Aditya Goel   2 weeks ago

    You have to find a ruined portal which have every block obsidion and it is ligthed haha 😄 gimme 5000$

  • Ethaniac
    Ethaniac   2 weeks ago

    “Accessing the nether in adventure mode is really hard but possible. To build the nether portal you need to find a 5 blocks deep lava pool and to use creepers to funnel water so that it converts the bottom-most layer of lava into obsidian” - Minecraft fandom

  • Sharkyandfriends13-
    Sharkyandfriends13-   2 weeks ago

    If you find a stronghold with all of the eyes (very rare) you could actually beat Minecraft in adventure mode

  • Akash Abey
    Akash Abey   2 weeks ago

    Use dropper to flint up obsedian and use enderpearl on portal

  • Ahmed Mosa
    Ahmed Mosa   2 weeks ago

    You can find a strong hold of all of the eyes of ender

  • Ahmed Mosa
    Ahmed Mosa   2 weeks ago

    You can find a stronghold with all of the eyes of ender

  • KRYPTHONplays
    KRYPTHONplays   2 weeks ago

    q:how to go to nethir in adwenture mode answer: Accessing the nether in adventure mode is really hard but possible. To build the nether portal you need to find a 5 blocks deep lava pool and to use creepers to funnel water so that it converts the bottom-most layer of lava into obsidian.

  • Nothing
    Nothing   2 weeks ago

    It is possible to beat adventure mode, just listen wat i say.1.find a stronghold2.thats a 1 out of trillion chances that eyes of ender would auto open the end portal.

  • Laon Namgung
    Laon Namgung   3 weeks ago

    Actually you can use a water bucket. You just have to go back to an older version so it is possible. Also you can place eyes.

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer   3 weeks ago

    so you can use buckets in 1.4.2 now give me money lol

  • 王有李
    王有李   3 weeks ago

    U can use buckets in 1.4.2 adventure.

  • mario20crazy
    mario20crazy   3 weeks ago

    rekrap2 found a way. but you have to downgrade your world to 1.4.2

  • Darvinkiller09
    Darvinkiller09   3 weeks ago

    If u were on bedrock edition u can’t do anything not even interact with crafting tables and chest can’t even hit mobs

  • Bhuwan Kashyap
    Bhuwan Kashyap   3 weeks ago

    Try seed Naturally Generated End Portal ( Full of eyes)

  • ElectroCharge
    ElectroCharge   3 weeks ago

    I know a way build a.nether portal in adventure.also the first I see u kinda cheat

  • nameless
    nameless   3 weeks ago

    well its not in 30 days but rekarp2 did it

  • Kid reaction
    Kid reaction   3 weeks ago

    U can find a ruined nether portal and if the chest has obsidian you can place it on the unplaced part of the portal then light the portal