CANDYMAN (2021) Explained + Connections to Original

  • Published on: 04 September 2021
  • #candyman #sayhisname

    Your favorite hook handed killer returns in the new Candyman, where we uncover a whole new legend in the neighborhood of Cabrini Green. Learn all about the story, the many references and connections to the original, and what the ending means for the legend going forward.

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  • Runtime : 20:5
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    TOEQIEM   12 hours ago

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  • Cal Lee
    Cal Lee   2 days ago

    I disagree with the wokeness aspect of this movie and was obnoxiously incorrect on a lot of what they’re saying or at least specifically demonizing and brutalizing white people in the movie. Same with police the situation just felt way too unbelievable and insane compared to true real life stories of police brutality and killings. Just felt like the message was “white people are evil and they make us into monsters” or something along those lines which is an unhealthy delusion. Greed is the reason for gentrification btw not fucking racism. There’s lots of white people in those exact same neighborhoods which I feel like Is completely ignored and made it unrealistically portrayed and misleading imo

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson   4 days ago

    This movie was woke BLM trash. Love the story of the Candyman, a cult classic, but this ruined it for me.

  • Alan Kocis Music
    Alan Kocis Music   6 days ago

    So did they take the whole idea of this movie from that one mob psycho episode or what

  • Marie-Eva Marina TwerkZone

    They could’ve as well named the movie “sum dum whites and lollipops” Loved your breakdown !

  • Jorge Sandoval
    Jorge Sandoval   1 weeks ago

    The woke difference between the original and the remake, is that the original was more subtle when it came to being woke. The remake wasn't subtle

  • mat k
    mat k   1 weeks ago

    Why do all youtubers speak like this host!? Why not speak normal?

  • Ferny
    Ferny   1 weeks ago

    I personally would've preferred WAY more Tony Todd!

  • dinoatcharterdotnet
    dinoatcharterdotnet   1 weeks ago

    Unfortunately, this movie was not as good as it could have been. The plot and characters weren’t that interesting. But my real gripe was that the movie felt weirdly edited. The decision not to show most of the kills up close, but rather from a distance (and sometimes obscured), felt odd.Also, the pivotal scene at the end where the cop shoots him felt really strangely edited. As a viewer, I was confused, wondering what had actually happened. I’m not sure if this was an intentional stylistic choice or if they had a really amateur production team.Also, the CGI/de-aged Tony Todd at the end looked really bad.

  • Rylosalex
    Rylosalex   2 weeks ago

    I like the humor that you put in here, makes me smile and laugh

  • Electric Fangs
    Electric Fangs   2 weeks ago

    Damn, I really should have rewatched the first one before seeing this in theaters

  • LD
    LD   2 weeks ago

    I said his name 5 times in the mirror and nothing happened.

  • Brian Fidler
    Brian Fidler   2 weeks ago

    I hate woke movies and there was some complaints that is was another ruined movie, not true. This movie is not woke, the premise is borne from reality. It's hard to come by a good true horror movie these days this is a must watch.

  • M.Wade
    M.Wade   2 weeks ago

    Let’s give a major shout out to the first African-American female director to debut #1 in Nia DaCosta. Big ups. She’s only had 1 major film directed up to this post (“Little Woods”) which won the Nora Ephron Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival (others being short films), then Candyman (2021) and she’s directing “The Marvels” (slated to come out in 2023 and it’s already being dubbed the biggest hero movie ever). That’s dope. Her work is fire. And she’ll the be the youngest director to shoot a marvel movie. Can’t wait for her to take the world by storm. And she’s only 32.

  • Pera Peric
    Pera Peric   2 weeks ago

    CENSORED FROM IMDB COPYPASTAThis movie is not so much "woke", although it has a gay couple in it, as it is mainly concerned with race, almost calling for a race war. It is a continuation of the narrative from the first movie, which did have aspect about bigotry, but was more subdued and there were positive white people in it, and its narrative was not only about race though it did have that aspect as one of the central points. In this piece of work, which would make Leni Riefenstahl proud, Candyman in the present kills exclusively white people. In one scene, in the bathroom, several schoolgirls are summoning Candyman, one Asian and all other white. Asian girl, smart as they come, leaves, while some unrelated black girl enters, oblivious to what is going on. It is indicated that she was bullied by the white girls. White girls then all get slaughtered. Peele, who is behind this movie as a screenwriter (and script is top notch) and producer, joked about modern Candyman killing white people, as it is supposedly a subversion of a tired horror trope that black people die first. But this is much more sinister. Peele, through Candyman, kills off only whites, and with gusto. A man insults black protagonist - he and his summer school white slutfriend get offed. Annoying critic - white bia tch - off with her head, says Peele. Policemen come and shoot black guy on spot - they all get slaughtered. This is in contrast to flashbacks from the past, where black Candyman power did not manifest itself like that, often targeting its own kind and not fighting white police murderous officers. Peele does imbue his script with layers, but about race war - his favourite subject, about which he is very passionate and filled with primordial hatred - he is not subtle at all. He twists the narrative of the original movie - which was more nuanced in the race matters and not exclusively about that, and had a white protagonist - ever so slightly, to fit his anti-white narrative agenda. To be sure, there are whites who survive and are worthy of life in Peele's book - a gay boyfriend of the female protagonist brother is the only prominent example - but others, "not so innocent at all" as he explicitly puts it in the script - their lives do not matter. Sure, the past and present injustices are real and are laid down pretty well, but the answer is a tad extreme, and Peele gives it justification and artistic backing, even saying that Candyman is in fact innocent and a hero who delivers glorious justice to the whities.On the positive side, movie is beautifully shot, smartly written, holds your attention from start to finish, a real peace of craft. Especially poignant are the shadow figure segments. Talent abounds, but even there is a twisted usage of the first movie - "they love our work, but not us", proclaims biracial Peele. As a work of propaganda, into which a more nuanced original is now turned in its preachy sequel, this is just perfect, but the message it pushes, although elegantly wrapped and made edible for the soon to be indoctrinated masses, is that violence against the white people is quite justified. It is like those pieces of World war two propaganda that compared Jewish people with rats, but done with much more thought and imagination. The first movie was not preaching hatred but love between races - the unjustly accused white woman saved the black baby and died, and is in the end honoured by the black community, hyperconscious about the state of being unjustly accused, and thus empathizing with the white protagonist, a love interest of black Candyman. This noble narrative is now hijacked and Peele pushes exclusively anti-white stance, with no redeeming aspects. That it is done with great skill, makes it an interesting piece, artistically accomplished, but sadly, completely morally bankrupt.

  • Suwan Yi
    Suwan Yi   2 weeks ago

    Fucking terrible movie😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Apollo Mars
    Apollo Mars   3 weeks ago

    oh yea, Americans stacked hooks on black people because racism and no other explanation......imaging, he would simply be a butcher, who became successful and rich by effort and selling candies to white kids, but than a mob killed him, because a kid was killed in town. than they stuck his former slave-tool (claimed murder weapon) on his stump and than killed him with his own dissolved candy over him and than killerbeans killing and eating him.

  • Earlie Dennis
    Earlie Dennis   3 weeks ago

    Love how white folk colonized "woke" and it becomes a bad thing. It is and is definitely a film that black people and other minority communities particularly can appreciate. That is point of movie which is why mostly white folk were victims. They being the ones who said his name with remiss, a lack of appreciation and respect for other cultures. Like we see with Harlem, home of black renaissance, or Yoga, hindu religious practice or the word "woke." The movie focus is gentrification and cultural erasure which those of European descent are champion.

  • Usha Gordon
    Usha Gordon   3 weeks ago

    Please don’t touch on racial issues or make sarcastic commentary just skip that part all together cuz this was rough to watch and I normally love your videos

  • cfairfax85
    cfairfax85   3 weeks ago

    I think overall it was pretty good and I'm looking forward to the next one.

  • Randi Peters
    Randi Peters   3 weeks ago

    Please do the new paranormal activity next of kin

  • Melissa Sandoval
    Melissa Sandoval   3 weeks ago

    Tony todd is a great candyman the way he talks and acts its awesome. I love the new movie

  • D.M Sherrod
    D.M Sherrod   3 weeks ago

    that CM4 concept sounds like Black Christmas

  • Chaiges26
    Chaiges26   4 weeks ago

    Some people get so mad at "wokeness" in films like its not just a reflection of the world around us

  • Raven Realmuto
    Raven Realmuto   4 weeks ago

    This a a great synopsis of the film but if you want a really amazing super in depth analysis of the film watch Curio's recent video about Candyman. It explains the films so well and all the symbolism and deeper meaning behid them.

  • Nacho Mamma
    Nacho Mamma   4 weeks ago

    Why everyone keeps calling this a remake, I’ll never know. It is obviously ANOTHER SEQUEL!Great movies don’t deserve mediocre remakes!

  • Larraine Lincoln
    Larraine Lincoln   1 months ago

    Halloween just passed I saw a lot of kids dressed up as Candyman

  • Phil Hartley Music
    Phil Hartley Music   1 months ago

    Woke BLM horror . Well that was two utterly predictable hours of white man bad I could really do with out Utter crap .The original was great this pathetic predictable swine

  • Beggars Night
    Beggars Night   1 months ago

    Not sure why it was necessary to acknowledge criticisms of “wokeness”, as if dumbasses who pretend that the original fucking Candyman movie has nothing to do with issues of race are actually acting in any sort of good faith at all….when they’re actually just surly conservative asshats who have never seen the original and are merely looking for more fuel for their own outrage over their imaginary, endless culture war

  • Seek1878
    Seek1878   1 months ago

    Just saw it, fucking awesome.