SON OF THE MASK - Hollywood's Biggest Bruh Moment

  • Published on: 30 April 2020
  • son of the mask big oof

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  • Runtime : 31:57
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  • Animetrash AMVs
    Animetrash AMVs   23 hours ago

    I remember as a kid I loved The Mask and the only reason I didn't watch this one was because Jim Carrey wasnt in it...dodged a fuckin bullet.

  • Sam Ares
    Sam Ares   1 days ago

    Honestly I think it's not as bad if you portray it as it's own movie and don't compare the two. Never seen the original, but find the movie a classic of my childhood. Gonna have to check out the original.

  • Johnny Speedboat
    Johnny Speedboat   3 days ago

    Lemme just start out by saying:You can't trash Cats & Dogs.

  • Alexand alexander
    Alexand alexander   4 days ago

    whats really weird the first time loki was in a movie was in this crap

  • TheGamegod1984
    TheGamegod1984   5 days ago

    I watched this movie on Netflix last night, and I would not say its bad or good, but its watchable. I hate the fact they the Mask has hair lol why

  • Joueuse de la Cave
    Joueuse de la Cave   6 days ago

    The reason the wife is fine with all the shit that happened is because she had to put up with Monk .

  • Boötes void
    Boötes void   1 weeks ago

    5:55 If this guy is an actor with a profile like that, then I can be an actor!

  • Jacob Drolet
    Jacob Drolet   1 weeks ago

    Wow this movie is so bad completely garbage and it makes feel sick give headaches to people watching it too. This is why Jim Carey movies sequel without Jim Carey wont work in the first place. Fantastic job on the video too.

  • Jaden Atkins
    Jaden Atkins   1 weeks ago

    I already know I'm going to get so much I for this but honestly it's really not that bad, I also don't see it as a sequel more of its own thing doing its own thing and having fun with it 🤷🏽‍♂️ just me

  • Sammy Insain
    Sammy Insain   1 weeks ago

    Are you guys seriously bombing a movie that was actually good and had the qualities and portrays Loki and norse mythology in a funny way and where doesn’t actually have to be critical

  • Kiriakos Vilchez
    Kiriakos Vilchez   1 weeks ago

    The Lobster is a great movie to put on if you need to fall asleep pretty quickly. It's like visual Nyquil. How he can recommend that ridiculous premise of a film while also bashing an equally ridiculous film is beyond me. Lmao.

  • a
    a   1 weeks ago

    people have this weird jim carrey fetish that doesnt let them admit that the original mask wasnt that much better than this

  • IrlishBoy1989
    IrlishBoy1989   1 weeks ago

    actually there was a deleted scene from the first film that showed vikings in the 10th century AD bringing the mask in a chest to the ''end of the world'' t and burying it and a witch came with them and put a curse on the mask praying heaven for the ''fool' that finds it.

  • Katz
    Katz   1 weeks ago

    The only good thing that came out of this... was LOKI.

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae   2 weeks ago

    "If we have a baby you'll have someone you can play videogames with"Bullshit, with a baby he'll never be able to enjoy life and hobbies again. Leave him be!

  • MR. X
    MR. X   2 weeks ago

    The original Mask film was pretty cool, in my opinion. I had to stop several times to use the restroom, otherwise I'd soil myself laughing. This one... gosh... c'mon.

  • Peepey
    Peepey   2 weeks ago

    I will say I really love this movie. But I watched it when I was 5 and I was very greatly entertained then

  • Row Row Rorochan
    Row Row Rorochan   2 weeks ago

    Taking this opportunity to mention that Dollar General fd up their Thanksgiving decorations, and one says "Be Grathful" which, of course, is honoring the actual meaning of Thanksgiving: Sugar Ray.

  • EnzoBleDod
    EnzoBleDod   2 weeks ago

    This is the point of what the mask is

  • iiTzBenni Gaming
    iiTzBenni Gaming   2 weeks ago

    I cannot believe Randy from scream is the main star of this movie, what is going on😂😂

  • Jeep Acreano
    Jeep Acreano   2 weeks ago

    17:51 "this is what you get! My super lases piss!!"

  • B Rotten
    B Rotten   2 weeks ago

    Jamie Kennedy is such s fringe actor, to begin with. I liked him in Scream. I was legit upset when he got a kill scene. Then, Jamie did other shit & had s reality show.

  • King Johan
    King Johan   3 weeks ago

    You can break a bulb without damaging the filament and it will still work for about 5 minutes until the filament burns up. So I think it’s actually you who doesn’t understand how lightbulbs work.Great video though

  • gamer
    gamer   3 weeks ago

    Has Elvis talked about Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter? I feel like he'd like it

  • Fadi &husam Kh
    Fadi &husam Kh   3 weeks ago

    Alarm clock:RINGS LOUDER THAN AN ELEPHANTME:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH*Heart stops*.Tim:ahhhhhhh(no caps entendes)

  • My Grains
    My Grains   3 weeks ago

    Bro. Cats and Dogs was a bop okay

  • Another Day In The Office

    Some scenes from this movie genuinely creeps me out. I watch horror movies on the regular and i dont get as creeped out as this movie will make me

  • Proud Saiyan Prince
    Proud Saiyan Prince   3 weeks ago

    The mask is so obviously African in design but something tells me the Norse culture was chosen to avoid claims of the R word. Cause ya know, it’s okay to try to degrade and insult Northern European culture and no one bats an eye.

  • Rangerlicious
    Rangerlicious   1 months ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think one of the biggest errors of Son of The Mask, when it came to both the logic and the continuity, was the fact that Ipkiss had cartoon-ish powers because it was what he liked and was shown as a part of him in his true nature as he wore the mask. The mask displayed your true self and wasn't just a mask that gave you cartoon powers by default. It depended on who you were in order to get those kinds of abilities, and even Loki getting those powers for his big finger guns doesn't seem fitting for someone known as the Prince of Mischief. It was kind of understandable for Tim because it was his job, but not for Loki in this film.

  • Lauryntonio
    Lauryntonio   1 months ago

    this videos a year old but my offense at u not knowing who Ben Stein is lives on 😭 please check out Steal Ben Steins Money if u read this comment it's a weird as fuck game show but the Beuler guy is there doing his only schticke