SON OF THE MASK - Hollywood's Biggest Bruh Moment

  • Published on: 30 April 2020
  • son of the mask big oof

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  • Runtime : 31:57
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  • Subject D
    Subject D   2 hours ago

    The cartoonishness of the Jim Carrey Mask was explained as being unique to him, Stanley Ipkiss was really into classic cartoons so the mask adapted to his personality. When someone else puts on the mask it turns him into something completely different because he's a completely different person. It's explained that the mask makes a person chaotic, not a cartoon. Stanley's version of chaotic was cartoonish. There's no reason for this version of the mask to be like this, but this movie seems to think that ancient god Loki was just kinda like that...

  • Joshua Stewart
    Joshua Stewart   8 hours ago

    This movie tramatised me I will never sleep ever again

  • dear archimedes
    dear archimedes   2 days ago

    the fact that this movie was part of my childhood and my favorite parts were the dance one and when loki appears...

  • Farflung Clown
    Farflung Clown   2 days ago

    I will say, this movie birthed my love for janky, uncanny and "bad" cgi. It's a "style" I really adore, I always called it "bowling alley animation". Sadly, I can't use that term anymore...

  • marcen12
    marcen12   3 days ago

    I watched this movie when I was a kid and I thought it was bad. The "it's for kids" argument falls hollow. Especially since I was a child when I watched the original.

  • BigChungers Gaming
    BigChungers Gaming   4 days ago

    DUDE this movie is pg somehow but there is a seen with adult stuff

  • Brian Bardel
    Brian Bardel   6 days ago

    Does anyone know where the green lantern video is? I looked it up and I can't find it on his channel or in YouTube search. If anyone knows where it went or how to find it pls let me know lol

  • Gianni Wu
    Gianni Wu   6 days ago

    I watched this film when I was 8 and loved it, simply for the dog, I really wanted it to win

  • IgniFlame
    IgniFlame   1 weeks ago

    Hey, I actually liked cats and dogs as a kid

  • McDiddlyee
    McDiddlyee   1 weeks ago

    the father in son of the mask looks like jerma985

    LORD PINK   1 weeks ago

    Day 4 of asking for the punisher movies video

  • jesse ryan
    jesse ryan   1 weeks ago

    You kinda remind me of the guy from men in black part 2 with the video store Not in a bad way

  • Clairavoya-SSB
    Clairavoya-SSB   1 weeks ago

    7:43 He sounds like someone from a commercial trying to sell you something

  • R Barnett
    R Barnett   1 weeks ago

    Disclaimer: I never watched The Mask or Son of the Mask, because they both looked absolutely shit. From what I've heard, they both are complete garbage. The thing is, I like Jim Carrey and Jamie Kennedy was good in Scream and I get that when you're a Hollywood actor you kind of have to take a gig when you're getting money thrown at you when you first start out. Having said that, surely after reading the script they must've thought this looks like a dumpster fire and just walked away? The Cable Guy was also complete bollocks.

  • Simeon Laldinthara
    Simeon Laldinthara   1 weeks ago

    you forgot the movie existed while I didn't even know it existed

  • Delta Loraine
    Delta Loraine   1 weeks ago

    Jim Carrey knows how to tow the line of funny exaggeration and serious acting. I’ve never seen a person who’s been able to try the same thing and not be cringey as hell. It’s really interesting

  • Ergotth
    Ergotth   1 weeks ago

    Oh fuck, now I realized they named the father "Tim Avery" to pay homage to Tex Avery, and I'm disgusted he is now related to this movie...

  • BoT-Kun
    BoT-Kun   1 weeks ago

    2:28 I am a friend of the Joestar Family, and this is offending their Family History.

  • Jes Kvell
    Jes Kvell   1 weeks ago

    how did th guys glasses not fall when his ears are still in his head

  • Darian Ramkissoon
    Darian Ramkissoon   1 weeks ago

    This is proof that the mind can alter memories. I loved the original and I think that altered my memories of this one. I always thought this wasn't that bad but now I see the truth

  • Noodle Janus
    Noodle Janus   1 weeks ago

    The first one feels like the 60's/cartoon joker in the of prop humor

  • Randokan
    Randokan   2 weeks ago

    How does this have 4.3/5 on Vudu? The hell?

  • 『Mango Tango』
    『Mango Tango』   2 weeks ago

    I remember loving this movie as a kid; I thought the mask itself was like a cool superpower.I still love this movie, but only because the comments of this video are so fucking funny

  • Tumblekitten463
    Tumblekitten463   2 weeks ago

    When I was a kid, I saw someone watching the mask on an airplane and honestly thought it was a horror about a guy with a mask who turned into a taunting, murderous monster that killed people

  • DumDum2
    DumDum2   2 weeks ago

    When I saw this movie on Walmart I was like mom can we buy this movie because I loved the first one but when we watched it I was like what the fuck is this bullshit of a movie and I wanted to died so thanks son of the mask 🖕😂

  • Aiden Myhr
    Aiden Myhr   2 weeks ago

    it’s heartbreaking they didn’t make a sequel to this, grandson of the mask would’ve been fire

  • U.N. Owen
    U.N. Owen   2 weeks ago

    I don't know why it bothers me so much that they make Odin Loki's father while trying to play the norse mythology up, when in norse myths they're brothers (either blood or sworn, depending on the source)It's like being in Pompeii while the volcano is fcking nuking everyone, and being annoyed that you stepped in a puddle.

  • Aaron Rotenberg
    Aaron Rotenberg   2 weeks ago

    I feel like the writers of this movie got all their knowledge of Norse mythology from Marvel comics. Especially the whole "Loki is Odin's son and envies Thor" thing.

  • Kelvin Bagtas
    Kelvin Bagtas   2 weeks ago