Drums of Drakkar vikings and medieval music

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
  • Our brand new track on the chennal https://youtu.be/OsdSwK3iYYU

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    Release date 14.11.2017
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  • Runtime : 3:31
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  • Amoebacrew
    Amoebacrew   6 months ago

    Hey Vikings!. We so excited to announce what our first release and new track on the channel and on streaming services Working on this album was very interesting, we got a lot of pleasure. Thank you very much guys for inspiring us to this work.We still can't believe that Drums of Drakkar has collected more than six million views It's amazing. We have ideas for the next tracks, so we keep working on it. We hope for your support guys. Enjoy listening.

  • ponsart bruno
    ponsart bruno   1 days ago

    So powerful just close my eyes, and go back in time

  • ponsart bruno
    ponsart bruno   1 days ago

    My 6 years son loves this,reminds him on his passed live

  • Ayyy doll fiddler!
    Ayyy doll fiddler!   2 days ago

    Everybody in Lindesfarne be chill AF until loud axe-wielding bois show up in they boats.

  • Revelation 14:12
    Revelation 14:12   5 days ago

    REPENT! Theres no time! Sin is the transgression of the Ten Commandments. The evils how we treat God and our brothers and sisters have a cost. Christ paid that cost with His LIFE because He LOVES you!

  • kyahpat vlog
    kyahpat vlog   6 days ago

    When you are just begining to have those rare items... Then suddenly this soundtrack plays within the game.😂😂😂

  • Sceptre23
    Sceptre23   1 weeks ago

    Listening to this while playing bannerlord as viking. Freaking epic!!!

  • Shane Warren
    Shane Warren   1 weeks ago

    The amount of uneducated, cringe Skyrim, Assassin's Creed and Vikings(show) fans in this comment section is unbearable.

  • NiZzy
    NiZzy   1 weeks ago

    Tellement écologique mdr

  • Mischiou
    Mischiou   1 weeks ago

    Somehow reminds me of the Aogiri soundtrack of Tokyo ghoul.

  • Io heil
    Io heil   1 weeks ago

    cat someone remember a music clip where wikings in steel bucket helmets and with guitars seal on a drakkar in storm

  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   1 weeks ago

    W NASS sa9o lkharj ga3 nass 3andhom dyourhom

  • Live 15:13
    Live 15:13   1 weeks ago


  • Asmae Asmae
    Asmae Asmae   2 weeks ago

    Makaynch w achno Kayn f ta3wid nsowlouk nti

  • Beasty bestay
    Beasty bestay   2 weeks ago

    Sounds like a demonic ritual to me...bc of the voices in the backround or am i the one whos hearing those?!

  • Ressus
    Ressus   2 weeks ago

    Nice subliminal image at the top right.

  • Truth Full
    Truth Full   2 weeks ago

    My wedding or graduation or any special ceremony entrance should be like this😌😎

  • Paul Myer
    Paul Myer   2 weeks ago

    If I had a country this would be it's National Anthem.

  • Funsponge85
    Funsponge85   2 weeks ago

    I expect this to be played at my funeral, while my body is sent off on a Viking ship with my axe in my hand and the swords of my enemies laid around me.

  • Dj Blake
    Dj Blake   2 weeks ago

    I love old Nordic german music.I'm from Germany.❤️

  • Alexis Scordia
    Alexis Scordia   3 weeks ago

    Ce son quand tu pars niquer des mères avec tes gars

  • Patricia Eddy
    Patricia Eddy   3 weeks ago

    How..... GRAND!My father loved his Dane and Irish heritage. 👍

  • John K McGrane
    John K McGrane   3 weeks ago

    Imagine being an Irish coastal villager or A saxon soldier and seeing or hearing this coming at you......😳😳

  • Tanner Henson
    Tanner Henson   4 weeks ago

    I want this to be my exit of my funeral. Going out in badassness

  • Epic Club
    Epic Club   4 weeks ago

    Ok, I'm officially an atiny. You don't have a single bad song. You are so talented, I'M IN LOVE.

  • Carnivorus Rex
    Carnivorus Rex   4 weeks ago

    When the drums are calling you to arms and fight for your live

  • Midorikonokami
    Midorikonokami   1 months ago

    If this was an hour's endless loop I would listen to it.

  • Mr J
    Mr J   1 months ago

    Come brothers Valhalla is calling us home